Thursday, September 29, 2016


    It is said that the Prophet Muhammad predicted a day when the clergy of Islam would be the worst monsters upon the earth, and a true scholar would be rare to find. Some even say that he foresaw the day of terrorism, when many would depart from the true teachings of Islam and follow wicked men who would make mischief in the world. I have read the Quran myself, and noticed many passages which state that Allah takes no pleasure in those who cause mischief upon the earth. And that those who oppress or attack the innocent will have no mercy from Allah and suffer a grievous retribution in the end. If these sayings are so plentiful in the Quran that even I notice them, then how is it that many Muslims or Muslim clerics seem to act as if they do not exist? One should think long and hard before going out on a murdering spree in the name of God, because you just may be following a twisted ideology of man; In fact, that is what anyone who embarks upon this path is doing.

    Muhammad also said, "The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr. Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith. None of you truly believe until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself." Does this sound like the words of someone who promotes mass murder? It does not. And for those who twist the words and believe that this kindness is only ment for fellow Muslims, you are greatly mistaken and have obviously ignored the verses in the Quran that tell the Muslim to live in peace among those of different cultures and faiths. Do not blindly follow those who call themselves your spiritual leaders, because they may be leading you to the very hell you're trying to avoid in the hereafter. Open your hearts, read your scriptures, and therein you will find the true nature of God.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


    We all have need of teachers in our lives from time to time. None of us knows everything, and life is always full of lessons to learn. But the role of the true teacher is to come into our lives for a season, and then send us on our way with the new knowledge that has been obtained. A teacher may stay in our lives for mere hours, or days weeks or even years. But they are there for a purpose, not to recruit us into a cult or a new movement. A true and wise teacher will always look for that day of graduation for the pupil, he or she will never wish to keep you in class for a lifetime. How unnatural would it be for a child to start school, and for the teacher to want to keep him or her in the first grade for their entire lives? Such a thing is unheard of, and we would probably think something was seriously wrong with that teacher for suggesting such a thing. Yet, some of our modern-day religious teachers and gurus do this very thing. And sadly, it is not about imparting wisdom and life skills for them, it is about recruiting individuals for profit. The true teacher will also not turn anyone away based on financial status. Love, wisdom and compassion are free and should be available to all in the eyes of the truly enlightened. Those who charge thousands of dollars to "help" others are only there to help themselves to your money. The honest teacher will never help only those who can afford their help... You will know the true teachers by their fruits and motives. And never be afraid to ask a teacher what their motives are, the honest will gladly open their hearts to you and tell all with sincerity. Always remember, a true teacher will never try to run your life. They will never give you a set of teachings and tell you that this is the only way. And they will never desire to keep you as a student for a lifetime. They will always look for that day of graduation and send you on your way more empowered then when you first came to them. These are the marks of a true teacher.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


    Yesterday, we talked about the differences between an actual relationship with the Divine and the scripted routines often handed to us by some organized religious institutions. Today, we are going to take the conversation a step further, and focus on the mental and spiritual programming some receive through religion and the clerics thereof. This is not to say that all religious institutions are bad, they are not. There are many who offer sound teachings and freedom of spiritual expression to their adherents. But sadly, in the modern day and age, there are many that are littering the religious landscape with stagnant doctrines and harmful teachings.

    The day has come, when the individual needs to reconnect with God and let the Spirit guide him/her into the ultimate truth. Some may say that they do not know how to let the Spirit guide them. An easy way to start the journey is to have the foundation of love. Any information that comes to us from any source, that is not supported by the cornerstone of love must be rejected. God is love and his/her direction will always make us feel exhilarated, warm in our hearts, at peace and filled with great love for all. God will never motivate us with hatred or fear. The Divine Spirit will never inspire us to hurt or kill another. Divine love is like a waterfall that wishes to wash over everyone it meets, no matter their religion, ethnic background or station in life. Love lives in harmony with all and wishes the best for all.

    If one wishes to read any of the holy Scriptures, they must do so with an open heart and mind. They must let the spirit inspire them by the messages on the page, and show them the richness and truth behind words. We must stop letting egotistical and damaged individuals interpret the holy books for us. Just because that person went to college or seminary does not make them a righteous or compassionate person. Too long we have put men in the place of God, and let them rule over us as if they were God on earth. Yet what is the fruits of such an endeavor? They have divided us, and caused an us against them mentality in many. They have created congregations of entranced human beings who judge others, condemn others, hate others and spew a message of division everywhere they go. Some even preach that their congregants must wage war on certain persons, and kill those whom they consider the infidels in order to be pleasing to God. Such teachings are not from God, and if there be such a place as hell, surely these messages have their origin there.

