Wednesday, May 18, 2016


    Below is a video I made yesterday about my experiences with spirit boxes; if you don't know what a spirit box is, have no fear, it's explained in the video. Suffice it to say that they are used by many in paranormal research and spirit communication. The video is not visually stunning, just the camera focused on the spirit box devices... but it is the narrative that counts here. Happy viewing, or listening!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


    The sad thing that I have been noticing lately, is the plethora of hateful messages being preached by some religious sects. Churches proudly displaying signs outside of their building condemning certain groups of people and saying that the government should deny them rights. Street preachers carrying signs and proclaiming that their particular race is the only one whom God favors, and those with a different skin tone are outcasts and Edomites. These individuals spew racist messages, confidently condemning others to hell with a smile on their faces while they believe that they are just fine with God. I often wonder what kind of mindset it is the can speak so hatefully against another and point out the sins of humanity while failing to see the blatant darkness in their own souls? How can one group fight so hard for their rights and cry persecution at every turn, while vehemently denying the rights of someone else? Do these people honestly believe they're doing God a service? If anything, they are helping to precipitate the decline of spirituality in the modern world. After all, what rational individual would want to jump on the bandwagon of such a warped mentality? I have always believed that one day in our future, there will be a final judgment upon the earth. But I've never felt that this judgment will fall upon the common man or woman who made mistakes in life, yet did the best they could with what they had in this world. But I believe that that judgment will be for the greedy, power-hungry warmongers who have no regard for life whatsoever. And also the hateful, the deeply prejudiced and those who sowed the seeds of a malevolent religion in this world; hence, turning many away from God with their faulty and twisted theology . The good news is, we all have the capacity to change and turn our lives around. The original definition of the word sin is to be heading in the wrong direction. To repent, simply means to turn around and go the other way. There are a whole lot of religious folks that need to do some serious repentance in their own lives, I only hope that they will do so before time runs out.

Monday, May 16, 2016


    I've ran into a lot of people over the years that profess great spirituality and but there actions and attitudes seem to say something entirely different. They verbalize great love for nature and the earth, animals and the great spirit but when you speak to them, you are met by a cold chill as they seem to scrutinize every ounce of your entire being and answer you with quick, short sentences. True spirituality is more than eloquent words or a beautiful discourse on social media; it is something that should be lived and noticed in our everyday lives. By this living our spirituality, I do not mean that we should be preachers or constantly spewing our messages from a soapbox. But our gentleness, our love for others and our willingness to help should be apparent. And these attributes should not be shown to only those in our small, personal circle of family and friends. But they should be extended to the stranger on the street and the unfamiliar face who is in need. None of us are perfect, and modern-day saints are a bit hard to come by; but we can all make, at least a small difference, by making our spirituality a way of life and not just a billboard that gets us likes on Facebook or pats on the back for sounding impressive. Spirituality, or walking with spirit, is to bring its characteristics into this world and show humanity a higher way. If we are not doing that, from the very bottom of our heart and soul, then it is just a tagline that means very little in the bigger picture of our lives.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


    Healing is for everyone, not just the certified practitioners and masters. And this is also true when it comes to the realm of spirit. People often think that only gifted mediums or powerful psychics can make contact with the spiritual realm, but this is not the case. You are a spiritual being and you have every right, and all the tools necessary to call upon the higher forces of the universe for aid and guidance. One of the ways in which you can call upon those higher forces is to call on the Angels for healing and this can be mental, physical or even spiritual healing.

    To call upon the angels for healing, is quite an easy task. The first thing you will do is choose a room in your home or you will not be disturbed for about 15 or 20 minutes. You can light candles, burn incense and play calming relaxing music of your choice. Sit for a moment and focus on the healing session that you're about to participate in. Once you're mentally ready, sit or lie down and just call upon the healing angels. If you like, you can call a particular angel to you by name, such as Rafael or Michael or whomever you wish. Once you do this, just close your eyes and relax. Let yourself connect with the angel's presence and energy. Focus as best you can and visualize the angels standing around you in a circle. See their hands positioned over your body as they send healing rays of light to every organ, bone, and cell.  Just let your mind and imagination really participate in this healing session. Notice how you feel during the process, you may feel joyful or very light. You may feel very sleepy or have sensations of heat or coolness going through your body. You may even feel like you're going to have an out of body experience or even see and hear the angels present in the room with you. Everyone's experience with angelic healing will be different, there is no right or wrong sensations or experiences. Once the session is over, thank the angels for coming and thank them for the healing that has taken place and then see them returning to the light. After this, you may rest for a little while or get up and go about your day. The process is really that simple but the benefits can be life-changing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


