Wednesday, May 31, 2017


    There are many ways to obtain and grow our own personal, inner peace. But the one that most people fail to do, is to put forth a little effort to gain knowledge about the spiritual truths of our universe. As in everything else in life, a little education can go a long way. It's a wonderful thing to have faith and believe, but it strengthens our faith when we know why we believe. It is empowering and puts our feet on more solid spiritual ground, when we have and can give educated, logical, historical and even scientific reasons for our belief. For instance, did you know that there are many scientific and medical institutes that have done further studies on the near-death experience? Did you know that many of their findings seem to support our consciousness surviving the experience of physical death? These findings go far beyond the patent, scientific explanation of the near-death experience being nothing more than the hallucinations of a dying brain. Life after death, the hereafter, it's a common belief in most religions. Having a little science behind your faith makes it come more alive in your everyday life... It becomes something that is a reality, not just a blind hope or something that our ancestors passed onto us.

    There are many areas of study and interest around the subject of spirituality. There are just as many scientists, historians, philosophers, theologians, quantum physicists and intelligent minds that present some pretty hard-hitting evidences for God and a spiritual universe as there are atheists. But most people are unaware of this, and this is why the atheists jeer and sneer when they ask a believer an intelligent or scientific question and cannot get an intelligent answer; because many are unaware of the actual facts and do not know why they believe what they believe. Many people who have a spiritual belief system in their lives think that science and religion do not mix. That is a colossal mistake. Because science can sometimes peel back the veil, even if it is but a little bit, and give us a glimpse of the mysterious wonder that is our universe. And having these glimpses means so much more than having an educated answer for your beliefs; those glimpses, that self education and knowledge can bring a piece into your life that you probably never knew existed.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


    Do you have inner peace? Is all right in your world? Do you feel at peace with yourself, nature, the universe and the state of the world? Many people will say that they have inner peace, but when circumstances get challenging, tragedy strikes or something disrupts the routine of their lives... their reactions can be far less than poised, centered or peaceful. Naturally, there are times in life when we all get upset. But we might ask ourselves, how easy is it for our inner peace to be completely disrupted and blown off course?

    We must understand, many people mistake the ease of life as inner peace. As long as everything is fine in their lives, and they feel happy and content, they say that they have peace of mind. But when problems or challenges pop up, they are suddenly in mental and emotional ruin. Why is this? It is because many individuals view peace as a transient state of being. As long as the weather is fine, everything at work is fine and the everyday routine turns like a well oiled machine, they're fine. But when one area of life gets out of alignment, the whole system crashes and they become overly stressed out and anxious. For some, it can be a great day today, and total depression and catastrophe tomorrow. Their emotional state is dependent on how situations play out or maintain in their lives. And like waves on the ocean, that can change day to day and even moment by moment.

    The trick to overcoming this cycle of ups and downs, is discovering what it is that truly brings you peace. What gives you strength, what rises you above the noise and clatter of this life and its problems? What is it that gives you the faith and the courage to start again when everything around you collapses? What is it that gives you hope and the inner assurance that no matter what happens, you are going to be okay? What is it that brings you joy even when the circumstances of life around you are not so very joyful? What is it that gives you strength when you face tragedy or even loss? The states of mind and being cannot be found in a good day at the office, a big bank account or because everything at home has been running smoothly for the last six months. Nothing in this material world can give you a strong or lasting foundation of peace that will not collapse under pressure. This kind of strength and peace can only be found in a connection with the Divine... for, when everything and everyone else is gone, what else is there? The things of this world come and go, they appear and then fade. Nothing upon the earth will last forever. But our connection to Spirit, our assurance of the unseen, that will last for all eternity.

   But how do we make that connection with the unseen? How do we start to build that kind of faith that will sustain us through the most difficult of times? ... We will talk about that, tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017


    I have a great love for the Tarot: It is a tool for guidance in our lives, a tool for meditation and can even be used to get spirit impressions from angels and loved ones who have crossed over. The cards can be used in simple ritual to help give our intentions of manifestation and extra boost. They can be used for healing, cutting unwanted psychic chords and even balancing our energy system. To me, the cards are more than just a fortune telling accessory, they are living companion in my life.

