Monday, January 19, 2015


  I thought today I would try something different on the blog. I wanted to do a cold, psychic reading; just pull something out of the air and write it down. If anyone identifies with this reading or knows someone who does, please take the advice given or pass it on to the person who needs it. And also, please confirm that this reading was for you or someone you know in the comments below... Thank you and be blessed.

  A man named Brian or perhaps a name that is close to this... Loss, grieving, financial problems. No transportation at the moment, vehicle out of commission and no funds to repair it right now. Great turmoil. Was very close to his father; his father has passed away in recent years. Has a picture of his father in a prominent place in the living room; talks to his father's photo often. Very dark and heavy times for this man "Brian."

    Seeing father's spirit sitting near a fireplace; he is answering his son but he cannot hear him. Father is telling "Brian," that everything will be okay but there's something he needs to let go of. "Brian," is holding onto something that is weighing his life down, something of sentimental value, perhaps a family business, a house/property.... The father understands and is telling "Brian" that it's okay to release this thing. Release, let go and start to live your life again. When this is done, everything else will fall into place. "Brian feels that he has failed his father and family in some way; his father reassures him that this is not so. He is proud of his son and wants to see him happy... Release, let go and move on. The sun will rise again.



    Today is a blank page, and you can write any story on it that you wish. You are the author of your life's book; no one else has the right or the power to direct what happens next. You can edit out those things that are not in harmony with your true nature and ultimate desires. You can sculpt this day, this moment, this week into anything you want... Today is a blank page, what will you write on it?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


    As we get older, we often lose the ability to use our imagination. We busy ourselves with work and responsibilities, and tell ourselves that there is no time for play. And even when we do play, it is often something like zoning out in front of the television or surfing the Internet. These kinds of activities, however, are more akin to just numbing our brains rather than using our minds in a healthy way. Most adults choose these kinds of recreations because they relegate the use of imagination to the realm of child's play. It is my humble opinion, that this is why there are so many unhappy, stressed out and miserable people in our world today. After all, how many people do we all know who use their imagination in a negative way by visualizing things such as: what a mess the house will be, if I don't clean it right NOW. I have so much to do, there is no time to relax. I bet today will be another stressful day at work. I hope I don't get laid off. I'm getting older, I hope my body stays healthy and does not breakdown or contract some fatal illness... The list goes on and on with the ways in which most adults use their imaginations in a toxic manner.

    Maybe it is time that we begin to use our imaginations in a healthy way once again. Blue sky about the possibilities of life, play a board game with the family, have a squirt gun fight in the warm summer weather. Take a drive and just enjoy the scenery, ponder the mysteries of the universe and life, listen to some music; and I mean really listen, not just have it in the background while you work or play on the computer. There is so much in life to see and enjoy, yet, most of us never even glimpse it. And that is because our thoughts and faces are usually buried in some mindless mundane activity that is not raising our consciousness one iota. Imagine what new treasures you might discover if you only take the time to look, listen, play and use your mind in a more creative way. The old excuse that says you are not creative does not hold water here; your imagination has just become weakened like a muscle that is never used. It will come back strong and fresh, once you decide to exercise it again.


Monday, January 12, 2015


    Today, I stand with those who stand against terrorism. We must all unite, and let the world know that we will not tolerate this sort of thing any longer. Those who make war and kill in the name of God are grossly misrepresenting the character of the divine spirit. They have no regard for human life and bring dishonor to their Creator and religion. There will not be peace on earth until we learn to accept one another and our differences. There will not be peace on earth until every man woman and child understands the true nature of God; and begins to reject archaic, and violent religious teachings of the past that were born out of ignorance and bloodshed. There is no place for terrorism in the creation of the Divine.

Friday, January 9, 2015


    Most of us go through life looking to be excepted and understood. When someone has an opinion that differs from our own or treats us with less than kindness, we often feel rejected and dejected. But why must we be the shining star who is centerstage in the lives of others? Why must we think that everyone should like us or approve of us? No matter how good or honest we are, there will always be someone who will disagree with us or not care to keep our company. This may not be what we want to hear, but it is reality. Therefore; don't go through life looking to be excepted by every person you meet, just simply be. Have the courage of your own convictions, except yourself and be at peace with who you really are... This is the strength of your life.


Thursday, January 8, 2015


    As we begin a new year, let us make the honest resolution to make it the best one it can be. One simple practice that I have begun in 2015 is to start my day out with serenity. After the morning shower I put on some calming, Zen music and just stretch my body while breathing deeply. While doing this, I focus on positive and productive thoughts instead of stressful or negative circumstances. This sets the tone for my day and I am finding that I have much more inner peace no matter what the day may bring.

    If you start your morning out by being annoyed, worrying or complaining about the day ahead; chances are, your day will be just as bitter as you assume it will be. If this habit continues, then the year ahead will be one of anxiety, agitation and more things to complain about... it will be a never ending cycle. But if you take a few moments to gather your thoughts and set the tone for your day right from the start; you will soon learn to master circumstances instead of them mastering you.