Thursday, April 28, 2016


   It doesn't matter how much other people use or abuse us. Human beings will be selfish, they will take advantage and trample on another's feelings. It's never an easy thing to go through, but there is a greater lesson here. The lesson is, how much can you love, and how much good seed have you planted in another's life? We are not here to be someone's doormat or punching bag, but we are here to be light and hope to other souls. So many people have lost their way, they consider not the possibility of God or something greater beyond this material setting. They think that the things they acquire are all that is, and all that is important. They are driven by base feelings and instincts. We often look at the hurtful and even foolish things that they do, but we do not consider what their own spiritual path will be in the end. Will they have to reincarnate over and over and suffer the same miseries until they rise in consciousness and see the greater picture? When they pass from this earth, will they go to a lower spiritual plane where there is misery and anguish until they can see beyond their petty points of view? No one truly knows the answer to the bigger questions, but we do know that not all souls progress to the same levels at the same pace. We are here to help one another, to learn and to walk in love. To rise in consciousness, we must see the user and the abuser as an opportunity to help the soul grow and progress in the right direction. After all, those types of individuals are not living a very happy life even if its exterior oozes with false confidence and an ego on steroids. But we also must remember, that we are not anybody's savior. It is not our job to hang around longer than we should, and continually be beaten-down by these individuals. There is a time to sow the seeds in their lives, and then there is a time to release them and let them go; because ultimately the journey is between them and God. Be light in the world but don't be a victim. Walk in love and try to rise above the mentality of the present world we live in; you can transcend it in your thoughts.

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