Wednesday, April 6, 2016


    Life can sometimes be complicated, and it's easy to feel down and dejected. In times like these, it is easy to complain and tell ourselves that there is no way out of our prison of misery. We often wish that someone would come along and pull us out of the mire and make everything alright. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have someone who will do that for us. But the majority of the time, in the real world, we have to use our own wits, strength and logic to change the landscape of our lives. This takes an act of the will along with as much inner strength as we can muster, but it can be done if we are really determined to have change and happiness in our lives. When we give into hopelessness, we build our own prison walls. We keep ourselves hostage as we lament certain aspects of our lives and tell ourselves that is just no use. But when we do this, there is no one keeping us down but ourselves. We cannot point the finger and say he did, or she said... After all, what the other person said or did was there bad choice if they chose to hurt someone else. But it is your choice if you take what they said and did and made a chain out of it and fastened yourself to the dungeon wall. And it is also your choice, to rise above it and let it go. The only time in life that there is no choice, is when we refuse to make a choice! Don't be your own jailer, open the door and set yourself free.