Wednesday, August 10, 2016


    I have studied and sampled many spiritual paths in my life. But no matter what road I may have travelled, or what label I had put on myself, there is one thing that I have always believed. And that is, that there will be a final day of judgment for the inhabitants of the earth. Most all religions have taught the concept of the judgment of the soul after death, and the judgment of humanity as a whole. The imagery may be different, but the idea behind these teachings is all the same: and that is, that each of us will receive payment for what we have done in this life. Not all rewards are the same, the murder and the terrorist will not receive the same compensation as the saint or the one who truly has goodness in their hearts. We may look at our world at this point, and be dismayed about what is happening in the political arena, the wars, all of the many evils done by man on both a large and smaller personal scale. But these things will not last forever. I truly believe that one day, reality will open before our very eyes, and mankind will see the world beyond this world and know that its greed, killing and heartlessness was a grievous mistake. I believe in the end, it will be as the Bible says, many people's hearts will fail them because of fear of what they see coming upon the earth. None of us really know how these things will take place or play out but rest assured, it is coming in some form, one day. Therefore we should not fret about the misdeeds of man... We should also be more mindful of our own actions in our personal lives. What we do does matter, and it is those actions of love that count the most...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


    Too many times, we get caught up in the affairs of this earthen realm and rob ourselves of the simple joys in life. We act like all of eternity hinges on our hectic schedules and to do lists. As we continue this pattern day by day, we become anxious creature of stressful habit that loses its ability to play and see the wonder in our world. If you're living this kind of lifestyle, ask yourself, am I truly happy? Do I feel fulfilled in my daily life? When I lay down at night, do I have a sense of inner peace and feel thankful for my blessings? Do I look forward to tomorrow and the little plans I've made to season life with happiness and excitement? Is there anything I'm looking forward to, or am I in a constant state of worry and planning and have no time for amusements in my thoughts and life?

    Don't take yourself too seriously, if you do, you only succeed in stifling the energy of your soul. You will put stress on your body and be more susceptible to illness. Your mind will become stagnant, and you will become a statue of a person; meaning, you will be the same, unchanging, distracted and negative person every day of your life and bring no joy to yourself or those around you. No human being truly wishes to live this way. We want to enjoy life, we want to live, love, laugh and play. And you can only do this by letting your soul have free expression in your life by letting your inner child come out to play. You cannot let your cynical mind tell you that you're being immature, or perhaps wanting to do something that is only for children. If you do this, you've already defeated yourself and handicapped your soul... Don't let the world turn you into another lackluster drone who is constantly preoccupied by some worrisome thought, and getting little to no joy out of life. Open your heart, your mind and let your inner child lead you in the direction of your authentic self.

    And of course, this does not mean that we become people given to flights of fancy and take no responsibility for life. Of course, there are things we all must do in a day to survive and make a living. But when we become so mired in those things that there is little to no room for anything else, then we have an obvious problem. Life is about balance, and living to extremes on either side of the fence is not healthy or realistic. It takes some honest self evaluation, being mindful of our schedules and planning to keep things in a more healthy balanced state. But it can be done, and after while it will become second nature. As my grandmother used to say, "another day, another dollar, but make sure you use some of those dollars to make yourself happy." Life was not designed to drown us, it was designed to be lived.

Monday, August 8, 2016


    Think about it, do the trees suffer from high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, arthritis or diabetes? Does the wind suffer from poverty, stress, anxiety or depression? Is the cosmos beyond our tiny blue planet filled with war, lack, disease and unrest? No, the universe and the elements are free of such human conditions and ailments. In nature, there seems to be a perfect peace and balance. All of the creatures that dwell upon the earth are provided for by the natural elements around them. It is said, in many spiritual disciplines, that nature reflects the attributes of God. Therefore, if none of these human challenges exist in nature, they do not exist in God, who is the one who put nature into motion. From the earthly atmosphere upwards, the problems that beset us as human beings seem not to exist. But isn't it an interesting thought to ponder that idea from the top down: that is to say, none of these problems exist in God, so they must not exist in his creation. Could it be that it is our own consciousness that brings these sufferings into our existence? Could it be that what we think, we become? It is said that God indwells all of his creation. Even the Bible tells us that God dwells within us. So if the force that created all things is exempt from such things as disease, discord and poverty, might we expel those things from our lives by tuning deeper into that force? By contemplating God, could we become more like the thing that we think about? In metaphysics they say that this is the case. I cannot argue with this hypothesis, because I've seen the contemplation of God dissolve a great many mountains in my own life. Perhaps we should all take a few days this week to contemplate the higher nature of God, and see what changes take place in our lives by its end. After all, it doesn't cost us anything except a little time. And then we might ask ourselves, what if it actually works?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


