Friday, April 21, 2017


    The Christo Pagan Path video blog is now up and running. You can watch the first addition below and find it on YouTube by typing in Paul James Caiden. The video blog will focus on the Christian pagan path, as well as discussions on all things spiritual and paranormal. I will be offering readings on the video blog, if you're interested in having one done, please make your request here in the comments on the blog or ask in the comments below the video on YouTube. Please ask a specific question, and specify whether you would like a Tarot reading, Angel card reading, runes or candle reading. Peace and light...

The Christo Pagan Path Video Blog

Thursday, April 20, 2017


    The pentagram, or five pointed star, is a symbol used in many spiritual traditions. It's five points representing the four elements; earth, air, fire and water. The point at the top of the star represents Spirit, and points heavenward to remind us from where we came, and from where our ultimate source of supply comes. The five points of the pentagram can be meditated upon to bring wisdom into our lives in any situation. Here are some examples of how this sort of meditation may work:

Earth - when people around us are stressed out, panicked, backbiting or fighting; gossiping or in any kind of turmoil. The element of earth reminds us to stay grounded and centered. It counsels us not to enter into the unstable landscape of disruption.

Air - air is the element that corresponds with the mind. Air reminds us to always have clarity of thought, keep our thoughts focused and be true to ourselves. As a cool breeze washes away the old, stagnant weather patterns. So does the element of air allow us to navigate through old mindsets or confusing situations that may be being created by others.

Fire - fire is the element of passion and creativity. It is the element that allows us to shape our own reality. Fire can change the entire landscape of our lives, causing us to shoot for those dreams we always wanted to obtain, and succeed in reaching our goals. Fire also brings creative solutions to persisting problems when others may not be able to see clearly.

Water - water allows us to stay flexible in any situation... What learns to bend, will never break. Water can find its way around any obstacle and purifies itself as it washes over the rocks. Water is not solid and stubborn; it does not form an opinion or mindset and then solidify, never to change again. It is transparent and can take take on the shape of any new container if need be. Water also represents honesty and stability in the emotions.

Spirit - Spirit is the ultimate source of power. With Spirit, all things are possible. When we walk with Spirit, miracles can truly happen and the troubles of the day do not seem so very daunting. Spirit empowers us and helps us rise above the problems and noise of the material world, and see things from a higher perspective. Spirit is a great source of comfort and strength in any situation.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


    (Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez killed himself in his prison cell early Wednesday while serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder without the possibility of parole.)

    We often look at celebrities and wonder how awesome it must be to live their life. They have the money, the fame, the big houses and seemingly no shortage of friends and lovers. But do all these material things truly make them happy? For a human being to be so hurt or damaged, that they can be motivated to kill another individual or even themselves; We must ask, what good did all the pretty ornaments do them in their life? What help did all those possessions and their name up in lights offer them in the tragic end? When the mind or soul is broken, no amount of money or fame can repair it. No friend or lover can comfort or save the soul that is plummeting into darkness or despair. A life that is lived, buried in materiality, is a life that can derail very quickly when a person is under duress.

    Stories like that of Aaron Hernandez are many in our world. Rock stars, sports figures, actors and self-made millionaires have all self-destructed and destroyed their own lives when life's challenges became too great for them to bear. When life is no more than a collection of things, what stops someone from destroying those things when they are hurt by them or can no longer have them... even when those things are other people? And what stops someone from taking their own life when they lose those things they have acquired? We should not mock or hate people like Mr. Hernandez when things like this happen, but rather we should pray for them. Pray for them while they are on this earth, that they find peace and faith. And pray for their departed souls when they leave this world, that they may find freedom, forgiveness and salvation. And we should pray for those whose names are not yet in the news, that they will find light and meaning in their lives. There are a lot of hurting people out there, and we should remember them when doing our spiritual work. 

