Wednesday, November 23, 2016


    It is very easy, at this time of year, to remember and hold onto the hurts of the past. The memory of cruel treatment at the hands of a family member, or friend can still inflame us with anger and resentment. The recollection of stinging words spoken to us can open the wounds of the past, and cause us to hurt all over again. The memory of a departed lover who still holds a piece of our heart, can drown our spirit in an ocean of sorrow and bleakness. There can be an end to this painful cycle. But the first step is assuming responsibility for ourselves. We have to realize, we are the ones who are holding onto all of these painful memories. We are the ones who allow these thoughts to swirl through our minds throughout the day. No one is making us hold so very tightly to the thorns of yesteryear. It's never easy or pleasurable when our hearts are broken, and the actions of some people in this world can shock us beyond belief. But we have to realize, some people just make bad choices. Do we really want to enter into fights and arguments with those who have hurt us? Usually, by doing so, it is like fighting a fire with gasoline. It just erupts into more drama and worsens the situation overtime. Generally, when we go on the attack and seek revenge on those who have hurt us; we find ourselves always wanting to get in the last word in an argument. But that last word never comes, because the other person is just as bent on getting in the last word as well. It is a cycle of anger that goes on and on. Some people are just selfish and damaged, they will never understand what you're trying to say. Therefore, it is best to just walk away from the situation and set yourself free. The same goes for those infamous former lovers who we are pining for and wanting back into our lives. These people are often out of our lives for a reason. They've abandoned us, cheated, lied and a host of other things. We must realize, that by taking such people back into our lives, will be bringing back the same old problems as well. Leopards do not generally change their spots, and the boyfriend or girlfriend who devastated your life for some inane reason will most often do it again. It is best to close the door, heal and know that you are better off. It is not always easy to release these situations. If you find it extremely difficult, you may want to seek counseling, spiritual help or even take it to the higher realms in prayer. But again, the thing to realize is that you have to make the choice. Do you want to hold onto the pain, or do you want to release it? Do you want to be happy again, or do you want to live in a perpetual state of misery? The first step is always a decision... and then you must follow through with what ever work must be done to heal your life. You can release the past, it's pain is not a life sentence in a prison of sorrow.

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