Wednesday, December 21, 2016


    Another great cause of depression during the holiday season is the loss of our loved ones. It is a time of year when we remember fondly, yet sadly those who have departed this world and are now in spirit. This sense of loss can be crippling to many, and they just can't seem to ever enjoy the holidays again without their loved ones near. It is understandable that we will all feel a deep sense of loss and emptiness when someone we care deeply about leaves us alone in this world. But we have to remember, they may not be physically present, but they are still very much in existence. Consciousness, or spirit, does survive the death of the physical body. Modern science and quantum physics are finding more and more evidence of this being the reality rather than just a religious fantasy. When our loved ones make their transition into spirit, we often hear people say such things as, "I'll never see them again." or "they're gone forever." If we really ponder these statements for a moment, we will come to realize that they are not entirely true. Because sooner or later, we all pass into the world beyond this world. And it is at that moment when we will see our loved ones again; for we will be where they are. Hence, they may be gone from this world of physicality, but they are not gone forever.

    We have all heard it said that our departed loved ones watch over us, check in on us and give us signs that they are present. I believe that all of these things are true, for if we are all one in spirit... how can we ever truly be separated? When people are going through a difficult time or a season of despair, they often forget about these higher/universal truths; but these are the times when we should remember them most. Our spirituality can give us some great tools to deal with the problems of this world. For example: Several years ago, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and thinking about some family members who had passed away. It was Christmas time, and I felt as though I would like to celebrate the season with them. Of course, being a bit of a spiritualist, I came up with the perfect idea. I set up the kitchen with drinks, cookies and snacks; turned on the holiday lights and played some of my deeply departed's favorite Christmas albums. I then invited them to join me in spirit, and proceeded to meditate and asked them for messages through some of my favorite tarot decks and Oracle cards. The messages I received that day, through both cards and intuition were inspiring and surprising. I came away from that experience feeling like I had actually celebrated the season with my departed loved ones.

    So instead of feeling depressed and sorrowful this holiday season, why not draw strength from your faith and remember the higher truths of our reality. Be creative with your spirituality, and perhaps have a holiday celebration with your loved ones in spirit? There is no need to let depression rule our lives, there is always a way out of the darkness. And always remember, nothing is ever gone forever; it just changes its location in our mysterious universe.



Tuesday, December 20, 2016


    People struggle with a great sense of loss during the holiday season. It is a time of year when those memories of romance past can haunt us with a heavy sorrow. It is not an easy feeling to have, and all of us have been there at one point or another in our lives. There are some things you can do however, to lighten the load of heaviness on your heart and begin the process of healing. First and foremost, be realistic with yourself. How long has the person been out of your life? Has it been three, five or ten years and you're still waiting for the person to come back? You would be surprised at the amount of people who consult psychics, and ask when the ex will come back. When asked how long they have been apart, you find out that it has been a decade or more. If your former partner has been out of your life that long, chances are they have moved on with their lives. It is not always an easy pill to swallow, but sometimes we just have to be strong and completely honest with ourselves.  It is the same if the person has gone off and gotten remarried or has another significant partner in their lives. Sometimes, we just have to let go. Strong feelings of love are difficult to release. But sometimes we must  break away from the past and move onward into the future. 

    We must also be realistic and ask ourselves if the relationship that we want back has been particularly tumultuous in the past?  Has the person cheated, lied or betrayed you, would you really want that person back into your life? If the person was hot tempered and arguments always ensued, would you want to go through that kind of lifestyle again? Maybe the person was distant and cold, and you always found yourself begging for their affection. Would you want to go back to doing that all over again? We don't always realize that to have our estranged lover back would also bring back all of the old problems. Sometimes a second chance is also a second chance at experiencing heartbreak all over again. So don't hold yourself prisoner in the past this holiday season. Open the door and allow yourself to go free. The angels can help you to heal and move forward if you'll just commune with them through meditation and prayer. They are your constant friends and companions, and you can talk to them as if you would a trusted friend or family member. Everyone deserves to love and to be loved. We cannot experience these things if we are stubbornly holding on to something that we can no longer have. Don't let the ego keep you chained to your broken heart. It will keep you in mourning and struggling with feelings of rejection for many years if you let it. Open yourself up to receive guidance from heaven and your own higher self. If you will do this, you will heal and find love again. The best days are ahead of you, not buried in the murky depths of a broken past. 

