Monday, April 18, 2016


    The subject of extraterrestrials is a popular one; but do they exist and is there life on other planets? The universe is a big place, and it would be ignorant to think that there is not life out there somewhere. I personally feel, however, that there is something out there that is yet to be explained by our sciences. But my theory on extraterrestrials, which of course is not a new one, is that they are inter-dimensional beings. Think about it, UFOs are said to move at speeds beyond human comprehension. They can appear and reappear almost at will, they have been said to become transparent and pass through solid objects and have bullets pass through them when fired upon by our military. The occupants of these crafts are said to sometimes walk on the air, walk through walls, communicate telepathically and render a human being hopeless by the power of mind alone. The list of strange and unusual abilities of these beings seem to go beyond just advanced technology and border, at times, on the paranormal. Many prominent researchers in the field have hypothesized that these beings are not flying light-years to come and visit us. But rather, they are popping in from almost next door, from a dimension possibly right outside our own. I agree with this hypothesis for I myself have seen, in my lifetime, at least two very peculiar beings that were there one minute, and seemed to walk into an invisible doorway and disappear the next. No doubt, there are many hucksters and pranksters out there who muddy the waters of UFO and extraterrestrial research with their nonsense. But even so, there is enough evidence and research to show that something is going on in our universe. As to the question; is their agenda benign or malevolent; only time will tell. I feel that these beings are much like ourselves, some have our best interest at heart and others may not be so wonderful. To label all of them as good and call them all our space brothers, is walking on shaky ground because we just don't know if all of them are actually friendly. But on the other hand, to consider them all bad or all demonic entities trying to deceive us is also a stretch that teeters on paranoia and irrational presumption. In the log book of UFO research, there have been both frightening and negative experiences as well as positive, and even life saving encounters. So do extraterrestrials exist? I believe they do, and they're perhaps closer than we think. The universe we live in is a spectacular place full of surprises. For all we know, we are them and they are us. Maybe they are the angels and deities of old. Maybe we are their children and when we are grown, we will become beings of light ourselves, and join them in a dimension beyond the material.

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