Monday, April 4, 2016


    We see it in the news, we read it in articles on the Internet; the mass dying of birds, fish and other animals. We see stories of sinkholes swallowing cars, houses and people. We hear about the storms, the floods and other natural disasters. Some people tell us that it is a sign of the times, and that we are living in the last days before God's great judgment upon the earth. This idea is a bit steeped in fear and negativity, but it's premise is not so far from the truth. I believe that what is happening, is that the earth is beginning to react to the misuse of the planet and the negative energies of mankind. If you stand out in nature, or look up into the starry skies at night, you will see and feel nothing but tranquility. The universe is a place of peace; the universe is a place of order, for even in its chaos there is order. Nature was never meant to shoulder all of the abuse and pollution that human beings have subjected the planet too. It was never meant to be filled with the heavy, negative energies of such things as greed and war. Once such energies begin to reach a certain level, the scales must tip; and they are beginning to tip now. It's not that the Divine is punishing us or getting ready to send us all to some burning lake of fire. The truth is, we are reaping the harvest of our own bad decisions. How much toxic waste and garbage can we dump in our oceans? How many forests can we destroy? How many fellow human beings can we kill and how much land can we obliterate or contaminate? Of course, not all of us are responsible for such things; but the self proclaimed elite have no shame in their actions... but none the less, we are feeling the results of those actions.

    It is not too late to change the course that we are on as a species. It is not too late to restore balance and help ourselves and the earth. There must be a spiritual revolution and evolution if we are to navigate through these very unpredictable times. But we all must take heart, for even if the mass majority of people and our world leaders do not undergo that evolution, evolution will still come. The universe is wise, and I believe that there is life all around us, even if that life is interdimensional rather than interplanetary. The mass sightings of strange lights in the skies being reported in the news over the past several years, is showing us that someone is watching. And I believe that that someone will intervene and aid us, even if it is in the 11th hour. Those of us who do evolve will not be left without aid in the darkest hour, if that dark hour should come. This is a very important time for all of us. We need to be focusing on raising our consciousness and energetic vibrations so that we might be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. We want to be part of the evolution, not get swept away in the destruction. Will you rise above or be pulled down by the negative karma? The choice is yours!

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