Friday, April 18, 2014


    It doesn't matter whether you celebrate Easter or not this weekend; the main thing is to contemplate its symbols in your own life. The symbols of the rabbit and the egg both predate the Christian Easter and come from pagan origins. They hare and the egg represent fertility and to some cultures the egg also symbolized newness of life. Both of these symbols can also be seen in the story of Jesus Christ: he rose from the dead and offers humanity a chance at new life or new beginning in Spirit. Either way you look at it, the message is pretty much the same. What fertile new dreams are telling you to give them birth right now? What new path or new beginning is in front of you at this moment; or perhaps you would like to make a new start in some area of your life. These are the kinds of things that we should think about at this time of year. And then, like the earth in spring, we should all reach for the light and strive for newness of life.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


    It is easy to lay down and let people walk over you. Most of us would never even dream of sticking up for ourselves or speaking our mind when being wrongly treated. We are told that to do so is unspiritual, asking for more trouble or just plain not worth it. When we listen to such advice we soon take on a martyr complex. This should not be so, after all, you have a perfect right to happiness and fair treatment in life; you are not a doormat for the world. This does not mean that you have to go crazy and put someone through a wall, but it does mean you can speak your mind and let others know that you are not their punching bag or fall guy. It is not unspiritual to stick up for yourself but at can be detrimental to your well being and self esteem not to.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


    Eternity begins now, and you are the one who decides if your life is heaven or hell on earth. Many people go through their lives believing that life now and life in the hereafter are two separate things. But the truth is, they are closely interconnected. What you do now will affect what happens there and have ripples that spiral throughout eternity. We cannot bury our heads in the pleasures and business of this material world and think that tomorrow will take care of itself... The earth is a school, we are here to learn certain lessons; it is just not a place where we live and toil for a few years and then pass on when we're old. If this were true, and it is... how would it effect your priorities?

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Monday, April 14, 2014


    Inner peace: When you have it, no circumstance or person can shake you and you are always content in life. But without it, even the best this world has to offer will somehow seem tainted.


    And at the end of the day, with votes all tallied: The winner is.....  I'm all for tradition and keeping things familiar, for the most part; but somehow, this just seems meant to be! Life seemed to be moving in a certain direction and I suppose we all just have to go with the flow. Thanks for the spontaneous voting everyone!


    I'm finally back after the break... A family member had surgery and needed some extra time and care; but all is going well and regular, daily life begins to resume. Interestingly, we had some votes come in to take the blog back to the Twilight Grimoire! Seems a good many people liked that title better than the Mind's Eye!!!

    So what will the blog be as we get back to blogging? Seems I've opened a can of worms here :-)


Wednesday, April 2, 2014


    Some of you have emailed in and requested that the blog go back to being, "THE MIND'S EYE." It seem it was a popular title that many have grown to love... So here it is, back by popular demand!
And by the way, I have been absent this week on the blog because of family business. I will be back full time on Monday. Until then, have a great week!