Thursday, December 7, 2017


    If you or someone you know is having a difficult time during the holiday season, please pass this number along to them: 1-800-273-TALK  ... It can be a very beautiful and spiritual time for many of us during the holiday season. But for some, it is an emotional struggle. Let them know they're not alone and that there's someone that they can talk to. God bless.

Monday, December 4, 2017


    It's that time of year again when the Internet is saturated with articles and videos that tell us how evil the holidays are. Many religionist are convinced that to participate in holidays such as Christmas is sacrilegious and an abomination to the Lord. But is it really? I've recently made a video on YouTube addressing this topic. I hope it is informative and helpful to those who watch it.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


    I woke up at 4:30 in the morning with the sudden urge to write a Haiku poem... this is what came out. I call it, "Christmas Eve UFO."

 Strange lights in the sky 
hovering in the darkness;
star of Bethlehem?

Thursday, November 9, 2017


    "The three great verities of Spirit, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience,—Spirit possessing all power, filling all space, constituting all Science,—contradict forever the belief that matter can be actual." -Mary Baker Eddy-

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


    Mastedon Was a Christian rock band in the 1980s, fronted by singer John Elefante, who at one time sang for the progressive rock band Kansas. I was listening to one of Mastedon's songs this morning entitled, living for you. The lyrics just struck me in a new way, and I wanted to share them on the blog. How many times, do we as human beings, strive to find ultimate happiness and peace in the material things of this world. But in the end, they always fall flat and never really bring us lasting fulfillment. Only a connection with God can truly bring us what we ultimately desire. I'm sure with a little reflection, we will all find ourselves somewhere in the words below. Peace.


    The way things appear seems so sincere
    But it's not enough
    We make all the right moves, we say all the right things
    But it's not enough

We can have all of the aces in the palm of our hands
But it's just not enough, no
And the wisdom of man we think we understand
Is not enough, no
I've made up my mind
To live by Your design and follow You, in my heart I can't take another day away from You
You've been there with me all of the time

I'm living for You
How did I think that I could do it on my own
I'm living for You
Now I know that I will never be alone

Doesn't matter what we say, doesn't matter what we do
It's not enough
I could try to obtain worldly gain
It's not enough, no
All the works I have done, the battles I've won
It's not enough
I could save all my money, but I can't save myself
It's never enough, no
You only know how much I needed You to rescue me
Now my life belongs to You
For all the times You've seen me through
You've been here for me all of the time

I'm living for You
Why did I think that I could do it on my own
I'm living for You
Now that I'm with You I will never be alone
I'm living for You
I must be weak so I can be strong
I'm living for You
No way I can do it on my own

I could only hang on for so long
Then I realized my life was all wrong
Only by Grace can a man be made new
I've made my Choice and I'm living for You

I'm living for You
How did I think that I could do it on my own
I'm living for You
Now I know that I will never be alone
Living for You
I must be weak so I can be strong
I'm living for You
I'm living for You

I'm living for You
Oh, I'm living, oh, I'm living for You, oh
I'm living for You
And I'm living, and I'm living for You

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


    Many spiritual paths have a belief in a rapture like event. Some call it the ascension, others refer to it as the evacuation. Some believe that at a certain point in our world's history, the righteous will be taken bodily into a higher/heavenly dimension. Others believe that the body will be left behind, and only the soul will ascend. The Bible always paints the picture that before judgment and tribulation come, the righteous are taken from the land. The Islamic belief system tells of a time before the end when God will send a gentle wind that will carry the souls of the righteous into paradise. Those who subscribe to the new age philosophy believe that there will be a final cataclysm upon the earth. But before that cataclysm manifests, beings of light will take the kind and loving souls into a more perfect dimension of being.

    So I ask you, what if all these people and holy books are right? What if there is a time of great tribulation and calamity coming upon the earth, and before it happens, millions of people will be removed from its influence. Wouldn't you want to be among those people? Wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? Would you like to be prepared for such an event if it does occur? The ticket to such a heavenly ride is not that expensive or out of reach for any of us. All of these belief systems tell us that the way to avoid the great cataclysm and be taken to the higher dimensions, is simply to love. I would go a step further and say to believe in God and love. Because God is love and we love more perfectly when we are connected to him in our hearts. Being kind to others, being peaceable, caring and humble. These are not such bad traits for any of us to have. If they could possibly save us from a time of great tribulation upon the earth, maybe we should all think about cultivating these traits into our lives and personalities. After all, if we all did this, it would make our world a better place to live in as well. And maybe, just maybe we could avoid that cataclysm altogether.


