Wednesday, September 30, 2015


    Would the Supreme Being of the universe agree with this statement, or does this appear to be the idea of man? Truly ponder the statement, and decide for yourself...


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


    The greatest spiritual goal that one can accomplish in life, is to master their own mind. We must not busy ourselves worrying about what the next person is doing. Every person is responsible for themselves, and no amount of prayer or ritual will cause another individual to change his ways or his mind. We must teach the better way through example. And we cannot do that until we master that which is within ourselves.


Monday, September 28, 2015


    Perhaps you have already heard that the end of time was to begin on September 23rd of this year. It was said by some proponents of biblical prophecy, that some major prophetic events would occur on that date. Others have added that because of the super moon, and the total eclipse of the moon, also called a bloodmoon; things were about to get very difficult on planet earth. Some even said that the rapture of the Christian faithful would take place on one of these dates. Others were claiming that they had visions that the pope of the Catholic Church, would be shot in the head during his visit to the United States. They claimed that he would make a miraculous recovery, and be the false prophet of the end times mentioned in the book of Revelation. The claims were many, and one only has to Google biblical prophecy and the four blood moons, to come up with a plethora of websites and books claiming that the end is surely near.

    Of course, these days have come and gone. And everyone is still here, the Pope has left the United States alive and well. Israel was not blown off the map some said that it might be. And the Anti-Christ has not risen to power. I can personally recall many such dates being set since I was a child. As far back as the late 1970s I remember whispers of the coming rapture and the second coming of Jesus on a particular day. I'm sure many of us can recall just in recent history, the Y2K scare in the year 2000; and the very recent failure of the Mayan prophecies. So many individuals become alarmed and concerned when this kind of thing surfaces in our world. But as we have seen time and time again, those horrific events foretold never came to pass. This, of course, is not to minimalize the gift of prophecy or the accuracy of the seers of old. But what all of these inaccurate dates do tell us, is that the modern-day people interpreting those prophecies are generally doing so through a particular religious filter, and with a healthy dose of conspiracy theory. I have honestly known people in my past, who would watch the news each evening and then go through the Bible and try to fit the current events into the prophecies there in. There were even some televangelists who had very popular shows doing just this thing.

    In summation, don't be alarm when you hear the next big end of the world prophecy being shouted from the rooftops. They have been shouted before, and they will be shouted until the actual end of time. Just live your life, be happy and enjoy the time you have on this earth. If God opens up the heavens tomorrow, and he and billions of saints and angels comes spilling down over the earth, then so be it. If the Antichrist rises to power and the pope sprouts horns and a pointy tail... We will surely know that something is up. If aliens invade next week or Atlantis rises out of the sea, we will no boubt be aware of it and be able to react appropriately. But chances are, the end of the world will come for each of us when we take our last breath and release our spirits into the great beyond at the end of our lives. And this will probably be the case for many generations to come. And one day, when the end of life on earth does occur. It is not to worry, because life will be going on somewhere and we will all be a part of it. Always remember, you are an eternal spiritual being. And no matter what happens to the physical earth, you simply will be. And you will be somewhere for all eternity.



Thursday, September 24, 2015


    Sometimes we must let go of the old in order to embrace the new and move forward. This can be true in our personal lives, politics, religion and any other area of life. To some, it can seem like the end of the world when the old and outdated is replaced by more modern ideas. When this happens, some will swear that there is an evil plot by the chosen few to try and take over the world. Others will say that the Lord is soon to return because the times are filled with wickedness. And yet, others will weep as they try to hang on to the past. It is a cycle that has repeated itself since man has walked the earth. But the truth of the matter is, change is inevitable. Nothing will last forever, and the world will not stay the same just to appease us. Life is constantly evolving and we must learn to embrace the changes as they come. Granted, not all changes will be good or to our personal liking. But we all have the ability to make improvements where they are needed. And the changes that will take place after that, will be more beneficial to all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


    Have you ever encountered a person that had blatant disregard for anything you had to say? Have you ever had a conversation with someone who contradicted, or disagreed with every word that came out of your mouth; and all the while assuming an air of annoyance or superiority? Some people just think that they always know better. And unfortunately, there isn't much that the, "know it all," will take from any wisdom that you share with them. There are just some people in this world who seem to know everything, and must always be right. To encounter such individuals can be frustrating at best. But what do we do, when we find ourselves in the presence of those who dodge our every word, and seem to have no respect for our personal opinion?

