Tuesday, December 29, 2015


   Many people have been, or are in a relationship that seems to be constantly chasing its own tail. They get involved with a person whom they feel they have a very strong connection with; and when the relationship is on track, words cannot describe its warmth and greatness. But then, the inevitable happens, just when everything seems to be going perfectly, the wonderful person whom they love runs or retreats. It is a mind-boggling experience, and people can often spend years of their life chasing after that elusive person whom they feel is their soulmate or twin flame. The person may drift in and out of their lives always promising that things will be different this time, and professing their love in ways more intensely than ever before. But sadly, the runners always eventually run. They give excuses that they are afraid, need time to find themselves, feel unworthy of the other persons unconditional love and patience. Very often, these runners and retreaters who profess such great fear of love, will suddenly find themselves a permanent girlfriend or boyfriend out of the blue and sometimes even get married in a very short span of time. Some will even keep in contact with their old partner and still profess that they love them and miss them every day even though they're now married or in a  serious relationship. This all becomes very confusing, and drives some people to the brink of insanity. 

    But here is the honest truth about these types of relationships. Often, these runners are people who get some kind of emotional high from knowing that there is someone out there pining for them. This is why, the runner although perhaps married, keeps in contact with their old flame for a time. They enjoy hearing that the other person, whom they ran away from, is still sad and spending many of their days in sorrowful tears. This is also why, when this cat and mouse game grows a bit tiresome, the wonderful retreating twin flame will often drop off of the face of the earth and you'll never hear from them again. Some of these individuals have even proved to be a bit sociopathic and somewhat incapable of feeling deep emotion. The myth that has been propagated that these people are our twin flames and that twins flame relationships are often difficult and someone is, "always the runner," is a lot of bunk. This myth has even stalled out or bottomed out many peoples lives over the years. Please trust this fact, a true soulmate connection will not be difficult or confusing. It will not cause you to spend your days in confusion and tears. It will not be a relationship that keeps your life in constant turmoil. It will be peaceful, easy-going, honest and with no hidden tricks in the closet. 

    This may be hard for some people to except at first. But I can assure you, that with a little research and honest soul searching you will find that it is the truth. Don't waste your time with the runners and retreaters who are always confused or afraid. There may honestly be some people out there who do deal with these kinds of personal issues. But it has also become an excuse and a tactic for the emotional user and player. An honest and true love that is heaven sent will never profess such great love for you, and then run away and marry someone else. A true heaven sent love will never be with another person and yet reaching back into the past and flirting with someone else and confessing that they still love them deeply. This kind of thing is the earmarks of either an emotional manipulator, or someone who is in serious need of professional counseling. Don't fall for such tricks just because some new age guru put a label on it and wrote a book saying, that this is how certain soul relationships always work. The things that are of the Spirit are always peaceable, loving, honest and pure. There may be some human error to get around, none of us are perfect. But it will not be a situation that is filled with such confusion, grief and heart wrenching tactics. When faced with such a relationship, you should be the first one to retreat and never look back.

Monday, December 28, 2015


   Have you ever done something for another person that was completely spontaneous, unselfish and heartfelt and all you got in return was deafening silence? Not that you do acts of kindness to get something in return, but there is something so very rewarding when you see the joy on the other person's face and actually feel the energy of their gratitude. There is just something so satisfying on the soul level when you know you have truly done something wonderful that has blessed or helped another human being. But in stark contrast to these wonderful feelings of bliss and soul satisfaction when we have given unselfishly to another; there can also be those unsettling feelings of hurt, feeling unappreciated, or just feeling like it's not worth it to do good onto others because they just don't appreciate our efforts. For some people, it just seems impossible to even utter the words, "thank you." When this happens, we can also feel like perhaps we did something wrong; or maybe like we stuck our nose where it didn't belong or even offended the person in someway. It is moments like these, that can make us feel like doing good is a thankless job. We wonder if our efforts were good enough, did we make a mistake or did the person expect something else that we did not fulfill.

