Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today I have preformed my self initiation rite into the Pagan path. I have embraced my true nature; that nature that was me since I was a child. I have pledged my dedication to the God and the Goddess in their many forms. I have pledged to see the Divine in all belief systems and to see yet another aspect of the God and the Goddess in each of them. I have rejected all that is of fear and the dogmas penned by man... All that remains now is truth and light.

At the end of my ceremony, I channeled all that no longer serves me; and all things from my past that have ever weighed me down into a piece of parchment. The parchment was then burned and returned to the cauldron from which all things come and all things will return; and the ashes were scattered to the four winds and released.

As the God dies at summer's end, so my old self died on this sacred day. Newness of life and rebirth are mine... I know wear a pendant with a scarab and an ankh to symbolize the spiritual rebirth that has taken place on this sacred day of Samhain.


    It's Halloween, and the video link below says it all! Have a fun and happy day...

It's Halloween video link;

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


    For those of you who are big Halloween fans, like I am; the book, The Power of Halloween might be worth checking into. October 31st has always held a very spiritual significance for me, even as a kid. I believe that as a child, I was picking up on the ancient energies of the Samhains long ago and the importance this day held in the past as Summer's end. If you, like myself, have always been drawn to the more spiritual side of All Hallows Eve, then The Power of Halloween just might be a treat that you can pick up for yourself as the sun sets tomorrow night!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


    If You're looking for a good, scary movie for Halloween; may I recommend the Conjuring. I watched this movie last night and found it to be quite good. Very creepy, atmospheric and chill inspiring. I had read some reviews on this film that said it was dull, had a stupid script and even dumb. I did not find it to be any of these things and I'm a hard sell on some of the bad modern day horror flicks that have come out lately. I was pleasantly surprised and very happy with this one.... A great movie to watch for Halloween!

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Monday, October 28, 2013


    Three more days until Halloween; What a great time to get a psychic reading ;) And if you don't get a reading, at least read the cards for yourself, cast the Runes or even flip a coin on some topic. A great week for divination!

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Friday, October 25, 2013


    All I can say today is that it's Friday! And tomorrow my wife and I will be having our yearly, Saturday before Halloween, Halloween party! I love this time of year, and I must admit there's something wonderfully humorous about making adults play children's games, having them act out a generally dumb Halloween play, written by me :-) And then entertaining them with a movie, again, made and filmed by me! The movie usually has a very thin plot and is filled with bad jokes and very stupid scenarios... Gotta love it! And of course, there's plenty of food, a Samhain ritual and some divination by fire light. Did I say I love this time of year?

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


   Think on things that make you happy today. Think on things that bring you peace. Think thoughts that are soothing and healing to your entire being: You will then suddenly realize that you are happy, at peace and healed. What we think, shapes our reality.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


    The voice of the Divine is within you. The Spirit of the Divine is within you. Right where you are, God is. God is not in a building, God is not speaking through some television personality. God is not in a book or holed up somewhere in some exclusive religion that you must find through trial and error. God is with you, in you and all around. You need not look any further!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


     If you really think about it, what power do other people have over your mind and emotions? Someone can think ill of you; but do they have an accurate picture of who you really are? Is there illusion worth getting upset over? Someone may try to cheat you out of something or be cruel in a relationship. But the one who robs another will always lose what little he has gained through dishonesty, and bad relationships can always be left behind. If another person creates a negative whirlpool of stressful energy, do we need to enter that whirlpool with them? We always have a choice and the old saying that other people have just as much power over us as we allow them to have is absolutely true.

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Monday, October 21, 2013


    It is absolutely horrible what comes out of some people's mouths in the name of religion. If you have not heard the anti-gay rant from Pastor Sean Harris as of yet, then I invite you to listen at the link below. Listen because we all need to be informed about what's going on in our world. Listen and then have the resolve to make sure this kind of thing desists. Listen because this is a gross misrepresentation of the Divine. Listen so that you can tell your children that this is not what God is all about. Any person who condones snapping a child's wrist or punching them, and then encouraging others to do this to their children should not be, in any way, the spiritual leader of others. This kind of thing goes beyond being horrid. And shame on those in the congregation who sat laughing over what was being said!


Pastor Sean Harris' horrid rant -

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Saturday, October 19, 2013


    I will be back on Monday October 21st... I'm on a mini fall vacation, and loving it!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


    "A lot of good people are going to burn in hell."  That's what some religious folks say, and they believe it with all their hearts. But I would ask; isn't that the point of all religion, to be moral, good and live by the law of love? So if a person refrains from such things as stealing, killing, violence greed etc... then wouldn't that person be living naturally by the universal laws that some religious groups propound? If this be so, then why by default, do they get thrown into a fiery prison for all eternity? Wouldn't that be like a law abiding citizen being thrown into jail for life because he was not born and raised in a certain city or country? Wouldn't such an idea make God out to be rather childish? "You played the game by the rules but your disqualified because I didn't like the shirt you wore today!" If you think about it, this concept of roasting people is rather barbaric and unreasonable all the way around.

