Wednesday, April 13, 2016


    Many people are curious about how they can clean their own aura. A simple technique that I learned, is to simply close your eyes and get into a relaxed position. Then visualize a pyramid of white light hovering above your head and just touching the outer layer of the aura. Then visualize this pyramid of light drawing all of the negative energies and psychic debris out of your aura. You may want to visualize cloudy particles or dark globules of denser energy being pulled up and out of your aura by the pyramid of light. Visualize this for about three minutes or until you feel that the aura has been cleared. Now send the pyramid of light down into the earth where all of the energy will be transmuted. Next, visualize a pyramid of shimmering golden light above your head; again, with its base touching the outer layer of your aura. See this pyramid sending healing golden light into the aura. Imagine this golden light repairing any tears, smoothing out any areas where the energy may be accumulated or blocked. Just imagine your whole aura being cleansed and balanced. Do this for about two minutes or until you feel that your aura has been rejuvenated. At the end of this visualization, see the pyramid of golden light lowering down over your body and dispersing into your aura. This exercise will help to cleanse and balance the aura, get rid of any psychic debris and help you to heal on an emotional and mental level. It will also draw any negative energies out of the aura before they can enter the physical body and cause health issues. 

NOTE: You can do a general aura cleansing, or you can do the cleansing with a specific healing goal in mind if you desire. If you are cleansing for a specific reason, just state the reason before you begin the exercise. EXAMPLE 1: "This aura cleansing is to get rid of any negative energies I may have picked up at work today." EXAMPLE 2: "This aura cleansing is to heal me of the anxiety I inherited from my mother." The specific healing purpose can be for anything you like that has had a negative emotional or mental impact on your life or day. Just state the reason before the healing session. 


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