    There is an old saying that tells us, "when the world seems all wrong and no one seems to care, do good anyway. When ingratitude rules the day and your efforts are not acknowledged, do good anyway." There is nothing wrong with wanting those warm fuzzy feelings when we do something wonderful for another. It feels good to be appreciated, and the biggest payoff in the world can be just knowing that you did something that really matters. But when it comes to doing good and paying it forward we should do it mostly for the sake of just doing the kind and loving thing. Do it because you want to, do it because no one else will. Do it because that's what loving our fellow human beings is all about. If there is no thank you in return, and your good deeds get no acknowledgment, just know that somehow... someway, somewhere your good intentions will be rewarded. If no one else sees what you've done, the higher powers of the universe see and they are always grateful when you do something for someone solely in the name of love and kindness. Yes, doing good can sometimes seem like a thankless job, but do good anyway!

Monday, December 21, 2015


    With the holidays upon us and the Pagan Yule being today; I thought I would post this article that talks about Jesus from a pagan perspective. Very interesting, and builds a bridge between two traditions. So feel free to celebrate both Yule and Christmas or any other tradition that usually comes around at this blessed time of year. They are all part of humanities spiritual heritage. Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 17, 2015


   Why is it that we can sometimes pray and use all of the right spiritual formulas, and yet our loved ones will fail to be healed and sometimes even pass away? It is a question that many have asked over the years, and some have abandoned their faith and spirituality completely because of it. In all honesty, there are no easy answers to this question; but there are some things that we should consider about this topic. Firstly, we don't know the condition of a person's soul when they are ill or getting ready to pass into the next dimensions of life. We may be praying earnestly at someone's bedside for healing, but that particular soul may feel that it's work in this world has been accomplished. I have personally spoken with more than a few dying people in my life, who told me directly that they were ready to move on.

    Before my grandmother passed, she was quite delirious and didn't recognize anyone in the family. When I showed up at the hospital one night to visit her, I asked everyone to stay in the waiting room while I went in to try and speak with her and see if she would recognize me. As soon as I entered the room, she opened her eyes and began talking to me. She knew who I was, and said that she knew that there were a lot of people there praying for her and wanting her to stay in this world. But then she told me, that she didn't want to stay. She said that she wanted to move on and that a very nice man was coming for her the next night to take her home. I told her that if she wanted to go, to leave with that man and not worry about what other people thought or wanted. Her smile then lit up the room, and she asked me if I was telling her the truth and if she could really go when he came for her. I told her yes, I was telling her the truth and that she should go and get the heck out of that hospital bed. She told me that she was going to, and the very next night, she passed away peacefully in her sleep. Why did she not tell any of the other family members this? Why did she arouse herself, have clarity of mind, thought and speech at the moment I entered the room? I can only guess as to why, and my sincere feeling on this matter is that she did not want to disappoint her family members or make them sad. Maybe they were not prepared to hear what she had to say. Looking back, I don't think they were. They were huddled in the waiting room nervous, scared and sad because my grandmother's condition was not good. But even in her weakened, semi conscious condition, granny had her own thoughts and desires; and she wanted to go home.

    It was almost the same, when my mother passed away several years ago. She was not doing well, and I spoke with her about life and death. She was weak and in pain, but her mind was intact. She to informed me that at that moment, even if she could, she would not go back to her old life before her illness. She was ready to move on, she kept telling me that she was going somewhere. When I would ask her where, she didn't quite know, but nonetheless she said she was ready to go. Stories like this are not the minority. There are many, from all over the world the echo the same kind of occurrences. And I share them with you in this blog post, because we have to realize that sometimes the soul of the person we are praying for, is ready to go back to its eternal home. This is true for both young and old; and even while our precious loved ones are laying there ill and unresponsive, we should consider that there is more going on behind the scenes than meets our natural eye. Perhaps that soul is aware of our prayers, perhaps that soul is conversing with a being of light from the higher dimensions. Perhaps that soul is just ready to move on and they can't tell us because they do not want to add to our sorrow. We must remember, as I wrote in yesterday's blog, we cannot override another person's free will. If a soul is ready to move on, we should give them our blessings and love and let them be free to do so. It is never easy to let our loved ones go, but the silver lining around that cloud of sadness is that we will see them again one day; for that joyous journey home that they have taken before us, we one day will take ourselves. And they will be there to welcome us home.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