    A lot of people spend a great amount of time thinking about the past. They think about the times when they failed, and they think about the friends and lovers who are no longer around. They replay the betrayals, the arguments and the abandonments over and over again. It becomes like a chain around their mind and soul, constantly weighing them down with grief and regret. It is never easy when these things happen in our lives. But we must think, are the people whom we once put on a pedestal truly the individuals that we thought they were? If they were our soulmates, our best friends or our twin flames they would still be here with us in the present moment. Our souls crave love and acceptance that is pure and unconditional, and some human beings can appear to give us that for a while. But then, over time, we can find out that that love is not pure or unconditional. Minor things can end a relationship, and sometimes people just find something or someone they like better and put us on the shelf like a discarded toy. The truth is, these people were never what we wanted them to be. We desired them to be something special with everything within our being, because that is what we want on the most inner spiritual level. But we cannot be fooled by the illusions of the past. To recapture and relive those moments would also be to relive and recapture the inevitable pain and departure of the person from our lives again. True friends, true soulmates and companions in life who have a legitimate soul connection and love for us will never betray or abandon. This kind of love is rare in our world, and those who actually have it towards us are probably very few. But we should be thankful for that few we were able to obtain it in this world at all. As for the ones that got away, they got away for a reason. The universe new that their motives were not pure, and their professions of love and friendship were nothing more than parroted words that seemed to have a purpose in their lives at that time. Who knows what they really wanted from us or what we meant to them. But the bottom line is, we should not mourn for what once was, especially when what once was, was not real. Live in the here and now, be thankful for the few good souls who are still around you; and move forward in your life because you never know where you may find the next legitimate person who has a true and loyal love in their hearts. The future is wide open, the past is but a shadow. Live and love in the now.

Monday, May 9, 2016


    The worst thing that any of us can do, is to criticize or make fun of another person's physical appearance. It seems almost acceptable today to talk about someone being ugly, too fat, too skinny, poorly dressed or not in fashion, and a host of other critical assessments. It is completely mind blowing to see individuals who claim to be spiritual or on the path of enlightenment, yet when they see someone in public whom they disapprove of physically, they begin to utter about how horrible the person looks, how they must not take care of themselves or how lousy their diet must be. I suppose these enlightened minds never take into consideration that the person they're speaking so disparagingly of may have a medical condition or just subject to the fate of genetics. No one has control over the physical body that they are born with. No one can snap their fingers and change the way they look. And what about the obese people who may not be able to exercise due to physical injury or some other issue. The trend of butchering other people's appearances with our words is one that must be stopped immediately. To do such a thing, does not show that we are better or above someone else. It doesn't matter what kind of great shape we are in physically, or how proud of ourselves we are for eating organic foods and doing yoga seven days a week. It doesn't matter how handsome or beautiful our face is, or how pious we look to others by having Zen Buddhist artwork or angels displayed all through our homes. If we are looking down upon another human being because of the way they look, then we are the most wretched of human beings. But the sad fact is, we are seeing this kind of attitude growing globally. We are so perseverated on the way people look and even the color of their skin, that we are increasingly becoming a world more divided than ever. Each of us must take a hard-core moral inventory and truly look at the way in which we think and speak of other people. In my opinion, it is the most horrible thing that another human being can do to another to attack or dehumanize them for the way they look. If this is what the new age of technological advancement and science has brought us, then we are in serious trouble. Maybe some of the more religious folks are correct, and this is what a society without God looks like.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


    Many people have heard about Crystal healing, they're interested in it but do not engage in the practice because they say it seems overly complicated. They complain that there are just too many crystals to memorize the metaphysical properties of. But Crystal healing does not need to be difficult or overly intricate. One can certainly buy a book that contains all of the many crystals and their uses, and pick one up for a specific reason when needed. But one of the most simple ways of Crystal healing that I have used over the years with great effectiveness is to use just plain old clear quartz. Quartz has been called the universal Crystal and the magician's stone because it's uses are unlimited and so versatile. If you are going to engage in healing or any other practice that involves crystals, you can use clear quartz in the place of any other stone.

    The healing system that I use most frequently with crystals is to have two pieces of quartz... I always make sure that these two pieces are different in shape or size; they do not have to be expensive pieces either, the most inexpensive crystals at your local shop will suffice just fine. But you want the crystals to differ in some ways because one will be designated as the crystal that pulls stagnant or negative energies out of the body; the other, will be used to draw universal healing energies into the body at the end of the session. Here's how it works: simply place the quartz crystal designated for pulling energy out, unto the chakra or chakras closest to the part of your body that needs healing. Close your eyes, and imagine the crystal extracting all of the stagnant energies and removing blockages. And don't forget to do this for both the back and front of the chakra. If you cannot put the crystal on your back because of limited flexibility, just lie down and put the crystal next to your body, aligned as close as possible to the desired chakra.

