Thursday, April 28, 2016


   It doesn't matter how much other people use or abuse us. Human beings will be selfish, they will take advantage and trample on another's feelings. It's never an easy thing to go through, but there is a greater lesson here. The lesson is, how much can you love, and how much good seed have you planted in another's life? We are not here to be someone's doormat or punching bag, but we are here to be light and hope to other souls. So many people have lost their way, they consider not the possibility of God or something greater beyond this material setting. They think that the things they acquire are all that is, and all that is important. They are driven by base feelings and instincts. We often look at the hurtful and even foolish things that they do, but we do not consider what their own spiritual path will be in the end. Will they have to reincarnate over and over and suffer the same miseries until they rise in consciousness and see the greater picture? When they pass from this earth, will they go to a lower spiritual plane where there is misery and anguish until they can see beyond their petty points of view? No one truly knows the answer to the bigger questions, but we do know that not all souls progress to the same levels at the same pace. We are here to help one another, to learn and to walk in love. To rise in consciousness, we must see the user and the abuser as an opportunity to help the soul grow and progress in the right direction. After all, those types of individuals are not living a very happy life even if its exterior oozes with false confidence and an ego on steroids. But we also must remember, that we are not anybody's savior. It is not our job to hang around longer than we should, and continually be beaten-down by these individuals. There is a time to sow the seeds in their lives, and then there is a time to release them and let them go; because ultimately the journey is between them and God. Be light in the world but don't be a victim. Walk in love and try to rise above the mentality of the present world we live in; you can transcend it in your thoughts.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


    Many people pray in the name of various deities, and of course, this is absolutely fine. But when I find need to say a prayer, I say it in the name and by the power of love. Love is something that we can all get behind, and all religions and spiritual paths agree that it is the most powerful force in the universe. Those who have had near death experiences have reported that during their experience, they realized that to love is the most important thing that any human being can do on this earth. If love is the most important and powerful force in the cosmos, why should it not be the force that we put into all of our prayers and affirmations? Love has been known to lift up the downtrodden, give the hopeless hope and even heal illnesses that medical science could not cure. It is said that God is love, so when we invoke the name of love, are we not bringing the very essence of the divine into the situation we wish to change? I believe that speaking in the name and power of love is the key to seeing many more of our prayers answered and manifestations coming to pass. Love is all.

Friday, April 22, 2016


-Channeled message from the evening of 4-21-2016-

    Many of you are concerned about your relationships: Friendships have fallen away, relationships have fractured and it seems nearly impossible to make new acquaintances in the world that you live in. Many in your societies have become far less social and it is becoming increasingly harder to connect with others in a meaningful way. But fret not, neither let yourself be carried away with sorrow. There are many changes coming upon the earth, the thoughts and deeds of men are affecting the atmosphere of your planet. If the human race does not course correct itself in the future, there will come a time when direct spiritual intervention from those on the higher plane will be needed. There will also be great catastrophes of biblical proportions coming upon the earth if things continue as they are; there is very little stability in your world at this time. Man is driven only by what he can see, his greed and violence are overflowing. There is a time coming when those who cannot live in such an environment will be separated from those who bring ruin.

    You may ask, what does all this have to do with my relationships? It has everything to do with them. That separation is beginning now on the soul level. You cannot form a strong union with those whose energy is so much different than your own. And be thankful that this is so, for those with shallow emotions and morality would only bring great heartache into your lives. Do not pine after those who are on the destructive path. Be content to make your life as tranquil as you can, and learn to commune with your angels and guides. We are here, we have known your soul before you have come into this material world. We cherish and love you beyond what you can comprehend. We know it is not easy to spend your days by yourself, loneliness is a strong human emotion. But the kind of union you seek cannot be obtained with those whose souls are becoming dark. Hold on to the light, and have faith in the good. All things will be balanced in the end. And while you are in this world, be a beacon of hope in it. Never tire of doing good and showing kindness and love to others. Not only will this help to draw like-minded others to yourself, but also serve to bring a few back from the edge of destruction. Only the light can dispel the darkness; the light in your soul is the hope for humanity to evolve and change before it is too late! There truly is a bigger picture to everything, even the relationships which souls have with each other.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