   There is a popular belief about metaphysics being perpetuated today that is just not true. That belief is, that if we are in a relationship and our partner is treating us badly, we can change their behavior by being more positive ourselves. Many have said that if we just take the time to be grateful, and think about all of the things that we truly love about our partner, a bad relationship will suddenly turn peaceful and loving once again. It is true, that our thoughts do influence our reality. But we cannot come to the place where we think that our thoughts can override someone else's free will. Each of us has a choice to make about how we will act, speak and treat others. The Divine Spirit did not create us to be robots, neither does it impose its will upon our lives. We are not puppets that Spirit controls or manipulates, so what makes us think that we can do it to one another? 

    We can never override another person's will in any situation. So what do we do, when we find our relationships going bad and it seems that nothing is working or making it better? The answer is, making the choice that is right for you. This may not be easy at first, and it may take time to build up the courage to act on what you know you should do. Prayer and meditation are always helpful, because they can help you come to the correct conclusions about your own life and make the right decisions for positive change. Your thoughts, and your prayers affect your life directly. Your life is your sacred garden, and your intentions are the seeds that you so in its soil. And sometimes, when we sow those seeds and make those personal choices, it is not always clear what the outcome will be or what the harvest will bring. But the harvest will always be plentiful, and the outcome will be peace of mind and more happiness in your own life. The universe always provides, there is a force that loves us and sustains us and it is constantly working for the good in our lives. Our job is to take that one tiny step at a time, have faith and know that we are doing the right thing when we are compelled to act. It's natural to feel a little nervous or even afraid when we step out into the unknown, but trust the words of someone who has done it time and time again, you will come to safer shores in your life. 

    Do not ever feel like a failure for other people's actions. You are not responsible for their actions and you're not responsible for what they ultimately will do. Your job is to deal with disruptive relationships with as much reason, logic and love as possible. Give the individual time and chance to change their own behaviors. If they do not do so in a reasonable amount of time, do not feel guilty about moving on and changing your own life for the better. You can use the power of prayer, and the laws of metaphysics to improve your own life. But you can never use them to manipulate someone else. In the end, we are all responsible for ourselves; and you are never a failure if a relationship does not work out in the end.

Monday, December 14, 2015


    Don't keep choosing the same kinds of friends and relationships that always let you down. Don't let your friends tell you how to act, what to do or what to be. Don't always be the one that has to rescue or save everybody else; if you become the life raft, someone will always be clinging to you and you'll have no time to nurture yourself. Don't chase after people who always run away for any reason, if they can't commit or be loyal, they will always be someone who brings sorrow into your life. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and lift you up... Support, friendship, love and respect are always two ways streets!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


     We have all heard it said, that our thoughts create our reality. We have all heard the spiritual teachers and metaphysical practitioners tell us that we need to hold the right thoughts in our minds, give no thought to the negative, and get out of our own way. But how do we do this? How do we begin to build our career path metaphysically, without stumbling over such things as fear and doubt. One very simple technique is to meditate. You do not have to do this for long periods of time, if you can do it for 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a day, that is surely enough. The technique goes like this; take 2 to 5 minutes to focus on what you really want, then, sit back in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Concentrate on either your breath, or just the peaceful silence in the room around you. Think of nothing else, if an intrusive thought does come across your mind, just gently push it aside and go back to concentrating on your breath or the peaceful silence.