    After you have pulled out all of the stagnant and negative energies, take the other crystal that is designated for pulling in life force energy, place it on the chakra that you desire to heal and balance and visualize the crystal pulling in life force energy to balance and heal the chakra. Again, make sure you do this for both front and back. You can also place the crystals on the part of the body that is ailing you and pull all negative energies out of a particular nerve, organ or muscle etc. and then give that part of the body a healthy dose of universal life force energy. But always make sure that you clear and balance the chakra or chakras near that part of the body first. To clear and balance the aura, simply cup your hands in front of you and hold the piece of quartz crystal that you have designated to draw in life force energy. Imagine life force energy coming down into the Crystal and then circulating and swirl it all through the aura; this is a simple and effective way to cleanse the energy bodies and heal the physical organism with Crystal healing.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


   Look at the people around you; your family, your friends, your coworkers and the random people that you meet in your day. What are your thoughts and feelings about these people when you encounter them? Outside of those who are closest to you, do you give any thought or compassion to those individuals who cross your path as you go about your hectic schedule? Do you go through your day just considering your own needs and being blind to the needs of others? If you see an elderly person struggling with her groceries, do you help? If you see a stranger on the street looking dejected or in tears, do you approach them and offer an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on? When you see the homeless person, do you offer some spare change or do you hurry past him hoping to be unnoticed? When you see a mother overloaded with too many packages and holding the hands of small children, do you hold the door for her, or do you let it close behind you as if she were not even there? The people you meet, the people you see, they are all your brothers and sisters. It doesn't matter what the color of their skin is, or what religion they adhere to. They're human beings and they are a part of you just as much as you are a part of them. Everything we do matters, planet earth is the great cosmic classroom. We are not here just to be consumed with self and grab all we can to make ourselves feel safe and secure. We are here to help others, to give compassion and love to our fellow man and woman. To ignore the needs of others, is to ignore the greatest spiritual call in our lives. It is even said that by entertaining strangers, we sometimes entertain angels unaware. What must the angels think when they see so many of us walking right past them and not even giving them a second thought? We make a difference in this world by making a difference in someone else's life. We should strive each day to make a difference, even if it is a small one... there is no greater act than this.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


    Religion; it is a word that is almost sacrilege to some individuals. They speak it with scowls on their faces as the sour pronunciation falls from their lips in despising tones. But why is this so, and why are so many people seeking out alternatives to the spiritual upbringing of their youth? The main problem here is that organized religion focuses on rules and regulations for people to follow. They put forth the notion that by eating certain foods, worshiping at a certain place on a certain day of the week, dressing a certain way or refraining from certain worldly entertainments will gain them favor with God. The list goes on and on of the exterior rules espoused by the many religious groups in the world. But the one thing they fail to recognize is that religion or spirituality is meant to change the heart of an individual, not just change the physical routine of their daily lives. If a person's heart is not changed by an encounter with something greater than himself, all of the rules and regulations in the world will not make him/her a better human being. And a person can only have that life-changing encounter when they are free to explore the depths of divine love on their own. To box an individual in with certain theologies and dogmas will only cause them to feel restless over time. No human being or organization can put God in a box. To do so is to stunt the growth of those who subscribe to the religion constructed by a certain organization. It is said in the Bible that there is hope faith and love, and that the greatest of these is love. I believe the author of these words put them in this order because faith can be misguided, but love will always do the right thing for every person involved in a situation. Love is the key to any successful spiritual path, without it, we are just flawed human beings following a set of rules that make no real changes to the inner self. Religion is not a terrible word, it has only been defined incorrectly by individuals who did not understand its original intent. Rules and regulations will not change a person, but seeking the Divine with our hearts will bring awakenings and revelations that will transform our very being.

Monday, May 2, 2016


    In order to rise in consciousness, one must rise above the everyday clang of the material world. We focus so much on our jobs, our financial status, what's for dinner, what's happening in the news and a whole host of other things. When we do this, we get bogged down with denser energies and begin to lose our spiritual power. We must take a break from this particular existence and its cares if we are to make any progress on the higher path. One of the simplest ways to transcend the material world, even for a few minutes, is to meditate on the nature of the Divine. We do this by choosing a characteristic of the Divine Spirit, such as love or peace or unconditional acceptance, and contemplating that characteristic for a few moments. If God is love, what does that mean? How is that love different than the love of a human being? How much higher and wonderful is that divine love and how does that affect my life? These are only a few examples of how we might meditate on the higher attributes of Spirit. When doing this, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and just relax; set a timer and just give yourself permission to take these few moments just for you. If you can sit in contemplative meditation for only five or ten minutes, that is absolutely fine. That is five or ten minutes that your thoughts rose above the noise of the world around you and your soul touched the hem of God's holy garment.