Thursday, February 28, 2013


     Judging others by the way they look is childish and cruel. We are all human beings, we all have souls within us that are created in God's perfect image... These are the things we should focus on, not the material substance that can become flawed and imperfect with time and circumstance. Judge not, lest ye be judged.



Wednesday, February 27, 2013


    As the night descends, gaze into the peaceful twilight and know that it reflects the mind of God. And then know that that peace also resides within you. For right where you are, God is.


    Self importance is really a symptom of low self esteem. Loving others as we love ourselves, and seeing every one as equal is the mark of an important person.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


    I have recently been hired by Psychic Access as an advisor. I must say that after going through the interview process and talking to several members of the staff; that they are a company with much integrity and sincerity in what they do. I am glad to be a part of this team as I expand my base of offering spiritual services to my fellow man. I am also happy to extend to anyone who might be interested the opportunity for a free six minute reading with Psychic Access... And have no fear, they will not harass you after the six minutes is up to continue with the call. If you are interested in a free reading, just click the, (free six minute reading) link to the right. I do this in good faith as a way to offer some free spiritual insight into the lives of those who may need it. You may also pass this information on to any friends or loved ones who may need a little extra light in there lives right now... There really are no strings attached!


Monday, February 25, 2013


    My work is over for the day! I wish everyone a happy, healthy peaceful evening this evening. And remember, a peaceful mind creates a healthy body.


    Starting in March, I will begin the journey to learn the healing art of Reiki. After I become certified, I will be offering long distance healing session via telephone and internet. This is something that I always wanted to do, and now it will be coming about in the days and months ahead. Needless to say, there are some interesting changes coming. Looking forward to the future!


Friday, February 22, 2013


    Please welcome back to the blog today, Mr. Devin Graves...

Paul: This is the final interview with Devin today, and I would personally like to thank him for being here with us on the blog all week long. Thank you Devin for taking the time to do this.

Devin: You're quite welcome, and thank you for inviting me to be here.

Paul: So Devin, we have been talking about ghosts and spirituality the last few days. In our final interview in these sessions, would you share with us what some of your personal spiritual practices are?

Devin: Sure, I would be happy to. I'm a big fan of those little daily devotional things. I like it when they have a really thought provoking quote or message each day. So I read one or two of those, say a prayer or maybe read a prayer out of this collection of Zen prayers that I have. Then usually I will read a passage from the Bible or the Buddhist scriptures. I usually meditate every evening after dinner for about twenty minutes and just still the mind and feel at one with the Universe. And some days I take a little time to practice my spirit communication skills; I really am into the whole spiritualist thing. So, you know, I have a variety of things that I do. Sometimes I read runes or some other oracle and just meditate on the messages that I get, it's all very interesting and it brings peace and stability to my life.

Paul: And these are things you do every day?

Devin: Oh yes, for many years now. I feel like the day is unbalanced if I don't recharge myself with at least some sort of spiritual activity.

Paul: Any chance that you might right a spiritual/metaphysical book one day?

Devin: I have thought about it, we'll just have to wait and see where the road leads. I'm certainly not opposed to the idea. Although I do think that certain messages can come out through fictional writing and poetry as well.

Paul: It certainly can and many fiction writers do sprinkle in the spiritual themes in their work.

Devin: Most writers are very spiritual people by nature; they're very cool people all around.

Paul: I agree... Well Devin, this concludes our blog interview. It was really great having you here this week. I hope that we can do this again sometime. Maybe when your book comes out?

Devin: I would love to; this was really great. And maybe you can pop on over to my blog one day and say a word or two.

Paul: Just say the word and I'll be there. And also in closing I want to thank everybody for reading the blog this week and for visiting Devin's blog as well. Where would we be without the readers. Thank you all.

THE GRAVE YARD ROAD, (The official blog of author Devin Graves -


Thursday, February 21, 2013


Devin Graves is back with us today, and we'll be talking to him some more about ghosts and things that go bump in the night;

Paul: Okay Devin, we ended the interview yesterday by talking about ghosts and spirituality. I'de like to jump right back into the interview process and delve into the topic of spooks and spectors if we may?

Devin: Sounds good, fire away.

Paul: Great... So would you mind sharing with us today one of the strangest things you've ever seen as far as ghosts are concerned?

Devin: Well, I've seen a lot of strange things in my day. I'm not sure why that is, maybe spirits are attracted to me or something. But one of the weirdest things I ever seen was when I was about 18 years old. My folks moved the family into this really old house in Orange County New York. I mean, this place looked like the setting for a ghost story for sure. The rooms were situated in such a way that it looked like a bee hive inside. My bedroom was upstairs, and at the far end of the upstairs hallway was the attic door. Well, one afternoon I headed up the stairs to my room to get something. And just as I leave the staircase and turn down the hallway my eyes lock in on the dingy little attic door. And to my complete shock and horror, there on the attic door was half a woman just hanging there. It looke like she was severed beneath the rib cage and all these stringy innards were hanging down onto the floor. Her hands were over her head and her head was slumped to one side. She was kind of in the position that you see many pictures of Christ in as he hangs on the cross. I just froze for a minute and stared at this image in disbelief... and then the severed woman raised her head and looked at me. Then she just vanished.