    It is a psychological crime and a pitiful shame that some clergy will forbid their adherents from celebrating certain holidays, demand that they abstain from even watching a movie or reading a book on the bestseller list. They insist that doing such things will invite the devil into a persons life, and alienate them from the grace of God . Yet these same hypocritical individuals will endorse such things as hatred and violence. We must begin to use reason and logic. We must begin to ask ourselves if we are being truly led by God, or indoctrinated with the warped ideology of wicked men. We must remember, God's ways are higher than our ways. The Divine Being will never endorse any of us hating another individual because of his nationality or spiritual beliefs. God will never endorse killing innocent people just because of the country they live in or the faith that they subscribed to. All such teachings are from evil individuals with their own agenda in mind; and we must break free from such persons and religious institutions. These individuals and their theology will not lead any of us to heaven. Nor will they bring us closer to God. They are not our saviors or agents of the divine, and we need to ignore them and even bring them to justice if they promote crimes against humanity in the name of God. Seek spiritual freedom and love. Let no man set himself up as your spiritual ruler; to do so will only invite disruption and deception into your life. Peace...


Monday, September 26, 2016


    Think about it, what if you made a new friend and that friend knew only a few things about you. Suppose he or she knew that your favorite food is Chinese, your favorite movie is Gone With The Wind, and you like to talk about sports. Now, what if every time you saw that friend, he or she served you Chinese food, made you watch Gone With The Wind and only talked about sports? Would you consider this a fruitful and meaningful relationship, or would it start to feel rather redundant over time?

    The sad fact of the matter is, most of us treat the Divine Being much the same way the fictitious friend treated us in the paragraph above. We join a certain religious movement, we learn certain prayers or meditation techniques and we do them repeatedly for years. Some people pray 3 to 5 times a day or more, and say the same prayers, verbatim, every time for a lifetime. Do you not think that the Divine Spirit deserves more from us than that? There are many religions that teach us that God is a personal being, yet they train us to treat him/her like a machine that we must put the same information into every day of our lives. The same rituals, the same prayers at the same time of day or evening, the same meditation techniques and whatever else they tell us that we must do to be good religious folks and excepted by God.

    I believe the time has come when we must, and many already have, take our spirituality back from the organized institutions that have put the Divine Being in a box for so long. We must free ourselves to worship and contemplate the Divine in a way that is natural for us. We must begin to commune with God in a way that is more like a relationship, rather than a bunch of robotic sayings and responses that some group has handed to us decades ago. After all, what kind of friend would you like to be? The kind that serves Chinese food and watches the same movie every time you see the person whom you supposedly care about? Or do you want to be natural and spontaneous, bringing light, joy and originality to the relationship? I think the answer to that question is fairly simple for all of us to answer.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


    Life can be challenging, and sometimes it can knock you flat on your back. Sometimes, when we are suffering, we do it alone. Those whom we thought would be there to support us, are nowhere to be found. When you find yourself in this kind of position, do not despair. You have helpers around you who will never leave you or forsake you. These helpers are your personal angelic guides. They have been with your soul before its conception upon this earth. Speak to them when you are in trouble. Ask questions when you don't have the answers. Ask for help when no one else is there to assist you. Ask for comfort when you're feeling fearful or alone. They will reach out, they will respond. But you must be receptive to the ways in which they will answer you. They may come to you in a dream. You may hear an audible voice speaking to you from out of nowhere. It may be an inner voice, telling you something that you need to hear. They may speak to you for the words of a song, a sentence or paragraph in a book or magazine. Something you hear in a commercial or TV show may be pertinent to your situation. You may see something in nature that just brings the answer to your consciousness or comfort to your soul. It is possible that they may even appear to you with a physical visitation. The ways are endless in which they communicate with us. You just have to have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. Speak to your angels, they are listening; and they will answer.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


    We live in a day and age where everyone wants proof of everything. Yet, many times, when you give them sufficient proof they still say that it proves nothing. This is especially true when it comes to spiritual or metaphysical matters. It's as if some people make up their minds about a certain thing and no evidence to the contrary can ever change their thinking. These are the kinds of people that sneer at, and even insult those whom they think are less educated than themselves. Yet their own facts are faulty and even in error. Just as an example, a number of these individuals will scoff at Christians and tell them that Jesus was a myth and that he never existed. But did you know, that there is no serious historian who will actually agree with that view. Even those historians who are nonreligious shake their heads at the nonsensical notion that many of the new hipster academics are perpetuating.

