Monday, December 5, 2016


   The spiritual path can be confusing in our modern day. In fact, the spiritual life, has always been one of the most difficult roads for an individual to walk. There are, and always have been, so many voices on the sidelines that try to define spirit for everyone. They tell us we are wrong, damned for all eternity or even enemies of God if we happen to choose the wrong religion. All of this can be very disheartening, and even confusing and anxiety inspiring for some. But the truth of the matter is, that we are all not the same. We are all individuals and we all identify with the Divine Source in different ways. The right and true spiritual path for you, is the one that makes you feel personally supported and peaceful. No one can tell you what spiritual practice is right for you, nor can you inherit a religion from someone else. It is a personal decision and quest. It will be right for you, when it feels right to YOU and YOU alone. It doesn't matter what label you choose to hang on yourself, or maybe no label at all; as long as you're living by the universal law of love and being kind to others, there is nothing more that is required of you. And don't let the behavior of some religious people discourage you. There are those individuals in every group who are violent, judgmental and filled with hatred. But their actions do not define the religion. If a person is inherently violent and hateful, they will interpret anything to support their narrow views. In just the same way, the person who is loving, compassionate and kind, can interpret anything to support their peaceful views. Always remember, it is not God who makes us better people, it is we who choose to become a more loving individual, and then Spirit shows us how to deepen that commitment. In closing, I would just like to say that it is perfectly fine for you to mix and match various spiritual ideologies. There is truth in all of them, and there may be some appealing factors I  several spiritual traditions that catch your attention. Do not listen to those who are limited in their thinking, or legalistic and tell you that it is not right to mix other philosophies with a particular religious path. These individual are usually folks who think they know a lot about God, but do not know God in their hearts. Thus, they clutter the spiritual path with humanistic thinking that is burdensome and divisive. This quest is yours, and you're free to incorporate any philosophies that you wish as the Spirit leads and guides you.

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