   - A channeled message from the evening of 4-20-2016-

    The earth is teaming with life and abundance. The trees grow, the flowers bloom and the rain falls. Think of all the birds, animals and insects whose needs are provided by nature alone. Now think of the peacefulness and tranquility of nature. There is no stress in the forest, there is no disease or anxiety in the great oceans. It takes the consciousness of man to say, "I am poor." Or, "I am sick and anxious." If man were not upon the earth, there would be no pollution, no lack of resources and no mind to feel the sting of anxiety or fear. The universe is not a place of lack and distress, it wants to get to you the very things that you need. It wants you to be at peace even as the great cosmos is at peace. Get your consciousness out of your own way, let what is natural and good flow to you. The problem is, people try to hard and fret too much; they block their own progress and trip over their own feet. Stop struggling and let the universe do what it naturally does, and that is provide. Consciousness makes the difference, don't let yours be polluted by negative influences.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


    You can't call yourself spiritual if you are not living by the universal law of love. So many people today in various spiritual movements have a very peculiar idea about what love is. I have heard of so-called spiritual people say that they love their spouse, and have a heart connection with them but they are unsatisfied with their sexual lives. The answer to this dilemma, they say it is alright to stay with her spouse and love them, but it's okay to go out and have sex with other people. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but this doesn't sound like love to me. We also hear it said in many spiritual circles, that the love of self is the most important love of all. This is true to some extent, because if you cannot truly love and except yourself then you cannot love and accept another. But the self-love advocates suggest that we concentrate so fully on ourselves that everyone else on the periphery just becomes sort of a blur. The idea here is that you must take care of yourself first and then the rest of the world will fall into harmony with that. I don't know about anyone else, but I can find myself making quantum leaps in my personal spirituality and acceptance of myself, yet the rest of the world seems to be having an awful lot of struggles around me. It seems a bit na├»ve mixed with wishful thinking that if I take care of myself, the rest of the world will just fall in line with my actions, mindset and ideals. This is just not the way that reality works, and it is a massive misunderstanding of what we call the law of attraction. To change the world, we must get involved; when we get involved we must show love and a better way that points to the light. And we must do this because we want to and with a great amount of love for our fellow human beings and the planet in our hearts. Love is not selfish, it is not self-centered, it does not say I love you but then turn around and hurt you by having sexual relationships with someone else on the outskirts. There are misconceptions about a great many things in our world today. And it is sad to see that love is one of them. If our actions hurt, minimize or ignore another, then they are not of love. Love is much more than my own selfish wants and needs while the rest of the world around me is burning.

Monday, April 18, 2016


    The subject of extraterrestrials is a popular one; but do they exist and is there life on other planets? The universe is a big place, and it would be ignorant to think that there is not life out there somewhere. I personally feel, however, that there is something out there that is yet to be explained by our sciences. But my theory on extraterrestrials, which of course is not a new one, is that they are inter-dimensional beings. Think about it, UFOs are said to move at speeds beyond human comprehension. They can appear and reappear almost at will, they have been said to become transparent and pass through solid objects and have bullets pass through them when fired upon by our military. The occupants of these crafts are said to sometimes walk on the air, walk through walls, communicate telepathically and render a human being hopeless by the power of mind alone. The list of strange and unusual abilities of these beings seem to go beyond just advanced technology and border, at times, on the paranormal. Many prominent researchers in the field have hypothesized that these beings are not flying light-years to come and visit us. But rather, they are popping in from almost next door, from a dimension possibly right outside our own. I agree with this hypothesis for I myself have seen, in my lifetime, at least two very peculiar beings that were there one minute, and seemed to walk into an invisible doorway and disappear the next. No doubt, there are many hucksters and pranksters out there who muddy the waters of UFO and extraterrestrial research with their nonsense. But even so, there is enough evidence and research to show that something is going on in our universe. As to the question; is their agenda benign or malevolent; only time will tell. I feel that these beings are much like ourselves, some have our best interest at heart and others may not be so wonderful. To label all of them as good and call them all our space brothers, is walking on shaky ground because we just don't know if all of them are actually friendly. But on the other hand, to consider them all bad or all demonic entities trying to deceive us is also a stretch that teeters on paranoia and irrational presumption. In the log book of UFO research, there have been both frightening and negative experiences as well as positive, and even life saving encounters. So do extraterrestrials exist? I believe they do, and they're perhaps closer than we think. The universe we live in is a spectacular place full of surprises. For all we know, we are them and they are us. Maybe they are the angels and deities of old. Maybe we are their children and when we are grown, we will become beings of light ourselves, and join them in a dimension beyond the material.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


