Tuesday, April 12, 2016


     Everything you need is within yourself. The divine universe has given you an intuition, and imagination and the power of reason. You can touch something greater, simply by going within. People have always looked for the source of inspiration and power outside of themselves. But I would ask, where are we more apt to find those things; in an image carved out of rock, in the inspirational words of another or someone else's rendition of God? Certainly, our environment can influence us and other people's ideas can inspire us. But the direction that inspiration takes us in, is born from within ourselves. Trust yourself more, love yourself more and know that you're more than you thought you were. You are a part of the universe and a reflection of the divine mystery. If you ponder these facts for just a little while, they will change the way in which you feel about yourself. And the end result will be more faith in your own being.

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