Tuesday, November 29, 2016


   Meditation is one of the greatest tools available to the human race at this time. It can promote peace of mind, better health, feelings of happiness and joy, and an overall sense of well-being. The holiday season can be very stressful or depressing for a lot of people. It is a great time to begin a meditation practice to defeat those holiday blahs. One of the easiest and profound meditation practices that I have used is as follows: sit quietly on the floor or in a chair, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then become aware of your body, how it is positioned on the floor or in the chair. Focus on this for a few moments, and then begin to expand your consciousness into the room around you. Just focus on the calm, peaceful empty space around you. Feel the presence of the divine in that space, or the presence of your guides or angels. Just focus on those higher spiritual energies that are alive in the air around you. Try to keep your focus on those energies and just rest in their presence. If you find interesting or pertinent words or phrases floating up into your mind, that is perfectly normal, do not fight it. This meditation technique is more about focusing on the presence and energy of the higher beings, and receiving comfort and guidance from them during this time of mental relaxation. Of course, you do not want to focus on any distracting thoughts that come into your mind, if they do arise, simply acknowledge them and brush them aside. Then go back to focusing on the higher presence or angels in the room around you. If you like, you can expand your consciousness even further and go out beyond the room you're in and into nature. You can even expand your consciousness into the cosmos and just feel that divine presence among the stars and galaxies. If you so desire, you can even ask for guidance and advice for a specific situation during this time of meditation. Simply state your desire before beginning the meditation process, and then just see what comes to you during the session. You do not need to meditate for a long time to reap its benefits. You can set a timer for as little as 10 minutes, or go for 20 or 30 minutes if you wish to do it longer. But just by doing this for 10 minutes a day, you'll begin to notice how much more positive and light you will begin to feel in your everyday life. It is also perfectly okay to light candles or play relaxing, celestial music or nature sounds lowly in the background as you meditate. Anything that enhances the experience for you is important and permitted. Try this technique, and you will notice a difference in the way you feel within the first 1 to 2 weeks; happy meditating!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


    It is very easy, at this time of year, to remember and hold onto the hurts of the past. The memory of cruel treatment at the hands of a family member, or friend can still inflame us with anger and resentment. The recollection of stinging words spoken to us can open the wounds of the past, and cause us to hurt all over again. The memory of a departed lover who still holds a piece of our heart, can drown our spirit in an ocean of sorrow and bleakness. There can be an end to this painful cycle. But the first step is assuming responsibility for ourselves. We have to realize, we are the ones who are holding onto all of these painful memories. We are the ones who allow these thoughts to swirl through our minds throughout the day. No one is making us hold so very tightly to the thorns of yesteryear. It's never easy or pleasurable when our hearts are broken, and the actions of some people in this world can shock us beyond belief. But we have to realize, some people just make bad choices. Do we really want to enter into fights and arguments with those who have hurt us? Usually, by doing so, it is like fighting a fire with gasoline. It just erupts into more drama and worsens the situation overtime. Generally, when we go on the attack and seek revenge on those who have hurt us; we find ourselves always wanting to get in the last word in an argument. But that last word never comes, because the other person is just as bent on getting in the last word as well. It is a cycle of anger that goes on and on. Some people are just selfish and damaged, they will never understand what you're trying to say. Therefore, it is best to just walk away from the situation and set yourself free. The same goes for those infamous former lovers who we are pining for and wanting back into our lives. These people are often out of our lives for a reason. They've abandoned us, cheated, lied and a host of other things. We must realize, that by taking such people back into our lives, will be bringing back the same old problems as well. Leopards do not generally change their spots, and the boyfriend or girlfriend who devastated your life for some inane reason will most often do it again. It is best to close the door, heal and know that you are better off. It is not always easy to release these situations. If you find it extremely difficult, you may want to seek counseling, spiritual help or even take it to the higher realms in prayer. But again, the thing to realize is that you have to make the choice. Do you want to hold onto the pain, or do you want to release it? Do you want to be happy again, or do you want to live in a perpetual state of misery? The first step is always a decision... and then you must follow through with what ever work must be done to heal your life. You can release the past, it's pain is not a life sentence in a prison of sorrow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