    If any of us had the power to burn the most heinous and hardened criminal in a furnace of fire for all eternity, would we not lose sleep and feel awful about what we were doing? Would not most of us eventually pull the criminal from the torturous flames because our conscious would bother us in major ways about what we were doing? At the very least, we would put the criminal in a prison where he would not be tortured and screaming every second or every day.... If man be this compassionate and reasonable, would not the Divine be even more so? Think about it...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


    There are those who say there is no God, no Spirit and no life after death. They will scoff at such ideas and call those who believe a fool. Yet when you do just a little bit of research into their supposed concrete facts that disprove all things spiritual, you will find that they are clinging to flimsy theories and arguments that have long been disproven. The roaring unbeliever accuses the person of faith of clinging to fairy tales and myths... but in truth, this is what they do in many cases. Don't let yourself be shaken by those who say there is no spiritual reality. I myself have spent countless hours researching their challenges with an open mind. And all of them have proven to be nonsense and hot air. There is something beyond this material life we live; this I can assure you!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


    Are you a, "taking care of business" kind of person? Are you always on the go, always taking care of what needs to be done? Do you seldom lift your head up from your desk, or the task at hand to even look out of the window. And when you do look out of the window, is the landscape blotted out by the images of work playing through your mind? Is your most interesting conversation with others about what has been accomplished and what has yet to be done?

    Is the meaning and purpose of life to work your butt off and then die as some propose? Or is there more to the plot that you are missing?

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Friday, October 11, 2013


    If you let the ego control you and dictate how you think, you will soon find out that it is full of hot air. If the egomaniac came back down to earth for five minutes, he would soon realize that most people are not in awe of him. They are however, shaking their heads and whispering to one another about how oversized his poor head is. The only person who is high on the egotist is the egocentric person themselves. It is quite an embarrassing position to be in actually. If your going to think highly of yourself, then think highly of others as well; at least then you put everyone on the same level. To think of yourself as so wonderful and everyone else as less; well, that isolates you from everyone around you. This in turn, can turn out to be a very lonely life. Love thy neighbor as thyself...

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Thursday, October 10, 2013


    What dream have you been waiting for the perfect time to pursue? Sometimes the money isn't there, the stars aren't aligned and no mystical angel appears to guide the way... But you must take the plunge anyway; and that's when you find out that you went in with nothing but faith, and you won the day! And even if you aim high and miss, at least you can go to bed at night and say, "I gave it one heck of a try." ... And that is far better than going to bed each night and asking, "I wonder if?"

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


    Those who fear the light only do so because they try to conceal what they do under a shroud of darkness.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


    There are many today who boast that they are a b**tch, and proud of it. But let us examine this statement and see if it is something that one should wear like a badge. It seems that many in our society today, both men and women, take pride in being rude, crude, vulgar and even mean. They think it paints a picture of strength and desirability, but in reality no self respecting or honest person will have anything to do with someone who has these traits. After all, aren't these the kinds of relationships that end up being abusive, loveless and even emotionally draining? Who will wish to stand next to any person that is cocky, insulting and mean spirited? Is it any wonder that the b**tches and b**stards of the world always seem to be in conflict with those around them. Like attracts like in the universe, and individuals who act unbecomingly will bring into their lives those who act in kind. Thus they will always polish their tarnished badge and explain why they have to be the way they are. But the metaphysical fact remains... if they would change their ways and treat others with a little more patience, they would attract people and situations that would be more peaceful, well balanced and fulfilling. Let us not boast of being hard nosed or rude in life, this is not something we should boast about. In reality, that sign should read; B**tch, and ashamed of it! And that goes for both sexes!
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Monday, October 7, 2013


    What does independence mean to you; does it mean that you are capable of taking care of yourself, making your own decisions and able to stand by what you believe? Or, does it mean being overbearing, opinionated, unwilling to compromise, overly stubborn and looking upon others as if their view of the world is somehow less than your own? There is a difference between the two; one is being truly strong and independent, the other is just being a fool. Yet many think that being a fool is actually being independent. But in truth, the fool only seems to be independent because he/she pushes everyone away with their pointed words and crass attitude. Naturally, this kind of person has to stand alone and be their own majority because no else wishes to be around them and be subject to their toxic ways. It is time that many of us find out the true meaning of independence and then live out what the word defines; lest we end up playing the fool in the end.

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Friday, October 4, 2013


    See the magic in each moment, don't let your todays turn into a string of overlooked tomorrows.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013


    Imagine this: You're walking down the street with your spouse, when suddenly you run into someone you haven't seen since high school. You talk to the person for a while and everyone acts friendly enough; but then when the short reunion is over you turn to your spouse and say, "I'm glad that's over, that guy was a real jerk in high school." Has this scenario ever played out in your life? I'm sure it has at one point or another, for we are all guilty of this crime. But the thing to remember is this: when we superimpose an image on someone from the long past and assume that they have not changed, we are actually showing that we are the ones who have not grown in our mentality. We assume that everyone and everything has remained as it was and no one else in the world has grown and matured but ourselves. This very attitude indicates that we are the ones stuck in the past, high on our own egos and confident that we are better than the next person. And isn't this what we are accusing the other person of? So the next time you find yourself flipping through an old yearbook, recalling your glory days or running into someone from your past on the street and thinking they are the same jerk or weird kid they were in childhood... think again. It just might be you who has not changed and needs to rise a little higher in your own consciousness.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


    Many people pray for God to change things... But all the while, he/she is waiting for us to do the same.
can replace God in the quote with your higher power, source or whatever your beliefs...but the message will be the same...have to be proactive...  steve @
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


    In the life of the Spirit there is no infidel, lost soul or Pagan who is without God. We are all equal in the eyes of the Divine, and are all children of the universe climbing the cosmic latter to that ultimate reality that lies beyond our sight. Let us not condemn one another or despise those who follow Spirit in a different way than us. But rather, let us respect one another and learn from each other's sacred path. Once we do this, world peace will be within our reach; and isn't this the way it really should be?

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