    You don't need other people's permission to love yourself. The world is a fickle place, and placing yourself at the mercy of it's tide will always thrash you too and fro. Most people change their opinions as often as the wind changes direction... so you cannot let your self acceptance rely on their shifting thoughts. To find true stability in life, know who you are, accept it and love it for the uniqueness that it is. And never let anyone else change that perception.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


    Most of us go through our days acting as if we will live forever. We focus on the mundane tasks of life such as our work, the chores around the house that have to be done, grocery shopping and whatever other appointments we need to keep in a week. But do we ever consider a life beyond this life? Do we ever ponder the notion that we might have to make preparations for that life? What if some of the worlds religions are right, and we reap what we sow? What if it is only love and compassion and decency towards others that allows us uninhibited entry into this world beyond our own? What if the people who have experienced a near death experience are correct, and we all view our lives at the moment of our death to see how are our actions or in actions affected the people and the world around us? What if this world is just a place where souls are born? What if we are all like the dragonfly nymph living in the water, perhaps unaware that one day we will fly above the trees? What if there is an afterlife and it is the real life? Think beyond your daily tasks today, and ponder the hereafter.

Monday, July 11, 2016


    This may be a bit of a controversial subject today, but I wanted to speak about the recent epidemic of racism in the United States as well as the Black lives matter movement. First and foremost, racism has no place in this world. It doesn't matter what kind of religious or even scientific or statistical spin you put on it, we are all human beings, we are all spiritual beings and there is no difference between us as a species. To judge someone by their culture or the color of their skin is perhaps the most ignorant thing any individual can ever do. What makes one person thinks that he or she is better or more superior than someone else? Do we not all have faults? It doesn't matter what country we are from, how much money we have or what color our skin is, there are things about us all that are problematic and faulty. Many people like to judge, but they don't like to look in the mirror and see the ugly truth about themselves and ignorant choices that they make. After all, how would the racist people feel if a group of academics begin to profile them and do violence against them because they were considered to be of low intelligence based on the choice of judging others by their color? Racism is a dangerous merry-go-round that can spin in any direction. And those who subscribe to its very poor philosophy will no doubt one day be the target of prejudice and hate crimes themselves. It's already beginning all across the world, yet some seem completely lost on the idea of putting this kind of low thinking behind them.

    As far as Black lives matter go, they absolutely do. This movement was wonderful at its inception, but then it began to spiral into the same kind of ignorance behavior as those they were standing up against in peaceful protest. Two wrongs do not make a right. Black lives matter just as much as anyone else's, and the African-American community has untold wisdom to share with the world. Instead of rioting in the streets, they should be rising above all the negative clamber in society today. The children of the next generation needs to be taught better, that need to be shown a higher way in life. To teach them to kill cops, or whites and tell them it's okay to live the "thug life," is a colossal mistake. We must also cleanse from their consciousness this ghetto mentality. People make a ghetto a ghetto is not a place. Every human being has the right and the ability to better themselves if they really desire to. Every human being has a right to vote or hold peaceful protest to change the face of the country if they feel they're being treated unfairly. People of all races and colors can, will and are already bonding together to make positive change where there is hatred and killing. As many people are beginning to say, all lives matter. And it's not the blacks or the whites or the whomever that need to join together and start rioting and killing others, it is the good in intelligent people of this planet that need to unite and make this world a better place for all of us. If we do not do that, then we are lost and our future will be dark. We all live on this tiny planet in a vast universe, we all share this world together. It will never be that one race will rise up to control the entire globe. And even if it does, there'll eventually be more protests and killings and wars and the cycle starts all over again, until we finally annihilate one another and the earth is barren. It is time to wake up and stop the nonsense. To continue down the path we are currently on is to march headlong into our own doom.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


    There are times in life when we hear people say that nobody likes them and they have no friends. Sometimes, we may feel that way ourselves. There are moments when it seems that the whole human race is against us and a true friend is nowhere to be found. In moments like this, always remember your greatest friend and that is the spirit within. There is never a moment when you're not connected to the Infinite Intelligence of the universe. You're always accepted by the Great Spirit and looked upon as being perfect and precious. Your oneness with the God is the most important relationship in your life, and it never changes, fails or falters. Draw strength from this truth and commune with the Eternal Spirit; you will be surprised at how strong and excepted this will make you feel. You need never feel like no one likes you or cares for you again.