Wednesday, April 20, 2016


    You can't call yourself spiritual if you are not living by the universal law of love. So many people today in various spiritual movements have a very peculiar idea about what love is. I have heard of so-called spiritual people say that they love their spouse, and have a heart connection with them but they are unsatisfied with their sexual lives. The answer to this dilemma, they say it is alright to stay with her spouse and love them, but it's okay to go out and have sex with other people. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but this doesn't sound like love to me. We also hear it said in many spiritual circles, that the love of self is the most important love of all. This is true to some extent, because if you cannot truly love and except yourself then you cannot love and accept another. But the self-love advocates suggest that we concentrate so fully on ourselves that everyone else on the periphery just becomes sort of a blur. The idea here is that you must take care of yourself first and then the rest of the world will fall into harmony with that. I don't know about anyone else, but I can find myself making quantum leaps in my personal spirituality and acceptance of myself, yet the rest of the world seems to be having an awful lot of struggles around me. It seems a bit naïve mixed with wishful thinking that if I take care of myself, the rest of the world will just fall in line with my actions, mindset and ideals. This is just not the way that reality works, and it is a massive misunderstanding of what we call the law of attraction. To change the world, we must get involved; when we get involved we must show love and a better way that points to the light. And we must do this because we want to and with a great amount of love for our fellow human beings and the planet in our hearts. Love is not selfish, it is not self-centered, it does not say I love you but then turn around and hurt you by having sexual relationships with someone else on the outskirts. There are misconceptions about a great many things in our world today. And it is sad to see that love is one of them. If our actions hurt, minimize or ignore another, then they are not of love. Love is much more than my own selfish wants and needs while the rest of the world around me is burning.

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