Thursday, April 14, 2016


    Now that you've learned a technique for cleansing and balancing the aura, let's learn how to balance and clean the chakras. A very simple and effective way to balance and clean the chakras is to sit or lay down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and imagine a golden sphere of light about the size of your fist hovering above the chakra. Then slowly lower this sphere into the chakra and visualize it spinning as it cleans out any stagnant energies, removes any blockages and repairs any problems. Visualize the spinning orb of light in the chakra for about three minutes. After the three minutes is up, mentally dissolve the sphere of light and then channel universal healing energy into the chakra for about two minutes; just imagine a beam of pure white light, coming down from the cosmos and filling the chakra. When doing a chakra healing, it is important to do both front and back of the chakra. Many people only focus on the front, and this can leave things out of balance if there are blockages or abnormalities in the back of the chakra. You can do a balancing and cleansing of all the chakras in one session, or you may do a couple each day until you have realigned them all. It is also possible to do one or two chakras at a time when healing a health issue. For example, if one suffers from headaches, one could do a session for the crown and third eye chakra. For stomach issues, one may do the solar plexus and naval chakras. When doing a spot healing, always do the chakra or chakras that are closest to the area in the body that needs healing.

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