    The first thing we must do, is be comfortable in our own shoes. We must not let these kinds of people make us feel inferior, or less than competent. The, "know it all," has a way of draining a person of their self-confidence, the way a vampire drains its victim of blood. And this, is essentially, what they want to do. In a sense, what they inflict is a form of emotional abuse that is designed to beat you down and not question their authority. You must always remember, that you are a worthwhile person and you are not less than they are. It doesn't matter how successful or educated the, "know it all," is; it does not in any way make them better, more wise or elevate them above anyone else.

    We must remember the teachings of the sages of old, who all told us that true wisdom is quiet and gentle. It does not air its opinion loudly or with great pride. It does not lord over others or shine a spotlight on itself in order to show everyone how important it is. We also must remember that eloquent speech and the memorization of many facts does not mean that one possesses wisdom. And most importantly, we must know that anyone who engages in the practices of belittling others, thinking they always know better, and scoffing at the opinions of those around them is most likely covering for their own low self-esteem. Either that, or the person is a true sociopath in which case they are deceiving themselves about how wonderful they truly are.

    All this being said, this does not mean that we should judge or look down upon the so-called, "know it all." We certainly should respect other people, and even do our best to reach out to such individuals. Sometimes a kind word and a shoulder to lean on is all that is required for this kind of person to let down their tough exterior and begin to act in more thoughtful ways. Such persons deserve as much prayer and positive affirmation said over them as anyone else. But of course, if they do not respond to such spiritual treatment, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep them at arm's-length and take what they say with a grain of salt. Remember, they are not better than you, they just think they are.



Monday, September 21, 2015


    There seems to be a myth circulating around the globe about the law of attraction. The myth is, that if you are responsible for how other people treat you by what you think. The idea is, that if you fear abandonment you will continue to attract the kind of people who will eventually turn their back on you. If you fear being cheated on, you will always attract those individuals who will be unfaithful in a relationship. The problem with this theory, is that it makes you solely responsible for other people's actions. If people are not treating you well, then it is not their fault, it is because of you and something you have done wrong by thinking badly. This is a wonderful way to make people feel even more horrendous about themselves when they already feel unloved or wounded by someone's unthoughtful actions.

    Have you ever noticed, all the people around you who are praying for some toxic person to change their miserable lives? Have you ever noticed how many people are doing affirmations or visualizations to try and attract the perfect mate, yet all they get our monsters? As a psychic adviser, I probably get hundreds of calls in a month, from people who say that they have been praying or practicing the law of attraction and a positive attitude for years. Yet, their soulmate has not shown up yet and all they seem to attract are the users and abusers. They always ask, sounding very dejected, " what am I doing wrong? " The answer to that question is, honestly, nothing at all.

    You are not responsible for other people's actions. As much as some guru would like us to all think that our relationships have gone awry, and our friends are a bunch of users, and the governments are crooked and the terrorists are killing innocent people because our thoughts are just not positive and loving enough; the real answer to these problems is that people have free will. And they are free to act and treat others as badly or as wonderfully as they choose. And you and I are not responsible for what others do or do not in any way, even if sometimes we sit in the privacy of our own homes thinking that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. If the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and we are feeling unloved or unappreciated because someone did us wrong; it is because other people have chosen to put the world in that handbasket, or decided to do something that made us feel unloved or unappreciated.

    So don't beat yourself up over other people's actions. It is not your fault that they act the way they do. There is enough for all of us to worry about in a day, we don't need to think that our friendships fell apart or our spouse cheated on us or there are wars raging in the Middle East because we are not thinking correctly. This is pure nonsense and no one should  ever subscribe to such ridiculous jargon.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


    Yesterday on the blog, we talk about mind control and mental manipulation through advertising, the media and the government. But what does it all mean? Why is this happening, and why are we being bombarded with so much mental static. The answer to that question is twofold. The first answer is, personal gain and the road to riches. Every body has something they want to sell. Whether it be cell phones, the latest tablet, clothes, religion or even pharmaceuticals. And the best way to move these products is to constantly throw images and catchy phrases in front of the potential customer. It is also a favorite tactic to show famous and popular celebrities using or promoting these particular items. It is the hope of the advertising agencies to hook the mass populace by creating trends so that they can lead society around by the nose. And at the same time, line their pockets with plenty of green. This is called, herd mentality. And it works wonders for those who wish to accomplish their personal plans and agendas.