    You may want to set a timer so that you do not go over the time allotted for this kind of meditation. Once the timer goes off, slowly open your eyes and just give thanks for the thing that you have asked for. If you find yourself dozing off during your meditation time, don't beat yourself up over it; you can always try to stay awake the next time. Besides, even if you do fall asleep, you've given your mind time to rest and just be still for a few moments without entering into worry or how your career goals will manifest. The most difficult part of this technique is to try to keep your mind from entering into fear and doubt during the day when you're not meditating. Try not to indulge yourself in such thoughts. If they do come to mind, just use the same technique you used in meditation, and just gently push those thoughts aside. This simple technique is just one way to focus on what it is that you do want, while staying out of your own way and not tripping yourself up with stress and doubt. Try this simple meditation exercise, and see for yourself if it does not clear the path of many obstacles when it comes to building your personal career.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


   As a metaphysician, I talk to a lot of people about health and healing. The one technique that seems to get the most results is to focus on the perfection of the Divine. I generally tell people, look out of your window, what do you see? Do you see stress and anxiety in the trees? Do you see ill health  cancer and other forms of disease in the air, clouds and blades of grass? Does the cosmos have heart disease, tumors or high blood pressure? No, the universe and nature are perfect. The universe is a material expression of the invisible Divine. That same perfection that permeates the entire universe, is within you. It formed you and upholds you. To contemplate that perfection will have a dramatic effect on your thoughts and health. If you are suffering any kind of illness, I invite you to contemplate that perfection now and then repeat the following affirmation.

    (The Divine Spirit within me, is mighty to heal. It washes away all things unlike itself in my physical being. The Divine Spirit is peace, truth, perfect health and love. I am an expression of that Spirit; all that it is, I am. No illness or disease can fasten itself to me; these things do not exist in spirit, so neither do they exist in me. I am perfect and at total piece, just as the entirety of the cosmos is in perfect balance and at peace. I am upheld by the power of the Divine Spirit, therefore, no plague or illness can draw near to me. I am enfolded in the love of God, and all is well with me. I proclaim that I am healthy and whole and I'm grateful for my perfect state of being.)

Happy healing...


Monday, December 7, 2015


    We are all concerned about so many things in our lives: our careers, our relationships, our weight, the way we look, the bills that need to be paid, what's for dinner and a host of other daily things. But what about our spiritual life, do we ever really contemplate that with any kind of importance? Most of us race through our day, going here there and everywhere. We have a million things on our minds and seldom, if ever, do we stop and ask ourselves if there is something more.

     The Buddha suggested that we take time to contemplate and meditate the impermanence of all things in this world, including ourselves. This may seem a bit morbid at first, but once you contemplate it for a little while, some very interesting thoughts and perspectives will begin to enter your mind. You'll also find, that you do not fear impermanence, change or even physical death as much as you once did. Could this be why, in our Western society, we become so distraught and overwhelmed with grief when someone we love passes away? It's almost as if we expect life to last forever, just the way it is now.

    We have been taught, to avoid any thoughts of change or physical death. And most of us run from such thoughts just as fast as we mentally can. But contemplating impermanence is not the end of the matter. What will happen after we leave this particular world? Jesus taught that once the physical body ceases to function, the eternal soul will be escorted into another world by the angels. What will that world be like? Is it actually better than where we are right now? Is this the ultimate reality, or is there something bigger and better over the spiritual horizon? Could contemplating such matters bring greater strength and peace into our lives in the here and now?