Paul: Wow! Then what did you do?

Devin: I ran like hell LOL!

Paul: And did you ever see her again?

Devin: No, thank God. Some things you don't want to see again, and that was one of them. I saw other things in that house as well. I'm not sure if someone died there or the place was just on bad ground. But it was definately weird. But then again, these kinds of things just seemed to follow me around.. so maybe it was just me. I was told that I'm  natural medium, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Paul: Do you think these spirits had a message for you?

Devin: They probably did, or maybe they needed help. Looking back, it was scary and all, but I should have tried to communicate with them. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and their souls just get stuck here.

Paul: I certainly believe that as well. So we'll end our interview here today and pick up again tomorrow and delve a little bit into the area of spirituality.

Devin: Sounds good.

Please join us again tomorrow as we finish off the week with Devin Graves. And also visit Devin's blog; THE GRAVEYARD ROAD at -

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


    Please welcome back to the blog today Mr. Devin Graves. He's a busy man these days and I appreciate him stopping over for the chat.

Paul: Welcome back Devin, thanks for coming back today.

Devin: Hey, it's my pleasure, really.

Paul: So yesterday we talked about your up coming book; Equinox Of The Dead. Do you have any other projects that your working on for the future?

Devin: Oh sure, I'm always working on something. Right now I'm working on another zombie story anthology and also a book of dark poetry called, Dusk Over Despair. It's real melancholy and heavy kind of stuff.

Paul: Any chance we'll be seeing some zombies in the poetry.

Devin: Now that you mention it, I think I'll have to work that in LOL.

Paul: As you know, my blog deals with mostly spiritual material. Most folks who read it are pretty spiritual themselves.. So can you tell us, do you have any spiritual views, and if you do, would you mind sharing them with us?

Devin: Absolutely, I'm quite spiritual myself. I am very interested in the Spiritualist and Buddhist faiths as well as metaphysics. I believe in a higher power, angels and all that. I take time each day to pray and meditate and practice my own little traditions and rituals. I think the thing that really got me into spirituality and even horror movies was when I was a kid I saw some actual ghosts. I mean, I just saw some things in life that can't be explained and it just starts the mind going you know? There's definately something out there and I find it deeply fascinating. I may even right a book one day about the odd things I've seen in my life; there's really just a lot of weird things.

Paul: I hope you write that book one day.

Devin: It's a good possibility that I just might.

Paul: Well Devin, thanks for coming on the blog again today. It's really an honor to have you here man.

Devin: It's an honor to be here, this is really great.

We will talk more to Devin about ghosts and spirituality tomorrow. Please do drop by and join us again. And also visit Devin's blog at the link below!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


    Please welcome to the blog today a friend of mine and fellow author Devin Graves.

Paul: Welcome Devin.

Devin: Thank you for having me Paul, I really appreciate it.

Paul: So tell us a little about yourself and how you began your career in writing.

Devin: Well, I'm a big horror movie fan, love Stephen King and George Romero. I think it was those guys that inspired me to write short stories and poetry in the beginning. I first started doing it as a hobby, then one day I looked at some of my stuff and said, "hey, that's not bad." So I began to send it out and was quickly accepted in various magazines and anthologies.

Paul: And what made you decide to finally jump into the pool of modern authors and make your work more accessible to the avid reader?

Devin: That's a story you know well...LOL... I have been friends with Paul for a while, and one day I came across this project that he had shelved called, Equinox Of The Dead. I loved that title and just went cocoa puffs over it; and Paul was like, "I'll tell you what, you can have the title if you finally put some of your work out there for people to see in the market." What could I say, I agreed to the terms so I could get my mitts on that title...LOL!

Paul: And I'll tell you what; I don't say this just because your a friend: But you did that title proud. The stories you wrote for that book are fantastic. Two of the best zombie stories I have read in years. I can't say enough about them.

Devin: Well thank you, I really appreciate that.

Paul: And so Equinox Of The Dead was picked up by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. When will that be out?

Devin: I'm waiting on the edits for the manuscript right now. I'm not really sure when it will be released; I'm thinking maybe spring or summer this year. Most definately 2013.

Paul: We look forward to seeing that out soon. Thanks for coming on my blog today Devin.

Devin: Thank you sir..