    In America today, even pharmaceutical companies see their "medicines," as product. And it is their goal to have everyone in the country using that product. There is no healthcare system in our country today, only the pushing of products and ways for the medical community to make more money off of the insurance companies. This is why we see blood pressure numbers and healthy cholesterol readings being lowered. Because the lower those numbers are, the more people we can give the product to. But many scientific studies show, that if these numbers are dropped too low, the medicines can have adverse and deadly side effects. This is just one way that the road to riches is paved with deception and no conscience of what happens to the individuals the company's are feeding off of. Add to that a plethora of television commercials advertising horrible diseases and the drugs that could potentially combat them, and you're well on your way to reaching into the minds of the people and getting them to, " see their doctor today. " It is also no surprise that we see so many billboards in the USA saying things like, " heart disease is on the rise. " Or, " do you have breast cancer? " Of course, the pharmaceutical companies are not the only ones playing this game, there are many players and that is where it becomes a topic of great concern for all of us.

    The second answer to our question is, the Devils utopia. What does that mean? It means that there are many people out there today, with few morals and no ethics who wish to tell everyone else what to think. These people will hand out free condoms and birth control pills to our 12-year-old children if they wish to have a sexual encounter with another child their age. But those same children will be expelled from school if they wear religious jewelry or speak of their spirituality of choice. These are the same people who will say that it is a violation of other people's rights if there is a nativity scene put on display at Christmas time in a public square. But they have no problem sticking up for the rights of terrorists who publicly declare that they will invade the West and destroy our way of life. And anyone who speaks out against the religious intolerance of these people are called ignorant, haters and prejudice. But again, why?

    Remember herd mentality? Well, if we can get enough people believing in the wrong thing and turning their values inside out. Then it is much easier to control the masses without any resistance to the greater plan of those in charge. Have you ever noticed that political correctness was created by politicians? And we all just fell in line with it almost over night? And you don't think there was subtle mind manipulation behind all of that? Because if they can get the people to be apathetic, impartial to morals and values or totally disgusted with the way things are going, then it is much easier to come out with a solution for their ultimate change. And that change is what many call the New World Order. This blog could be 10 times longer today just on that topic. But suffice it to say, the New World Order is the rich politicians utopia. It is where the rich eventually rule and control everything and the poor get poorer and are dispensable. In some philosophies, that are followed by our loving politicians, it is described as thus; the elite class and the slave class. So if anyone thinks that what is being pushed around the world right now is the thing we need most, you will be sadly mistaken if it ever comes to pass in your lifetime. With presidents and popes pushing this agenda, it seems like everyone is on the same page. And they probably are, the page that says, " I want to set myself up as some kind of king or dictator, or perhaps the religious leader of the world and have unquestionable power and great wealth. " Have you ever thought about why the world is sitting back letting bankers control everything, terrorists invade every country, and presidents running countries into the ground with gigantic debt? The answer is simple, sabotage from within. And no, that is not a conspiracy theory. If you do a little digging and research, you can find the documents that were written out by people in the United States government the EU and the United Nations outlining and speaking about ways in which to bankrupt certain countries, render their currency useless or cause some kind of manufactured crisis so that everyone will go willingly and peacefully into the New World. This is just not something that is taking place in America, it is worldwide and affects us all.

