Friday, April 22, 2016


-Channeled message from the evening of 4-21-2016-

    Many of you are concerned about your relationships: Friendships have fallen away, relationships have fractured and it seems nearly impossible to make new acquaintances in the world that you live in. Many in your societies have become far less social and it is becoming increasingly harder to connect with others in a meaningful way. But fret not, neither let yourself be carried away with sorrow. There are many changes coming upon the earth, the thoughts and deeds of men are affecting the atmosphere of your planet. If the human race does not course correct itself in the future, there will come a time when direct spiritual intervention from those on the higher plane will be needed. There will also be great catastrophes of biblical proportions coming upon the earth if things continue as they are; there is very little stability in your world at this time. Man is driven only by what he can see, his greed and violence are overflowing. There is a time coming when those who cannot live in such an environment will be separated from those who bring ruin.

    You may ask, what does all this have to do with my relationships? It has everything to do with them. That separation is beginning now on the soul level. You cannot form a strong union with those whose energy is so much different than your own. And be thankful that this is so, for those with shallow emotions and morality would only bring great heartache into your lives. Do not pine after those who are on the destructive path. Be content to make your life as tranquil as you can, and learn to commune with your angels and guides. We are here, we have known your soul before you have come into this material world. We cherish and love you beyond what you can comprehend. We know it is not easy to spend your days by yourself, loneliness is a strong human emotion. But the kind of union you seek cannot be obtained with those whose souls are becoming dark. Hold on to the light, and have faith in the good. All things will be balanced in the end. And while you are in this world, be a beacon of hope in it. Never tire of doing good and showing kindness and love to others. Not only will this help to draw like-minded others to yourself, but also serve to bring a few back from the edge of destruction. Only the light can dispel the darkness; the light in your soul is the hope for humanity to evolve and change before it is too late! There truly is a bigger picture to everything, even the relationships which souls have with each other.

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