We will be talking more with Devin tomorrow on the blog. In the meantime, please drop by and visit his blog by following the link below. And don't forget to add him to your Google circle of friends or Facebook!




Monday, February 18, 2013


    I would like to introduce you all to a good friend of mine and fellow Gypsy Shadow Author; Devin Graves. Devin is stepping out into the world of literature after many years in the shadows of freelance writing. He is a fantastic writer and pens mostly horror, sci-fi and dark poetry. We'll be talking more to Devin this week.. In the meantime, I hope you'll visit his blog at the link below and add him to your Google friends circle or Facebook if your a fan of any of the genres he writes in.

-Visit Devin's blog, The Graveyard Road, at the link below-


    Don't worry about being rich or about having a certain body type. Don't worry about what others believe or what the latest trends are. Don't worry if others don't support your dream or say it can't be done. Don't worry if everyone looks at you sideways because your life marches to the beat of a different drum... Don't worry about anything, just be, and you will find your bliss.

Friday, February 15, 2013


   -The following message came to me during meditation last night-
   Mind and spirit dominate matter. Do not let matter trick you into thinking that it is master over you. Can a single cell decide to mutate and become a thing called cancer and then destroy the whole organism? Is not the mind greater than a cell? Is not the spirit supreme over all these things. If you would but center yourself and realize that these things are subject to a greater power that resides within you, you would never fear the material world and its seemingly harsh realities again. Always remember, mind and spirit dominte matter.

Thursday, February 14, 2013



Love; it should be something we celebrate every day of our lives.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


    The best word of wisdom I can give tonight is tell everyone to watch a good zombie movie this evening... That's the cure for pretty much everything :-)


    How many things in your life could you really do without? We always want to amass great amounts of money and material objects; yet when we do, they bring with them their own set of worries and concerns. Would it not be more simple to just have the few things that really matter and then strive to possess the one thing that really matters.. which is inner tranquility.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


    Before going to bed tonight, release any negative experiences of the day. They are in the past now. These bothersome thoughts can only harm you if you keep holding onto them and struggling with them in your thinking. Tomorrow is a new day, and if you put your mind to it, and trust in the Higher Power, you can come up with creative solutions to any problems that might carry over from the day before. Maintaining inner peace and poise is the first step in winning the battle against troubling circumstances.


   Success is when you have a dream and try... even if you fail. Failure is to have a dream, and never try at all. You have nothing to prove to anyone else, all tasks must be done for the joy of the task itself. Then whether you win or lose, you have done your personal best with gladness in your heart... and that is sufficient enough.

Monday, February 11, 2013


    Using anger to fight anger only breeds more anger... When we fight fire with fire, everyone gets burned.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


    The past is an illusion, the future has not yet come... Live in the present.

Friday, February 8, 2013


     Religion should be peaceful, helpful and support you in your life. If it fills you with fear, condemnation or confusion... it is not truly spiritual.




    You don't need to take expensive vacations to get away and unwind; you can build a santuary in your mind. Many of the mystics and meditation masters have done this by just relaxing and building the perfect ideal space in their imagination. Then they visit this place whenever they need to relax, make contact with the Divine, meditate or do healing work. It is a great practice and will benefit you greatly if you create your own sacred space within; for it will be with you wherever you go.


Thursday, February 7, 2013



    The cure for many ills is inner peace. If one could achieve great peace within, and maintain it at all times; many challenges, both circumstantial and physical, would melt away like phantoms in the sunlight.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


    Turn off all the gadgets and do something peaceful tonight... You know what it is that your soul really needs.


    We spend most of our time researching matter; building bigger and better toys, gadgets and weapons. But we do not put half as much research and work into trying to understand the mind and the spirit in a real and honest way. Just think of the great things we would probably all be capable of if mankind spent as much time getting to know the truth of their being as they did trying to build the next cutting edge computer or smart phone..


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


    "If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another." - Buddha

Monday, February 4, 2013


     As you think, so you will become. So think higher thoughts today.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


     Many people crave serenity in their lives, but they never take the time to create a serene environment. We must realize one thing, and that is that we control the flow of life, it does not control us. Certainly there are things that must be done in a day; but there also things that can be done tomorrow or even eliminated from our daily lives. Cutting down on the amount of news programs we watch in the evening can open up time to create serenity in our lives. Or maybe stop reading through the local obituaries every day and use that time for peaceful meditation. What daily habits can you rearrange or eliminate completely so that you can find time for serene, peaceful practices in your life? And what brings serenity into your life; painting, listening to music, meditation, reading or just looking out of the window and observing nature? Remember, you must take the time to make your life more serene... it will just not automatically happen.

Friday, February 1, 2013


     Today is the last day of the free promo sale for An Angel Came Down. So if you haven't gotten your copy yet, please do so today. Have a blessed day and a great weekend. May the angels walk with you..