Thursday, April 21, 2016


   - A channeled message from the evening of 4-20-2016-

    The earth is teaming with life and abundance. The trees grow, the flowers bloom and the rain falls. Think of all the birds, animals and insects whose needs are provided by nature alone. Now think of the peacefulness and tranquility of nature. There is no stress in the forest, there is no disease or anxiety in the great oceans. It takes the consciousness of man to say, "I am poor." Or, "I am sick and anxious." If man were not upon the earth, there would be no pollution, no lack of resources and no mind to feel the sting of anxiety or fear. The universe is not a place of lack and distress, it wants to get to you the very things that you need. It wants you to be at peace even as the great cosmos is at peace. Get your consciousness out of your own way, let what is natural and good flow to you. The problem is, people try to hard and fret too much; they block their own progress and trip over their own feet. Stop struggling and let the universe do what it naturally does, and that is provide. Consciousness makes the difference, don't let yours be polluted by negative influences.

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