Monday, April 11, 2016



    How would you feel if you went to bed one night, and awoke the next morning to find that someone very close to you had become almost a completely different person overnight? What if you discovered that your caring, loving and logical spouse had become cold, indifferent and completely illogical? What if your best friend suddenly became your worst enemy and never gave you any explanation as to why? What if those wonderful and loyal people in your life suddenly began to betray you, and their personalities were so twisted that you hardly recognize them anymore? It sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, but strangely, this sort of thing is happening to many people all over the world. As a light worker, and one who gives intuitive/spiritual readings and spiritual counseling to many individuals in a week; I am hearing more and more reports of this kind of thing happening. So many individuals are telling me that they do not even recognize their family members and friends anymore. They say that they're acting like completely different people, and doing things that they never thought they would see them do. It would be different if these changes were positive and uplifting. But they are not, the ones who have, “changed,” seem to exhibit erratic, hurtful and even destructive behavior patterns. I probably would've not thought much about this occurrence, but interestingly enough, I have seen it happen to a few people myself over the last several years. And so I ask the question, what is going on in society?

     It is a truth that we all know people who are a bit of a wild card in our lives. And yes, the human animal can sometimes be very unpredictable. But when individuals who are rock solid in their beliefs and convictions suddenly wake up one morning and throws it all out of the window to become a monster, it just doesn't seem to make sense. The kind of change we’re talking about here is generally not one that takes place over a long span of time. This change is fairly rapid and usually takes place over a couple of days and many times, literally overnight. The changes in the individual are so quick that I have come to term this phenomenon as, Bodysnatcher Syndrome. Some of the symptoms of the syndrome that I have been able to catalog are as follows: very rapid changes in one's personality and moral code. Sudden consumption or abuse of drugs or alcohol by someone who never used such substances before. The personality becoming very critical, dark and mean-spirited. Saying hurtful things or exhibiting destructive behavior, and then later on denying it as if they have amnesia of the whole incident. Running away from family members and even society as a whole and becoming quite isolated. When they do emerge back into society, they often have a very predatory and sociopathic personality. Where they once were kind and gentle individuals, they are now ruthless, heartless and seem to view other people as objects to use as gain. They are emotionally destructive and seem to be unable to take any responsibility for their damaging actions.

     Now I realize that some of the things I have mentioned above are normal displays of human behavior. Let's face it, there are those in our society whom we all label as jerks. But this goes beyond normal, human jerkiness. Again I stress, this phenomenon seems to be a complete 360° turn in someone's personality almost overnight. Someone becoming the complete opposite of what they have been for 30, 40 and even 50 years of their life. Those witnessing such changes are completely devastated, and almost feel as if they are not living in the same reality with the same people around them. So I ask, what is happening to so many people in our societies? Are we being taken over by pod people from the stars? Is everyone just taking loss of their senses? Is it a spiritual problem or some shift in the cosmic energies that some people just cannot handle? Is it all the chemicals and steroids and junk they're putting in the food? Could the consuming of such chemicals and additives be having an adverse effect on certain people’s psychological systems? Is it the modern medications and opiates that many are taking? But what about those who are not on any kind of medication or who never touched an opiate in their lives? There are also people who eat nothing but organic foods and yet they still fall victim to this Bodysnatcher phenomenon. This modern day mental meltdown seems to be no respecter of individuals; and people from all walks of life are experiencing it. 

    To be honest, I'm not really sure what is causing this phenomenon. I'm simply in the process of trying to raise awareness of it. It seems to be everywhere I turn; people telling me that they don't know what's happened to their loved ones. They're completely flabbergasted at the rapid and horrific changes that their friends and loved ones have gone through. They don't understand what is causing it, they have no logical explanation as to why it is happening, but it is certainly leaving many people brokenhearted, confused and completely devastated. From what I’ve seen so far, there seems to be no one things that one can point to for this mass change of so many individuals. Is it a lack of moral foundation in our modern world? Are people just not finding purpose in their lives and so they get depressed and go off on some whim and a tangent? I’ve just never quite seen anything like this before, and for me at least, it seems a bit concerning. Keep your eyes peeled, and I’ll keep you posted on future findings… I have an uneasy feeling about what I’m hearing and seeing in the world around me. I’m not quite sure what it all means, and hopefully it means nothing more than that a lot of people are just losing their beans. But I suppose we’ll see as time goes on.


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