    Mind control, mental manipulation, implementation of herd mentality and the undermining of long-held moral beliefs; they are always in which to distract or soften the resolve of the people so the resistance will be little, if any when they decide the time is right to pull the rug out from under our feet. I wish that all of this was just conspiracy theory or delusional nonsense in my own mind. I once thought it was, but then I started doing some digging and research. And what I found completely floored me. Ignorance is not bliss. Educate yourself, stick to your moral code and let no one rob you of your faith. Stand and be counted, stand and take your lives and your countries back. Don't listen to all the noise that is filtering all about you. Take the time to research these topics and make up your own mind. Do not let anyone else make it up for you.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015


    It would seem that many people in society are being lulled into a state of mental sleep. They seem almost apathetic or oblivious to what is really going on around them. Whatever is said in the news media is taken as gospel truth. They let greedy medical and pharmaceutical companies lord their services over them for more money than even their insurance company can pay. And then there are the insurance companies themselves, who are doing their own part to create a medical catastrophe in the United States. Other individuals seem completely hypnotized by political parties and will support criminal and treasonous politicians, just because they wish to remain loyal to their party. Many others have been put to sleep by political correctness, and have all but given up their freedom of speech and the right to have their own opinion about anything. And all of this says nothing about how we are like sheep being led by the nose to get the latest technology, gadget or trendy thing that the advertising agencies tell us that we must have.

    Most people would be absolutely stunned to know the level of mind control, and mind numbing techniques that are being used on the public in mass quantities. These techniques are being used by TV advertisements, books, churches, televangelists and even some movies and television series. They are used by politicians, certain musicians and even on billboards. When I was studying to be a certified hypnotist eight years ago, the instructor who is a well known hypnotist/hypnotherapist by the name of Wayne Perkins; told me that I would be completely shocked if I knew how many people in positions of power from all walks of life paid big money to learn the subtle mind control techniques of waking hypnosis. He pretty much recited a list that contains everything and everyone that I mentioned previously in this paragraph. And just so you know what waking hypnosis is, it is a form of hypnosis or brainwashing that is done on a person who is wide awake by repeating certain words or phrases; or giving certain suggestions and commands such as, " you need this." "Get yours now." "Call your doctor now." "Don't delay." "Pick up the phone and call." The list is quite extensive, but I'm sure you get the idea.

    These techniques can also be implemented through images or even the printed page. The part about this that is kind of frightening, is that you don't even have to really tune in to be affected by what is being said. Did you know, that if you're doing something while the television plays in the background your subconscious mind can still pick up on the phrases and suggestions in commercials or by someone in the media? An example that Mr. Wayne Perkins gave to me was that; if you're listening to the radio or television and here several times a day, every day, that asthma is on the rise. Even if you're listening was just half an ear, or not really listening at all. Your subconscious mind will hear that phrase over and over again, "asthma is on the rise." And sooner or later, a certain number of the population will be finding it difficult to breathe. And people who've never had asthma before will soon find themselves afflicted with the malady. Now multiply that by about 100, because you're bombarded by this stuff all day from various directions. And then think about why so many people are having so many problems. Or why there are so many people these days who seem to have no common sense or reason whatsoever when it comes to the everyday considerations of life.

    All of this may seem a bit alarming, but there is hope. One of the things you can do to protect yourself against all of the psychic noise is simply to know who you are. Make your own decisions, don't be easily swayed by the opinions of others. Be strong about your own convictions. Tune out the noise and get back to nature once in a while. By exercising your own will and your own opinions you're strengthening your mental muscle and therefore are less susceptible to this kind of nonsense. Some other great ways to combat this barrage of mental pollution are things like meditation, daily affirmations, and even the study of literature that supports your personal world view.

    And also, don't be the kind of person who is afraid of a little persecution. When you have a mind of your own, the drones and clones around you will naturally snicker, laugh and ridicule. They will classify you as a fool, uneducated or just completely clueless. Because anything that goes against the flow of the mental river has got to be wrong, right? It is interesting to me, that everyone is so easily offended these days and are the word and behavior police when it comes to everyone else around them; but yet they're so easy to insult others if they have a different point of view that differs from the body snatcher mentality. So don't be afraid of the jeers and the sneers. Make up your mind to have the courage of your own convictions and hold fast to that which YOU  believe, not what someone else is training you to except.

    Someone of you might ask, why all of this mental manipulation in the first place? Well, we'll talk about that tomorrow.