    Now that you've learned a technique for cleansing and balancing the aura, let's learn how to balance and clean the chakras. A very simple and effective way to balance and clean the chakras is to sit or lay down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and imagine a golden sphere of light about the size of your fist hovering above the chakra. Then slowly lower this sphere into the chakra and visualize it spinning as it cleans out any stagnant energies, removes any blockages and repairs any problems. Visualize the spinning orb of light in the chakra for about three minutes. After the three minutes is up, mentally dissolve the sphere of light and then channel universal healing energy into the chakra for about two minutes; just imagine a beam of pure white light, coming down from the cosmos and filling the chakra. When doing a chakra healing, it is important to do both front and back of the chakra. Many people only focus on the front, and this can leave things out of balance if there are blockages or abnormalities in the back of the chakra. You can do a balancing and cleansing of all the chakras in one session, or you may do a couple each day until you have realigned them all. It is also possible to do one or two chakras at a time when healing a health issue. For example, if one suffers from headaches, one could do a session for the crown and third eye chakra. For stomach issues, one may do the solar plexus and naval chakras. When doing a spot healing, always do the chakra or chakras that are closest to the area in the body that needs healing.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


    Many people are curious about how they can clean their own aura. A simple technique that I learned, is to simply close your eyes and get into a relaxed position. Then visualize a pyramid of white light hovering above your head and just touching the outer layer of the aura. Then visualize this pyramid of light drawing all of the negative energies and psychic debris out of your aura. You may want to visualize cloudy particles or dark globules of denser energy being pulled up and out of your aura by the pyramid of light. Visualize this for about three minutes or until you feel that the aura has been cleared. Now send the pyramid of light down into the earth where all of the energy will be transmuted. Next, visualize a pyramid of shimmering golden light above your head; again, with its base touching the outer layer of your aura. See this pyramid sending healing golden light into the aura. Imagine this golden light repairing any tears, smoothing out any areas where the energy may be accumulated or blocked. Just imagine your whole aura being cleansed and balanced. Do this for about two minutes or until you feel that your aura has been rejuvenated. At the end of this visualization, see the pyramid of golden light lowering down over your body and dispersing into your aura. This exercise will help to cleanse and balance the aura, get rid of any psychic debris and help you to heal on an emotional and mental level. It will also draw any negative energies out of the aura before they can enter the physical body and cause health issues. 

NOTE: You can do a general aura cleansing, or you can do the cleansing with a specific healing goal in mind if you desire. If you are cleansing for a specific reason, just state the reason before you begin the exercise. EXAMPLE 1: "This aura cleansing is to get rid of any negative energies I may have picked up at work today." EXAMPLE 2: "This aura cleansing is to heal me of the anxiety I inherited from my mother." The specific healing purpose can be for anything you like that has had a negative emotional or mental impact on your life or day. Just state the reason before the healing session. 


Tuesday, April 12, 2016


     Everything you need is within yourself. The divine universe has given you an intuition, and imagination and the power of reason. You can touch something greater, simply by going within. People have always looked for the source of inspiration and power outside of themselves. But I would ask, where are we more apt to find those things; in an image carved out of rock, in the inspirational words of another or someone else's rendition of God? Certainly, our environment can influence us and other people's ideas can inspire us. But the direction that inspiration takes us in, is born from within ourselves. Trust yourself more, love yourself more and know that you're more than you thought you were. You are a part of the universe and a reflection of the divine mystery. If you ponder these facts for just a little while, they will change the way in which you feel about yourself. And the end result will be more faith in your own being.

Monday, April 11, 2016



    How would you feel if you went to bed one night, and awoke the next morning to find that someone very close to you had become almost a completely different person overnight? What if you discovered that your caring, loving and logical spouse had become cold, indifferent and completely illogical? What if your best friend suddenly became your worst enemy and never gave you any explanation as to why? What if those wonderful and loyal people in your life suddenly began to betray you, and their personalities were so twisted that you hardly recognize them anymore? It sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, but strangely, this sort of thing is happening to many people all over the world. As a light worker, and one who gives intuitive/spiritual readings and spiritual counseling to many individuals in a week; I am hearing more and more reports of this kind of thing happening. So many individuals are telling me that they do not even recognize their family members and friends anymore. They say that they're acting like completely different people, and doing things that they never thought they would see them do. It would be different if these changes were positive and uplifting. But they are not, the ones who have, “changed,” seem to exhibit erratic, hurtful and even destructive behavior patterns. I probably would've not thought much about this occurrence, but interestingly enough, I have seen it happen to a few people myself over the last several years. And so I ask the question, what is going on in society?