Monday, December 19, 2016


      The holidays are coming up this week, and where there will be many making merry, there will be others who will feel depressed and downtrodden. Others will feel self-conscious because they do not have the money to buy expensive gifts. And also there are those who feel unloved or unwanted, because there's no one to give them a gift.  The holiday season isn't about what we can give or receive. It isn't about wishing for a time machine so that we may go back in time and relive the best of our days. The holiday season isn't just for people of a particular religion either.  It is a time of year when the spiritual energy is high on our planet. It is a time when feelings of love and goodwill are prominent in the hearts of many,  and the angels draw ever closer to us all.  It is a time of year when you can give the greatest gift of all to yourself. And that is the gift of contemplating the presence of the Divine in the world around you.  Feel the peace of Spirit  in the wintry wind as it whispers through the barren treetops. See the light of the Divine in the December moon and the twinkling of the stars.  See a miracle waiting to be born in the festivals of the holiday lights.  Close your eyes and feel the presence of the angels in the room around you in the serenity of a winter twilight. There is a great peace that settles over us when we contemplate the presence of God all around us, and in all things. There is a deeper faith, and a knowing that everything will be alright when we know that we are not alone in this world.  The experiences are limitless and personal to each individual when they enter into this mystical state of divine contemplation. And those experiences are truly the most magical gifts any of us could ever receive.  So don't let yourself get caught up in the materialistic mindset or the holiday blahs that so easily beset many in this world that we live in. There are greater things to ponder in our lives, and in the universe. And those things can change your life forever.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


    We hear a lot in the media these days about tension between people because of ethnic or cultural differences. The hatred and violence that can grow out of the, "us and them," mentality seems to be spreading across the globe. This holiday season, let us purpose in our hearts to shine the light of heaven upon this problem and eliminate it from our midst.  We must remember, God created people;  not just white people, or black people, or yellow people or red people.  We are all here for the same reason, and we are all human beings. The color of our skin, or our religious preference does not make us any different than anyone else or subhuman.  If we say that we are a spiritual person, yet hold some form of prejudice in our hearts, we defeat our own purpose and our spirituality is but a byword.  If we say that we are reasonable and intelligent,  yet hold any prejudice in our hearts, we show  how lacking we are in both reasonability and intellect. To judge another buy a physical difference,  is a low/base action driven by the insecurity of the ego. The world doesn't need another iPhone or gadget this holiday season,  it needs peace and compassion among all people. It needs acceptance and love. These things are gifts that we give from the depths of our hearts and souls. They cost nothing, but they are the most precious gifts that any of us could ever receive.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ANGEL MESSAGE 12/13/2016

    Release harsh judgments about yourself and others. When you see the world through a critical eye, you are viewing events through and individuals through a painful lens of your past; or superimposing upon others, that which you do not like about yourself. Be compassionate with yourself, forgive yourself of your shortcomings. Once you learn to love yourself and to treat yourself with kindness, it will be easier to treat others in the same way.  No one is perfect, and every human being makes mistakes. You can either learn and grow from those mistakes, or you can hang onto them with resentment and pain. But, to hang onto them, is like poisoning your own reality.  The resentment, pain and hatred will first permeate your soul. It will then pollute your mind and bioenergy field. Once this happens, it will taint everything that you come in contact with in your life. This is why you hear some people always saying that nothing ever goes right for them, and that life has always been hard.  To remedy this problem, they must cleanse themselves by releasing the past and all of its pain. They must forgive themselves and others who may have wronged them. They must stop viewing the world as a harsh and darkly place.  It is not always easy to change one's perspective and lifelong habits. But you can always call upon us angels to assist you in doing so.  Heaven is a place of light and love, to reach out and be connected to it will automatically raise your vibration and help you to overcome negative emotions. To change one's world, one must change themselves first. This is the great reality.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


    You may be surprised at how many blessings come to you when you take the time each day to give thanks for what you have. Give thanks for the little things, a good nights sleep, a less stressful day at work, dinner with the family, a phone call from a friend etc. When you really think about it, divine blessings are everywhere in your life. When we stop focusing on what is wrong and start showing gratitude for what is good and right in our lives, miracles will transpire. The world will never be perfect, but that doesn't mean that you can't live your life in peace, calmness and gratitude. In doing so, the results may astound you.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