     Are we, as human beings, doing ourselves a disservice by being so hyper focused on the material world around us? Are we so bent and determined to meet our own needs, that we give Spirit no room to bless us? Are we bypassing a peace that actually does surpass all human understanding by thinking that the paper currency in our pockets, and all of the things we acquire from it, are making us safe and secure? It can be a bit anxiety inspiring to think about these things at first. But that is just our old programming from the world around us wanting to keep our thoughts running in a certain direction. Once you take control of your own mind and begin to think outside of the box, you will certainly change, and that change will bring greater peace, joy and confidence. So do not fear to glimpse the unknown world outside of the snow gold that you have been living in. It is wondrous beyond anything you can imagine. And you can tap into this world by contemplating your own spirituality.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


    It's everywhere we look: in the streets, on-the-job, in the media and perhaps even in our own household. The beast we call negativity has far-reaching tentacles that seem to touch every aspect of our lives. The boss is playing favorites, someone is out to take our job, there are psychic vampires who seem to drain us dry every chance that they get. There is crime in the streets, senseless killing everywhere we look and of course the threat of more death and war. So how do we do it, how do we stay positive with so much tumultuous energy swirling all around us? If you're like most people, you feel like you're scraping a layer of ice off of your car windshield every morning, and the next day, it is right back there again. Most people seek exterior solutions to these problems; always looking for the newest pill, diet, exercise, meditation and guru technique that they hope will make everything right in their lives. But as one who speaks to many people per day, giving psychic advice, I hear the statement more times than not, "I have been doing this technique for a long time now, and it just doesn't seem to be working." Perhaps you have uttered those famous last words your self. So what can we do, what can be done to gain greater inner peace in our lives and keep the negativity at bay?

     I don't want to sound like I'm preaching you a sermon here, but the greatest solution to the problem of negativity is to have a personal encounter with Divine love. But how does one do this, and how does that love keep the negativity in our world from overcoming us? The answer is simple, but the actual obtaining does take some effort. You will either have to engage in some studying, prayer or meditation. The trick here is to find out who God is to you. Religion cannot answer this question for you, and another person cannot give it to you. The journey is yours to take, until you come to that place where your inner being is filled with such joy and peace that you finally say, " this is it, this is what I have been looking for my entire life." Once you have that enlightened moment, your life will begin to change in unimaginable ways. You will automatically begin to make adjustments in your way of thinking, doing and being. You will start to revolutionize your personal being. When this happens, the psychic vampires will suddenly just fall away, and the negativity of others will begin to slide off of you like water droplets on a smooth surface. It will almost seem as if there is a protective shield around you, that causes any disruptive energy or hurtful plans of another person to be repelled and take no route in your personal reality. This is not to say that we will not take a few bumps and bruises in our journey through life. But when we fall, we will get back up. We will have an inner strength and a faith that sustains us through the darkest of nights. I believe, and have come to learn that there are higher forces in the universe. They are here to help us, to stand guard over us and offer us assistance when needed. They will hold you up when you feel that you do not have the strength to fight or stand. But please note, they do not want to do all of the work for us. Walking in the light of Divine love is a partnership, and everyone must do their part to cause the change in life that we want to see. We must not fall into the trap of praying and asking God to change the world and the circumstances in our lives, but never lifting a finger to affect that change. This is a system that will never work.

    We must do our part, even if that part is just being patient and having faith. To walk the path of Divine love is not a selfish journey. Once you have that encounter that sets ablaze in your own heart a fire of love that is beyond this world. You must then become the flame that lights the candle of others. By passing on this wisdom and knowledge of Divine love, you're beginning to change your world, one person at a time. The souls that you pass this information onto, will in turn pass it on to others. And soon, the dark corners of our world will begin to be illuminated by the light of a higher love. We will then see people begin to make positive changes in their lives. It is impossible to have an encounter with Divine love and not become a better person because of it. It transforms people without forcing any dogma, fear or guilt on anyone. When this begins to happen, we will begin to change the big picture of negativity in our own lives and in the world beyond our doorstep. Of course, we must be realistic and realize that not all people we encounter will be interested in the message of Divine love. They will fight you tooth and nail to hold onto their old negative patterns. But this is not to worry, every person will sort their own lives out sooner or later. In the meantime, your own life will be strengthened and protected by the great force Of Divine love.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


    We hear a lot of talk today about the advancement and evolution of the human race. But what does it mean to truly be advanced, or to evolve? Do new computers, smart phones and technological gadgets make us more evolved as a species? These things have their place in our lives and certainly can make life much more easy in our fast-paced world, but do they make us better or more advanced as a whole? The mystics and sages of old all told us that love, and caring for our sisters and brothers was the most important thing that any of us could do in this world. Love your neighbor as yourself, is a classic proverb that we probably have all heard; but do we live up to these words and the wisdom of the ancient sages?