     It is a truth that we all know people who are a bit of a wild card in our lives. And yes, the human animal can sometimes be very unpredictable. But when individuals who are rock solid in their beliefs and convictions suddenly wake up one morning and throws it all out of the window to become a monster, it just doesn't seem to make sense. The kind of change we’re talking about here is generally not one that takes place over a long span of time. This change is fairly rapid and usually takes place over a couple of days and many times, literally overnight. The changes in the individual are so quick that I have come to term this phenomenon as, Bodysnatcher Syndrome. Some of the symptoms of the syndrome that I have been able to catalog are as follows: very rapid changes in one's personality and moral code. Sudden consumption or abuse of drugs or alcohol by someone who never used such substances before. The personality becoming very critical, dark and mean-spirited. Saying hurtful things or exhibiting destructive behavior, and then later on denying it as if they have amnesia of the whole incident. Running away from family members and even society as a whole and becoming quite isolated. When they do emerge back into society, they often have a very predatory and sociopathic personality. Where they once were kind and gentle individuals, they are now ruthless, heartless and seem to view other people as objects to use as gain. They are emotionally destructive and seem to be unable to take any responsibility for their damaging actions.

     Now I realize that some of the things I have mentioned above are normal displays of human behavior. Let's face it, there are those in our society whom we all label as jerks. But this goes beyond normal, human jerkiness. Again I stress, this phenomenon seems to be a complete 360° turn in someone's personality almost overnight. Someone becoming the complete opposite of what they have been for 30, 40 and even 50 years of their life. Those witnessing such changes are completely devastated, and almost feel as if they are not living in the same reality with the same people around them. So I ask, what is happening to so many people in our societies? Are we being taken over by pod people from the stars? Is everyone just taking loss of their senses? Is it a spiritual problem or some shift in the cosmic energies that some people just cannot handle? Is it all the chemicals and steroids and junk they're putting in the food? Could the consuming of such chemicals and additives be having an adverse effect on certain people’s psychological systems? Is it the modern medications and opiates that many are taking? But what about those who are not on any kind of medication or who never touched an opiate in their lives? There are also people who eat nothing but organic foods and yet they still fall victim to this Bodysnatcher phenomenon. This modern day mental meltdown seems to be no respecter of individuals; and people from all walks of life are experiencing it. 

    To be honest, I'm not really sure what is causing this phenomenon. I'm simply in the process of trying to raise awareness of it. It seems to be everywhere I turn; people telling me that they don't know what's happened to their loved ones. They're completely flabbergasted at the rapid and horrific changes that their friends and loved ones have gone through. They don't understand what is causing it, they have no logical explanation as to why it is happening, but it is certainly leaving many people brokenhearted, confused and completely devastated. From what I’ve seen so far, there seems to be no one things that one can point to for this mass change of so many individuals. Is it a lack of moral foundation in our modern world? Are people just not finding purpose in their lives and so they get depressed and go off on some whim and a tangent? I’ve just never quite seen anything like this before, and for me at least, it seems a bit concerning. Keep your eyes peeled, and I’ll keep you posted on future findings… I have an uneasy feeling about what I’m hearing and seeing in the world around me. I’m not quite sure what it all means, and hopefully it means nothing more than that a lot of people are just losing their beans. But I suppose we’ll see as time goes on.


Thursday, April 7, 2016


     If you've ever read this blog, I would implore you to come back and read it on Monday, April 11 2016. I'm going to be addressing a topic then that is quite strange in my opinion. I was going to post the particular blog today, but realized I need a little more time to ponder this phenomenon. I feel that what I'm going to be talking about on Monday is quite important. In one sense, I feel like I'm going to be entering into the realm of science fiction or unreality; but none the less, I feel this has to be addressed.