    The holiday season is upon us, but for many, it is a time for feeling lonely and blue. The memories of what once was, can look over us like a dark cloud making us feel like our best days are behind us. But it needn't be this way. There is a way to rise above the holiday blues, and feel like life has meaning again. There were times in my own life, when there was no one around and no place to go for the holidays. But always being a bit of a spiritualist, I always communed, the best I could, with the angels and departed loved ones. I was surprised at the messages I would get, and the inspirations that would come to mind. The spirits are always around us, and we can feel their presence if we just try. You do not need to be a master medium to be able to communicate with spirit. The most important elements of spirit communication are a sincere heart, the desire to do so and love. Sometimes, people just talk to their angels and loved ones in prayer while reading a certain holy or spiritual book. Other times, individuals close their eyes, and just ask questions and listen for that still small voice within to answer back. Yet others, will use an oracle deck, the Tarot or some other divination tool to commune with the spirits. These are all techniques that you can use to communicate with your guardian angels, and those who have crossed over. Even if it is your first time in doing such a thing, you might be surprised at the messages you receive in the warm feelings around you. You do not need to be alone for the holidays, and the more you practice your spiritual communications, the stronger they will become. I can honestly say, some of the most awesome holidays that I have ever had were spent completely alone with my heavenly family of spirits. The memories that were made during those times, are just as important and precious to me as some of the memories I have made with those special people who are still living upon this earth. Of course there are other ways in which one can chase away the holiday blues. But I have found spirit communication and invaluable tool in my personal past. It is one that I would like to pass on to you at the beginning of this holiday season. Perhaps it will bring as much joy and comfort to you, as it has for me in years gone by.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


    In working with the Angels, I have learned a great many things . One of which, was a message that came to me one day in meditation about the true way to healing. It doesn't matter if the healing is physical, mental, spiritual or circumstantial; the technique is always the same. But before we get into the mechanics of how to heal, let us talk briefly about what it is that heals us. The Angels have shown me that any person who ever experienced a miraculous or true healing, all experienced the same thing. And what they experienced was first a feeling of overwhelming love that filled their entire being, and then a pleasant warm feeling flowed throughout their body like a gentle healing balm. What the Angels have shown me is that it is the power of divine love that heals us and can change any situation. We have heard it said from all spiritual paths that God is love, and that love is the most powerful force in the universe. We have heard this truth for many years and have never truly comprehended its meaning. When we come in contact with the power of universal love, it is like touching the hem of the garment of the divine. When this happens, miracles can truly happen. The way to get in touch with this power is to simply calm your mind as best you can and relax your body. Think for a few moments about what it would feel like to truly be in the presence of an all-encompassing and unconditional love. Don't be afraid to use your imagination and just let yourself fantasize about how that kind of love would make you feel. Once you begin to have the slightest inkling of what that feeling would be like, ask the angels to come to you and just merge with you. Let the angels slip into your physical body as if they were putting on a suit of clothes. Let their body of light be your body, let their hands be your hands. And do not worry, the angels will not possess you or take over your body, they're simply there to help you channel the energy of divine love to the area of your life that needs it most. So just to visualize and imagine the angels stepping into your body. Once they have merged with you, ask them to channel the energy of divine love through your hands to where it is needed. Place your hands on your body if you need physical healing and just imagine a golden light flowing into the area that is ailing. If it is a situation or another person that needs healing, simply hold out your hands or place them on the other person and channel the golden energy of love to the person or circumstance that needs healing or change. This should be an effortless practice, do not strain or struggle or try mentally to make things happen. Simply relax and let the angels channel this energy through you. The greatest thing you can do during this process is to keep in your mind on the feeling and warmth of divine love. This is important, because surrounding and filling yourself, the situation or the other person being healed with that overwhelming and healing love is what matters most. During this process, you are not doing anything or even exercising your will to try and make something manifest. You are simply feeling, surrounding and trusting in the power of love. You will be surprised at how powerful this can be and how quickly circumstances will sometimes turn around. I believe that this is because we get out of our own way and not worry so much about the outcome. We entrust the situation to God and the angels and they're able to work things out in ways which we do not comprehend. Once you're healing session is over, thank the Angels for their help and allow them to disconnect from you physically. This technique of channeling divine love can be used in any religious or spiritual belief system. You can call upon any great healer, Saint or ascended master to help you with this process. Or you can simply allow the divine to channel directly through you. The important thing is to channel the love, feel the love and believe in the love. Blessings.