    Despite all of our technological advances, there are still people living on the street. There are still people that go to bed hungry and cold every night, and some do not even have a bed to sleep in. People are lost, lonely and alone. Wars are Still fought in the name of God, for land, oil and political gain. Billions and trillions of dollars are spent each year by the nations of the world on such things as war and technology; yet we cannot give our brothers and sisters three hot meals per day. This is not to say that we should not continue to advance in areas of technology, but it certainly shows the priorities of many of our governments and big industries. Sadly, human life appears to be very low on the totem pole.

    If we were to truly exercise and live by the rule of love, as many of our great teachers and mystics have told us to; we would probably revolutionize our world in just a few short years. Certainly, it may sound a bit trite or even redundant; but if mankind truly evolved as spiritual beings and loved our neighbors as we love ourselves, then wars would cease. Greedy gain would be a thing of the past, and no one would look to take what belongs to another or leave someone in need lying in the streets. Love, real love, seeks the welfare of all. If it sees a need, it tries its best to meet it. If it sees somone hurting, it comforts them. It does not judge others or seek to harm another in any way. It is kind, giving and personable to all whom it encounters. It takes care of its fellow man, the earth and all of the creatures on it. It is faithful and loyal to those it holds dear; and there is no malice in it. If there is to be true evolution and advancement in the human race, it must do so in love. All else is just ornaments on a shelf; they may look nice, make our lives easier and give us a bit of entertainment; but they will never add to the growth of our eternal soul.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015



   Many people seek out a psychic reading when they're feeling lonely or brokenhearted, after a relationship has ended. They want to know if there estranged lover will one day come back to them, or when real love will finally show up in their lives. The empty hours, minutes and days can seem like a small eternity when we're alone, and the pain of loss can make the world seem bleak, hopeless and empty.

    As spiritual beings, it is natural for us to want to love and be loved. It is natural for us to want to be in an environment where we are safe, protected and accepted. Our souls greatest desire is to be in an environment that is harmonious and where we know that we will never be abandoned. What most people do not realize, is that that environment is always around us. The spirit of the divine, our angels and guides are always with us; they desire to comfort us and to communicate with us. As one who has communicated with the spirits for many years, I can truly attest to the fact, that they keep great company and are as good as a companion as any living human being.

     You can communicate with your angels and guides just as you would a very trusted friend. They truly want to know what is in your mind, in your heart and all of the major and minor details of your life. They wish to stand watch over you while you sleep at night, filling the room with their loving protective presence. Their love can enfold you like a calming embrace and truly give you the strength to get through the hours of the day with joy, peace and contentment. It is not difficult to communicate with your angels and guides. One very simple way, is to sit quietly and take a few deep breaths. Then take a few moments to relax all of the muscles in your body from head to toe. Once you're feeling relaxed, simply ask them to draw near and to commune with you on a deeper level. Once you do this, you may ask any questions you have silently or out loud; the way in which they answer back is through your own thought processes, intuitions, feelings and signs and synchronicity's in the world around you.

    With a little practice, you will be able to speak with your angels and guides without closing your eyes and altering your consciousness. You will simply speak, or think as if you were talking to someone who is right next to you, and you will hear or sense their reply immediately within. The universe will always work things out in a harmonious way in each of our lives. Our romantic lives will find their even ground and fulfillment; there is light and love beyond the most dismal circumstances and shattering heartbreak. In the meantime, you need not ever be lonely again. Your angels and guides are standing by and they are the friends, family and companions who will never leave your side.