Thursday, April 7, 2016


     If you've ever read this blog, I would implore you to come back and read it on Monday, April 11 2016. I'm going to be addressing a topic then that is quite strange in my opinion. I was going to post the particular blog today, but realized I need a little more time to ponder this phenomenon. I feel that what I'm going to be talking about on Monday is quite important. In one sense, I feel like I'm going to be entering into the realm of science fiction or unreality; but none the less, I feel this has to be addressed.

     I'm going to be blogging about what I call, Bodysnatcher Syndrome. I call it this, because many people seem to be changing almost overnight. As one who does psychic readings and spiritual counseling for many people in a week, I'm hearing more and more of these stories. I have in fact noticed it myself over the last several years. Let me ask you, have you known someone who has become a completely different person almost overnight or in a very short span of time? Is there someone you define in these words, "it doesn't seem like it's him/her anymore." I think most people know someone that this is true about. But why, why is this happening on such a large scale? I don't mean to post a cliffhanger here, but I think I just need a little more time to figure out how I'm going to address this topic. Maybe it will be a topic for the week? I definitely think something odd is going on in society, and I feel it's the right time for someone to address it. Please come back on Monday and refer as many sane and normal people as you can to the blog then. I just think this is a subject that needs some serious awareness. Have a great weekend all...

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