Sunday, September 14, 2014


    Angel Rituals is out and available for purchase today. Just follow or copy and paste the link below to get your copy!

Friday, September 12, 2014


    What's life without a little music... This one gives us flashbacks of the 80's.


    Don't follow the crowd, they will always lead you in the wrong direction. Don't follow every word that comes out of the mouth of the media or the government, it is laced with untruths. It behooves the wise person to even check the facts propagated by many of our modern scientists, historians and scholars... because many bend the facts. In a world of so many illusions and shadows, never take anything at face value. Do the research, ask the tough questions and think for yourself!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


    The release date for Angel Rituals has been moved up to Monday, September 15th. All final edits and formatting have been completed on the manuscript and it is ready to go.


Monday, September 8, 2014


    There is a higher force in the universe; I have  personally seen too many miracles, manifestations and answered prayers to doubt that such a being exists. Some may call it coincidence, but the mathematical probability for so many of these lucky coincidences in one lifetime begins to merge into the realm of  scientific impossibility. In my opinion, only the fool would say, "it is just dumb luck." For if one can believe in this blind force called luck to bring about so many specific happenings, why could he not go a step further and trust that perhaps these events were orchestrated or brought about on purpose by such a being as God?

    The formula for bringing about such manifestations? There is none! Simply talk too the Divine as if he/she were your best friend... because in reality God is your best friend; perhaps the best friend you will ever have. Share your thoughts, feelings and desires... and then simply trust that all things will work out in a perfect way. Act as if though someone greater than yourself has your back. And you will be greatly surprised by what happens next.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

ANGEL RITUALS - Pre-Orders Available Now!

    Angel Rituals will be released on September 23rd 2014... Pre-orders are available now at for the digital version. I wish to thank everyone in advance who will purchase a copy and support the book!

P.S. You will see in the product description that the book is only 79 pages long.. This is only pre-order data that will change upon the release date. The book will be longer than what is listed.

Pre-order your digital copy of Angel Rituals here -

Thursday, September 4, 2014


    Man is more than a mere organic machine. Unlike the trees, stones and even the beasts of the wild; men can contemplate his own nature and the causes thereof. Human beings are not driven by pure instinct alone, their consciousness permeates every motive that comes into the thought processes and then they choose to do or not to do. The very fact that man seeks to find answers outside of his own material nature and surroundings, shows that he is of a higher mind than most other creatures around him. This higher mind comes to him through his higher, spiritual self.