Monday, September 14, 2015


    The nations of the world are in upheaval over the current Syrian refugee situation. Everywhere you look, there is someone voicing an opinion over this whole dilemma; some say that everyone should ignore the refugees because they are all Muslims and all Muslims are bad. Others believe that many of the refugees need, and deserve the world's help. But they are concerned because of the extremist militant group Isis who has said that they have implanted thousands of there terrorist soldiers among the refugees. Hence, they are about to begin a world wide invasion and wipe out those they call the Crusaders. We must understand, that this is a very real threat. But many people are not even speaking about it. Of course, those who think that all Muslims are bad are sadly mistaken and speaking out of ignorance and prejudice. Not all Muslims are bad. There are those who are very peaceful and take a very mystical approach to the Koran. Sadly, these individuals are killed by the extremists just as anyone else outside of their circle.

    We are also seeing a lot of people accusing the nation of Israel of being hypocrites and hateful, because they have refused to take in any refugees at all. But we must step back and get a balanced view of the situation. The world wishes for Israel to take in refugees from countries that have stated that they will wipe Israel from the face of the earth. If in fact, there are thousands of militant extremists among the refugees, Israel would be committing suicide to let them through their borders. We have to realize, that Israel is very concerned and doing the best they can to protect themselves. And this is something we all need to do at this time. If we do not weed out the terrorists among the legitimate refugees we can all be in a very big lot of trouble.

    This particular situation is one that needs much prayer and positive energy. There are literally hundreds of thousands of men women and children who need the world's help right now. But the situation is being made very difficult by those who harbor hatred and espouse a very violent and murderous form of religion. It is only by using wisdom and logic, and also trusting in the Divine agencies of the universe that we will be able to vanquish such hatred in our world, and give everyone a fair chance at peace and prosperity. This is not the time for war games. This is not the time for greedy and opportunistic politicians to use this threat as a means to further their own agendas. This is not a time to be divided by political parties. It is not the time for political correctness and burying our heads in the sand while we ignore the bigger picture. This is a time to clean house, no matter what nation we live in. It is time to demand that our leaders do the right thing for all people. And if they will not, we need to take a stand and vote for the men and women who will do the right thing. The future is in our hands, and in our hearts. At that future can only be built with truth, love, tolerance and great wisdom. And we must also all face the fact, that the road to the future may not always be a peaceful one. Sometimes in order for the good to win, there must be a fight. Sometimes, evil does not respond to education, logic and peaceful talks. We are fooling ourselves if we think that all enemies will go away if we turn our backs on them and show them that we are not a threat.

     The road is long, and the night is dark. But with faith in our hearts and the light of spirit to illuminate our way, we can make this world a better place for all.

Isis has stated, "we will use the refugee crisis to infiltrate the west."


Genesis 6:4

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

    Many people scoff at this verse in the Bible and say that it is just a myth or a fairy tale. But further research on the story of the Nephilim state that they were very violent and even cannibalistic. The odd thing is, that there are stories from all over the world about these races of giants who attacked native tribes and peoples and carried them away to be eaten. Add to that, the fact that skeletons have been found that stand up to twenty feet tall!!! A little research into this matter will uncover scores of old and new newspaper articles written about archeologists who have discovered these types of remains. Were these ancient giants some kind of unholy hybrid between man and something else?

    Many believe that the modern day alien abduction phenomenon is closely related to the story of the Nephilim. The theory is that some interdimensional race of beings has, and still is tampering with the DNA of human beings; and for what reason, can only be speculated. Could these beings be what we call angels and demons? Sounds almost laughable doesn't it? But then think of the fact that some of our leading scientists believe that planet earth could have been seeded by extraterrestrials and that it how life on earth actually began. Now factor in the fact that many scientists have suggested that these extraterrestrials are interdimensional rather than interplanetary. Could it be that that what mankind calls heaven is another dimension? Could it just possibly be that such beings as God, angels and demons are a race of spiritual/energetic beings that never grow old, never decay and possibly could exist for an eternity? After all, energy can't be created or destroyed... as they say. It does make a body wonder. And it should make all of us consider what this means to each of us if there is any truth to the Genesis account. And it should also cause us to look into such matters a little more deeply and find the truth for ourselves. It's a big universe out there, and in the wake of its vastness, we are but a speck of dust in the ocean of time.