Monday, May 22, 2017


    There are three awesome things that happen to us when we are truly thankful for the blessings in our lives... and they are:

1. The more grateful you are for the things that you have, both big and small, the more things you find in life to be thankful for.

2. When you are truly thankful; it creates a sense of joy and strength in your life and the things that once weighed heavy upon you or upset you in life, don't seem so very important or heavy anymore. You have a greater sense of peace.

3. Things just seem to go smoother in life and turn out right. Life is less of a struggle and strain, everything just seems to fall in place at the right time. It's almost as if you're living a charmed life.

* When giving thanks and being grateful for the blessings in your life, don't be overly superficial with it. Of course it's proper to give thanks for our jobs, our homes, our new cars and any extra cash that found its way into our hands. But also be thankful for the little things; another day to experience life, another evening at the dinner table with your family, maybe the weather was just the way you like it on a particular day, maybe you read something in a book that expanded your way of thinking? There are so many things to be thankful for in life, it just doesn't always have to be about the material things we have acquired. And that, as being truly thankful.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


    Today I would like to introduce my new webpage for ordering spiritual readings and healing sessions. The pages is connected to this blog and is simply called, The Ark of Gabriel Reading Page. It outlines how to order a reading, what readings and healing sessions entail and even an article at the bottom of the page entitled, Demystifying Spiritual Readings.

    I used to have a similar page attached to the blog, but deleted it when I created another webpage elsewhere. Since then, some people have asked me to create another readings page that was attached to the blog; and so without further ado, here it is.

    You can view The Ark of Gabriel Reading Page by clicking the link below...

Monday, May 15, 2017


    Well, he changed the name of the blog once again LOL! A word of explanation for that: before Christmas 2016, I was playing with the idea of changing the name of the blog after my spiritual journey that I wrote about a month or so ago on the blog. One of the names I came up with was, The Ark of Gabriel... The name comes from some sort of Ark, like the Ark of the covenant in the Old Testament in the Bible, that the Archangel Gabriel supposedly gave to the Prophet Muhammad during his time on earth. I heard about the Ark of Gabriel in some articles that I had read online and also on YouTube. I thought it was a great name, and I always had an affinity for the Archangel Gabriel. So I wrote the name down in a small notebook which got shelved on one of my bookshelves and completely forgotten about. I just recently rediscovered the notebook with the name written on one of its pages. I still love the name for the blog, and so over the weekend, the idea came to fruition.

Monday, May 8, 2017


    The life experienced in this world is neither the beginning nor the end of your journey.
You are in this world to rediscover yourself, to more fully realize and remember your divinity. This world grants you a unique perspective. In this world you have the opportunity to directly experience your divine self through the context of time and space.
Each event in your life offers you an opportunity to further realize and remember your divinity through the lens of third dimensional experience. You have the option to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, you also have the option to allow yourself to be blind to your opportunities.
This world grants you the ability to forget that which would otherwise be unforgettable. This world allows you the chance to temporarily forget your divinity, to forget your light, your truth.
In the forgetting, you then have the opportunity to rediscover yourself – your True Self, from the new and unique perspective which can only be attained through directly experiencing your life’s events.
Previous to your life in this world, you could not help but clearly see your own light and you had no choice but to constantly know the splendor of your divinity. As wonderful as that may be, it is only one perspective, only one vantage point. In order to know yourself from more than this absolute view point, you began your journey which led you here, to this world, this life.
If you were not consciously aware of why you are here, this is your explanation. This also explains the tremendous opportunities that are available to you in this life. You need only make the choice to take advantage of your personal opportunities.
Your life in this world can be viewed as a spiritual flame. It matters not exactly how long the flame burns, what matters most is the intensity and spiritual vitality of the flame while it is lit.
Therefore, the key message here is to allow your spiritual flame to burn brightly. Realize that this world is neither the beginning nor the end of your journey. This mentality helps you to live each and every day to the fullest, to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, to rediscover your divinity and to choose the path of empowerment instead of the path of self limitation and ignorance.
There is much more to your story than you may be aware of at this point in time.