    We should also take a lesson from these broken souls, and realize, thalt only God can truly fill and satisfy the human heart. No amount of money, fame, education or friends and lovers will ever be able to rescue us when we find ourselves teetering on the edge of our own personal abyss. Someone once said that there is a God shaped space in every human being that nothing else can fill... how true those words have proven to be.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


    Nature reflects the peace of God, you are part of nature. Do you have peace?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


    Is there something strange afoot on planet earth? Why are we hearing so much about computer implants in the human brain that will enable humans to tap into "the cloud?" Why are we hearing so much about human beings becoming part cyborg, gene and DNA manipulation that is theorized to make us, and I quote, "stronger, sexier, taller, smarter, longer livers and even god-like" And some of this " technology," is allegedly coming into effect within the next ten years.

   Why are we hearing so much about quantum computers that can potentially tap into other dimensions? Why are physicists talking about opening gateways to other realities and possibly bringing something, or someone through. The list goes on and on of strange and unusual things science is doing to manipulate the human body, our atmosphere, our food and even our reality. Why do many individuals in our governments participate in strange and macabre rituals, and belong to peculiar secret societies? And why do these people consider themselves to be the elite?

    Conspiracy theorists run rampant with these topics; but a little honest research will show that there are a myriad of articles and lectures from academics and scientists who speak on these very things. Crazy, tinfoil hat wearing people aside, these things are a reality in our world. Is it all just hopeful speculation, theory and over estimations from the scientific community?  Or are these the beginning signs of mankind spiraling out of control? Are these the last days? Is something sinister about to come upon the earth? Whatever it is, don't blindly follow the pied pipers of government and technology into whatever abyss they are hoping to   prepare for us all. Don't be overly hypnotized and allow yourself to fall asleep mentally and spiritually, as they wave the latest technological breakthrough in front of your face like a carrot on a stick. Stay awake, stay connected to God, and educate yourself about what's going on behind the scenes in our modern world. Your life, your very soul may depend on it one day.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


    Don't do anything that makes you unhappy. The world at large has a way of dictating to us how we should live. They write the script, they edited the movie and tell us the story from beginning to end. Who decides how an individual's life should be? Who has the right to fashion reality and tell you that we must live in their creation? Strangely, those organizations, institutes and persons who try to define reality for everyone else, generally define it in a very one-dimensional way. It is often void of God, has no connection to anything spiritual and sets up material objects as secular deities that must be bowed down to. Is it any wonder that depression is on the rise, when people feel that they are trapped in a prison of steel, concrete and paper. We are spiritual beings, and we cannot be fully satisfied living in the materialists microcosm. But you can break the spell, by thinking bigger, dreaming broader and having your own personal connection with God. For it is we who desire to explore the unknown horizon but it is God who gives us the wings to fly above the illusions of this world.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


    I have met and talked to a lot of people on my spiritual journey. And I must admit, there is one thing that stands out in my mind from those meetings. That thing being, the lack of love in the lives of many individuals who claim to be spiritual. I have spoken to and had chance run ins with folks who were: Buddhists, Christians, spiritualists, energy healers, Reiki Masters, life coaches and spiritual counselors. Some gave spiritual readings, and others led meditation groups. It was astounding to me how arrogant, unloving and callous many of these people were. Is that what spirituality has become, by and large, in our world today? Is it nothing more than a badge that we wear, a title we give ourselves or something that makes us feel self-important and elevated above others? Over the years I have given readings to many people who run or belong to spiritual healing and meditation centers. From what I understand, and have heard from these individuals; the amount of backstabbing, extramarital affairs, competition and usery that goes on within these circles is astronomical. How can we heal ourselves and others, when our spiritual groups are nothing more than club houses for the ego? I'm just one person, and I certainly don't have all the answers to the worlds problems. But perhaps the reason we are seeing so much of this in our modern-day spirituality, is because many of them say that they only believe in themselves. They say they are spiritual, but the concept of God or a higher power is almost a laughing matter to them. Or, their concept of such, is very amorphus and lacks any moral fiber that would make one ponder their own actions from a higher perspective. Could it be, that this is a major piece of the big problem at large? After all, if we worship the self, then we will only look to serve the self. And the self can be a very hard, greedy and lustful taskmaster. With no boundaries to keep it in check, it will consume everything in its path with no shame or regret.