Monday, August 21, 2017


    I posted this article on social media yesterday, and I wanted to share on the blog today. The words of this article are true for all of us, no matter what country we live in, no matter what kind of political view we hold. The words in this article are true for the United States and true for most of the world today. Sadly, our governments are not for the people, they are for themselves.


    I have noticed that many of you are deeply involved in the political happenings of our country in the United States. The Democrats rally against the Republicans, and the Republicans rally against the Democrats. Some are for the tearing down of the monuments in the south, while others are vehemently against it. Racism, division and hatred run rampant. Murder and violence is the headline of the day...

     But have any of you considered that none of these political parties are on your side? I am certainly not for racism or slavery, but those monuments stood for many years in the south. Who was it that first told the masses that they were offensive? Why, after all this time, are they suddenly the center of so much attention and negative rallying? Who spoke the word that got so many people clamoring in the streets, fighting one another and causing injury and death? Who spoke the word and got everyone to choose sides on social media? And furthermore, why are Democrats and Republicans at each other's throats as if this were the new crusades, only this time we hate, murder and butcher those who hold a different political view than ours.

    Are any of you even aware that our own government, the government whom you're so passionate about has plans to a erode our borders, nullify our sovereignty and absorb the United States, as well as every other nation into a global conglomerate? Did you know that part of the process in breaking down our nation is to divide the people, cause national unrest, play on racism, and cause massive rioting in the streets? Did you know, that once they push the right button that gets everyone up in arms, they will declare martial law or turn the United States into a police state? Oh, it's all out there in writing, most people just don't know it exists and they think it's a conspiracy theory because they're too lazy or complacent to research what some of the people in our own government has said, and are saying... and some of the horrendous quotes and agandas that are coming out of the United Nations. I would also like to make mention, as far as tearing down all of these monuments; did you know that part of the process of dissolving a nation is to eradicate its history? Look at all the historical sites that are being destroyed. We can even look to our school systems and see how many do not want to teach history anymore, or at least not teach it in the proper way, so it's not, "offensive," to anybody. So, you don't think this global agenda is coming into play? Think again.

    So every time someone takes to the streets in violent protest, harms or kills another human being, or goes on some insane political rant about how stupid everybody else's because they don't belong to a particular political party, maybe we should think how stupid we are for doing such things. Like sheep to the slaughter many run at the beckon call of their political gods. If the media trumpets that something is offensive, then all of a sudden it's offensive. If the media calls evil good and good evil, then suddenly everyone believes it because some political figure has said so. And of course, we have to face the fact about how all of these political power players get their messages of destruction and brainwashing mantras out to the public. It's through the media.

    And if you're simple minded enough to think that this global agenda is a good thing, maybe you should think again. The Bible speaks of a time when the world will be as one, and the nations will be ruled by one evil man or perhaps a group of evil men who install a very evil political system. Darkness will spread across the earth during this time because of that system. And if you rebel against that system, or try to be independent of it and not a clone of everyone else in it, you will be executed. Sound familiar? We're almost there already aren't we? Let's talk about Iceland's new medical breakthrough to eradicate down syndrome, which is to abort any baby they feel will be born with this disability. Some applaud this, others not so much. But it will grow in popularity over time. It will spread to other nations and people will be brainwashed into thinking it is a wonderful thing to do. But believe me when I say, it will soon spread to the elderly, the infirm. Anyone who is not "productive" in the new society, will be euthanized for, "the greater good." Like I said, We're getting very close to that system of darkness already. Still think these political puppet masters are on your side ? Do you still think they're gonna make peace in our world and give you a free living wage, free college and free everything else? Maybe under that system some of those things will appear to be free, but there'll always be a very high price to pay somewhere along the line.

    We live in a day and age where God is referred to as the Santa Claus in the sky. People think there is no science or philosophy to back up the probable existence of a higher intelligence. But they are wrong. As stated before, they're just too lazy or indifferent to do the research for themselves. And they believe what the many voices in the New World tell them. But those voices are lying to them and leading them down a path of deception and illusion.

    So where does your true allegiance stand? Are you for man and his politics, which will never achieve true global peace or prosperity? Or are you for something higher, something that will make a difference in the end. Darkness is coming folks, it's all around us right now. My advice, get right with the light, get right with God. Because we never know when the final moment will open up before us. It may be tomorrow, it may be a thousand years from now. But right now, the world is in a real mess. If you're putting all your hopes in the basket of mortal men and their greedy, dishonest political systems. Then you'll be in for a world of hurt. Because they are not your savior, and they never will be. So stop jumping through hoops for them, stop hating one another for them, and stop killing one another for them. These people are laughing at you as you play right into their hands and follow them to your own doom and enslavement like rats following the Pied Piper. Stand for love, stand with God and you will never go wrong.