Friday, September 11, 2015


    Today in America, many will be remembering their friends and loved ones whose lives were lost in a senseless act of terrorism. It was on this day that Muslim extremists flew jet airliners into the Twin Towers in New York City and caused one of the most horrific events on American soil. There are those in this country who now minimize that day, but how can we forget the sound of bodies smashing into the pavement as people trapped in the burning buildings jumped to their death rather than burn in the flames that were all around them. Even those of us who watched the newscast could hear the heavy thuds behind the news reporters as this terrible event transpired. We can still recall the faces of those survivors, policemen and firefighters as they emerged from the heavy smoke with faces covered in ash crying and gasping for breath. It was a scene that was almost unreal.

    14 years later, those who flew those planes into the buildings in New York City are still waging war on the civilized world. I am not a person who likes to spew political or religious beliefs on my blog. But today I will say this, we cannot stand by and make believe that sending these people love and positive thoughts will change their motive. To stand back and do nothing, will only seal our fate. Somewhere in the world, another 9/11 will transpire if we fail to act while these terrorist groups infiltrate every aspect of our society. Many do not realize that it is the code of the terrorist to befriend those who are their enemies, make them believe that they are our friends and then when we do not expect, strike and kill. It is a deception that is deadly, and all of us around the world must wake up to this fact. We must also wake up to the fact that any group that espouses such a hateful, murderous doctrine is in no way from God. If there be such a being as Satan, surely such a thing would come straight from his dark and twisted mind.

    Today in America we will honor all of those who died in the 9/11 attacks. But all of us across the world can honor them, by making sure that something like this never happens again... anywhere.

- Graphic Footage, please be advised -

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


    There are many conspiracy theories floating around in the media and Internet these days. You may even know someone who subscribes to one of these ideas. They always tell us that someone is out to get us, the government has been infiltrated by the antichrist, America is about to go under and the end of everything is at hand. There is no end to these darkly hypotheses. It is easy to get caught up in the hype of these doomsday scenarios. After all, the news is just brimming with stories of war, violence, and unrest every day. It appears to me, that it is the way of the world to try to keep us off-center and in an almost constant state of anxiety. But don't let all of the swirling craziness and conspiracy talk of others steal your peace. You may not be able to control the entire world but you can control your own life and your own thoughts. We spend so much time looking at what is going on around us that we often do not pay attention to ourselves. Ask yourself today, what do you need, what will bring you joy and serenity?

    Your inner peace should be your first priority. And one of the ways that you can obtain that peace, is to educate yourself. By doing just a little research you will often find out that many of the scary conspiracies are nothing more than age-old myths resurfacing in the modern day. They have always been around, the media has always been filled with disturbing stories. The government has always been dishonest and greedy, and some religious group has always been prophesying the end of the world. It is like King Solomon said, " there is nothing new under the sun." So do not let these things attach themselves to you and cause you to be disturbed. Instead, take the sting out of the fear by knowing the facts about what is being said. And most of all, concentrate on your own tranquility in life.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


    Think about it, the world is a peaceful and calm place. The universe is tranquil and free of all mental anxiety. All the stress and troublesome activity that is going on around you is the product of someone's mind being acted out on the stage of life. Remove the anxious thoughts, and you remove the turmoil. What's going on in your mind?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


   Many say that Buddhism is an atheistic religion; but there are many who disagree with that assumption. Buddha taught what he called the middle way, meaning we should not be to attached or obsessed with anything. There were many mystical happenings around the Buddha, yet he never preached about a God in heavens, judgement or any of the other concepts that other religions teach. In fact, he sometimes said there was a God, and other times he said there was not. I believe that this was his way to get us to consider both sides of the coin and ponder the possibilities. Perhaps it was just his way of helping us walk in that middle way. In the end however, he left the decision as to what to believe or what not to believe up to the individual. And that is what is most beautiful about Buddhism; it lets you make your own choices, find your own truth and forces no rules, theology or dogma upon anyone.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


   Any religion that promotes a God of favoritism, war, murder or genocide is obviously the work of finite men. If someone tells you that God is love, yet frowns upon his fellow man, damns society and condemns another to hell is espousing nothing more than ignorance and his own dislike of anyone that differs from himself. We must come to understand, that religion is the concept of God decorated by the ideas of man.