    We hear a lot about people being offended these days. It seems that no one is able to say what's really on their mind, or even be themselves, without someone becoming offended or insulted. Over the past decade or so, we have even seen this defensive way of living creeping into the holiday season.  We have to wish everyone, "Happy Holidays,"  because iwe label the wrong holiday to the wrong person it can inspire anger and defensiveness.  I believe that this phenomenon has come about because of the spiritual decay of many.  I say decay,  because so many people have made their spirituality nothing more than a heightened glorification of self. It seems that many spiritual paths, these days, do not live by the universal law of love. They, instead, promote materialism and a healthy dose of egotism. The mantra of the day is, "if you're not like me, there is something wrong with you."  Therefore, many have become less tolerant of others who are not a clone of themselves. This is a sad state of affairs;  for I can't remember a time when Jewish people wished Christians a happy Hanukkah and vice versa, and no one was offended. Instead, they would smile and returned the greeting. I can remember a time when those who practiced  a more paganistic path would explain the details of their Yule celebration to a group of traditional religious people, and no one criticized or condemned. Naturally, there have always been those individuals who would criticize or point fingers, but they were in the minority, at least where I came from.  I think in the modern world, we have forgotten that we are all brothers and sisters. It doesn't matter what our religion is, it doesn't matter the color of our skin, we are all here for reason and all on the same path towards our ultimate return to the Divine.  It doesn't matter whether we celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule or Ramadan. We should accept one another for who we are, and if someone wishes us a Merry Christmas,  a happy Hanukkah or a festive Yule,  we should be polite and return the greeting. Be who you are, but let others be their authentic selves and express their faith in their lives the way that they desire.  To become offended at such a trivial thing is not spiritual, it is not even logical or reasonable. And it is a trend that needs to be put away in our societies...  By doing that, we would be giving ourselves the greatest gift of all this holiday season;  the gift of peace and acceptance of one another.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


    Many people are seeking healing, whether it be physical, emotional or even spiritual.  The quest and amount of money spent trying to find the perfect healer can be quite astronomical.  What most people do not realize, is that it is not the skilled person who does the healing;  but rather it is spirit working through the individual.  You have every right,  and are just as qualified to call upon spirit as anybody else. One simple technique that you can use to heal  with spirit is as follows: fill a glass or small receptacle with water.  Place the water on your nightstand or small table next to your bed. You can also place next to the water any statue or figurine, prayer card,  crystals or whatever else represents to you the person or being you will be calling upon to assist you with your healing.  For instance, if you will be asking the angels to assist you with healing, you can simply place a picture or a small figurine of an angel next to the glass of water. If you do not have any pictures, prayer cards or figurines; that is absolutely fine, the water alone will suffice.  After you have placed the water and other objects next to your bed,  make your request to spirit for healing and cleansing. Ask spirit  to remove any pain or impurities from your body and place them in the water. After you make your request for healing, lay down and either visualize all of the negative energies flowing into the water or simply close your eyes and allow yourself to drift off into a peaceful sleep, having faith and knowing that spirit will do the work even as you slumber. Once the session is complete, or you wake up from your sleep. Thank spirit for their assistance and dump the water somewhere outside. This is important, because the earth will absorb and transmute all of the negative energies that have been trapped in the water.  Whether you are seeking healing for a physical ailment, a spiritual crisis or a broken heart...  this is a technique that can bring wonderful results.

Monday, December 5, 2016


   The spiritual path can be confusing in our modern day. In fact, the spiritual life, has always been one of the most difficult roads for an individual to walk. There are, and always have been, so many voices on the sidelines that try to define spirit for everyone. They tell us we are wrong, damned for all eternity or even enemies of God if we happen to choose the wrong religion. All of this can be very disheartening, and even confusing and anxiety inspiring for some. But the truth of the matter is, that we are all not the same. We are all individuals and we all identify with the Divine Source in different ways. The right and true spiritual path for you, is the one that makes you feel personally supported and peaceful. No one can tell you what spiritual practice is right for you, nor can you inherit a religion from someone else. It is a personal decision and quest. It will be right for you, when it feels right to YOU and YOU alone. It doesn't matter what label you choose to hang on yourself, or maybe no label at all; as long as you're living by the universal law of love and being kind to others, there is nothing more that is required of you. And don't let the behavior of some religious people discourage you. There are those individuals in every group who are violent, judgmental and filled with hatred. But their actions do not define the religion. If a person is inherently violent and hateful, they will interpret anything to support their narrow views. In just the same way, the person who is loving, compassionate and kind, can interpret anything to support their peaceful views. Always remember, it is not God who makes us better people, it is we who choose to become a more loving individual, and then Spirit shows us how to deepen that commitment. In closing, I would just like to say that it is perfectly fine for you to mix and match various spiritual ideologies. There is truth in all of them, and there may be some appealing factors I  several spiritual traditions that catch your attention. Do not listen to those who are limited in their thinking, or legalistic and tell you that it is not right to mix other philosophies with a particular religious path. These individual are usually folks who think they know a lot about God, but do not know God in their hearts. Thus, they clutter the spiritual path with humanistic thinking that is burdensome and divisive. This quest is yours, and you're free to incorporate any philosophies that you wish as the Spirit leads and guides you.