     I'm going to be blogging about what I call, Bodysnatcher Syndrome. I call it this, because many people seem to be changing almost overnight. As one who does psychic readings and spiritual counseling for many people in a week, I'm hearing more and more of these stories. I have in fact noticed it myself over the last several years. Let me ask you, have you known someone who has become a completely different person almost overnight or in a very short span of time? Is there someone you define in these words, "it doesn't seem like it's him/her anymore." I think most people know someone that this is true about. But why, why is this happening on such a large scale? I don't mean to post a cliffhanger here, but I think I just need a little more time to figure out how I'm going to address this topic. Maybe it will be a topic for the week? I definitely think something odd is going on in society, and I feel it's the right time for someone to address it. Please come back on Monday and refer as many sane and normal people as you can to the blog then. I just think this is a subject that needs some serious awareness. Have a great weekend all...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


    Life can sometimes be complicated, and it's easy to feel down and dejected. In times like these, it is easy to complain and tell ourselves that there is no way out of our prison of misery. We often wish that someone would come along and pull us out of the mire and make everything alright. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have someone who will do that for us. But the majority of the time, in the real world, we have to use our own wits, strength and logic to change the landscape of our lives. This takes an act of the will along with as much inner strength as we can muster, but it can be done if we are really determined to have change and happiness in our lives. When we give into hopelessness, we build our own prison walls. We keep ourselves hostage as we lament certain aspects of our lives and tell ourselves that is just no use. But when we do this, there is no one keeping us down but ourselves. We cannot point the finger and say he did, or she said... After all, what the other person said or did was there bad choice if they chose to hurt someone else. But it is your choice if you take what they said and did and made a chain out of it and fastened yourself to the dungeon wall. And it is also your choice, to rise above it and let it go. The only time in life that there is no choice, is when we refuse to make a choice! Don't be your own jailer, open the door and set yourself free.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


    We've all heard it said a million times before, but it bears saying it again: love is everything. Love the people around you, don't sweat the small stuff and don't stress so much over the events that transpire in your life. Things will happen, problems and difficult circumstances will come to us all at one point or another. But through it all, love your family, love the divine spirit and love yourself. Show appreciation for the life you have, and treat others with kindness and respect. What we give out, eventually comes back to us. If we put out worry, anxiety and resentment, then that is what we will get more of in return. If we put out gratitude and love, the more of that same energy will circulate back into our lives. You are the designer of your own life. You're the one who sets the stage for what you will experience. Love will make that experience worthwhile.

Monday, April 4, 2016


    We see it in the news, we read it in articles on the Internet; the mass dying of birds, fish and other animals. We see stories of sinkholes swallowing cars, houses and people. We hear about the storms, the floods and other natural disasters. Some people tell us that it is a sign of the times, and that we are living in the last days before God's great judgment upon the earth. This idea is a bit steeped in fear and negativity, but it's premise is not so far from the truth. I believe that what is happening, is that the earth is beginning to react to the misuse of the planet and the negative energies of mankind. If you stand out in nature, or look up into the starry skies at night, you will see and feel nothing but tranquility. The universe is a place of peace; the universe is a place of order, for even in its chaos there is order. Nature was never meant to shoulder all of the abuse and pollution that human beings have subjected the planet too. It was never meant to be filled with the heavy, negative energies of such things as greed and war. Once such energies begin to reach a certain level, the scales must tip; and they are beginning to tip now. It's not that the Divine is punishing us or getting ready to send us all to some burning lake of fire. The truth is, we are reaping the harvest of our own bad decisions. How much toxic waste and garbage can we dump in our oceans? How many forests can we destroy? How many fellow human beings can we kill and how much land can we obliterate or contaminate? Of course, not all of us are responsible for such things; but the self proclaimed elite have no shame in their actions... but none the less, we are feeling the results of those actions.

    It is not too late to change the course that we are on as a species. It is not too late to restore balance and help ourselves and the earth. There must be a spiritual revolution and evolution if we are to navigate through these very unpredictable times. But we all must take heart, for even if the mass majority of people and our world leaders do not undergo that evolution, evolution will still come. The universe is wise, and I believe that there is life all around us, even if that life is interdimensional rather than interplanetary. The mass sightings of strange lights in the skies being reported in the news over the past several years, is showing us that someone is watching. And I believe that that someone will intervene and aid us, even if it is in the 11th hour. Those of us who do evolve will not be left without aid in the darkest hour, if that dark hour should come. This is a very important time for all of us. We need to be focusing on raising our consciousness and energetic vibrations so that we might be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. We want to be part of the evolution, not get swept away in the destruction. Will you rise above or be pulled down by the negative karma? The choice is yours!