    If some folks are so brazen as to deny actual history, how will you ever be able to convince them that their is substance to your faith, and legitimacy to your personal experiences? The answer is, you can't. But you also can't let the nay sayers harpoon your belief system with their big words, endless discourses and so called facts. Remember, most of these individuals are cherry picking the evidences for their own belief, or non- belief, and turning a blind eye to many facts that contradict their point of view. Just as an example, I once had a conversation with two gentlemen on the Internet on the topic of life after death. Neither of these individuals believed in such a thing, and referred to God as the Santa Claus in the sky and the afterlife as a fairytale paradise. For their benefit, I painstakingly looked up two articles on the Internet that I had read about quantum physicists who believe they are on the cusp of proving that consciousness survives the state of death. The scientists involved in these studies were from prominent universities and some were considered as heavyweights in the field of quantum theory. I also provided them with links to articles, written by actual scientists and medical doctors who had some very interesting things to say about the near-death experience. In the end, both of these individuals told me that they were very familiar with quantum physics and that all the scientists involved in the study were quacks. And the scientists and medical doctors who studied and wrote extensively about the near-death experience, were just given a hearty... "LMFA" on the computer screen.

    So, if a couple of guys working in an office, claim to know better than the actual quantum physicists; where do we take the conversation with such people? The answer, you don't take it anywhere. Because I have had many very long and tedious conversations of this caliber, with people both on and off the Internet. I have presented them with quotes from historians, scientific research, and words from some of our best scholars and theologians. But none of it made any difference. The personal opinion overrode the facts, even though their mouths kept spewing the words, science and proof.

    Why write about such a topic today? The reason is, I have heard many stories of spiritual people becoming confused and even driven to tears by these relentless debaters with their so-called educated arguments against things of the spiritual nature. Maybe someone reading this blog today has had that experience themselves, or know someone who has. If so, there's one thing you need to know; and that is, these people do not have all of the facts and no matter what you tell them or what evidence you give them, they will sneer at it and say that it is a forgery, quackery or just plain BS. It doesn't matter what kind of impressive names of scientists or historians you give them. They will shrug their shoulders, and tell you that they're well educated in these particular fields and the proofs you have given them were written by a bunch of delusional people.

    What can we conclude with then, if the people in the laboratories and libraries whose names have appeared in important pieces of literature and journals are quacks and delusional; the rest of us must be pretty feeble then, in the eyes of these arrogant individuals. But don't let them frustrate you, damage your faith or reduce you to tears. Understand the kind of mind you're dealing with in these situations, and simply walk away. If you're like me, and find it difficult to walk away, just present them with a stack of well researched evidence and leave it at that. If they refute it and say that they know better, tell them to come talk to you when they are ready to stop fooling themselves and are brave enough to have actually read what you have given them. Because the truth of the matter is, many times they have not read what you have given them at all. They perhaps skimmed the title and content. Just like the religious person whom they accuse of being afraid to find out that there is no God, they are very much afraid to find out that there might be one. Either that, or they are educated fools whose rendition of critical thinking is to be hypercritical of everyone else's beliefs and opinions. Either way, they're not worth getting upset over.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


    All psychic readings, distance healing sessions and spiritual counseling will now be done on a donation basis only. This means, that you only pay what you can afford or what you think the services were worth. And don't worry, if you're unable to pay for spiritual services, I will still assist you in whatever way that you need. Spiritual help and healing should be available to all people; the door should not be closed on some because they cannot afford the high prices that some charge.

    I chose this direction in my life to help people and bring healing and light into their lives. And so I am taking my private practice in the direction that my heart dictates, not what the "business" says I should do to make a profit. My services page on the blog will have all the details for those interested. The page name has also changed. It is no longer, The Fortune Tellers Parlor... It has been renamed, Angel Messages. I hope these changes will be a blessing to many!

Monday, September 12, 2016


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read and shared the blog over the years. As most of you know, the articles here have generally been pretty lightweight, and mostly positive and uplifting. But over the years, much has changed in our world and not all is as positive as we would like it to be. I have always had an inquiring mind, and have done much research in the areas of religion, politics and the social trends in our world. Some of the things I have discovered have been both sad and anger inspiring. The lies and deception which permeate our governments, our religious systems, classrooms and society are unprecedented; and the voices that refute these untruths appear to be few.

    I feel the time has come where some of these things must be addressed on the blog. The ultimate message of the Minds Eye will always be one of spirituality and faith. But I, we, cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand anymore while the world is crumbling around us. If there is one thing that true spirituality calls all of us to be, it is a voice of truth in a world enshrouded with lies. As the old quote says, in order for evil to win, good people just need to do nothing. I feel that I do not want to do nothing anymore. That is not to say that the blog will be a continuous blurb of dreary facts and hopeless statistics. But occasionally, it will tackle some stronger issues that are affecting our lives and world. Again, I reiterate, the blog will continue to be spiritual and uplifting. But sometimes uplifting is to know the truth when no one else is speaking the truth. I believe that knowledge is power, and we have been stripped of that power for far too long.

    My goal is to plant the seed of integrity into as many minds and hearts as possible. I cannot, in good conscience, be silent on certain matters anymore. I hope you will all continue to read the blog and take this journey with me... This is the prelude of a distant thunder.... Blessings.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


    Summer vacation is over, and the blog will be reopening on Monday, September 12th, 2016. There will be plenty of new topics and things to report... See you all in four days!