Wednesday, December 7, 2016


    We hear a lot about people being offended these days. It seems that no one is able to say what's really on their mind, or even be themselves, without someone becoming offended or insulted. Over the past decade or so, we have even seen this defensive way of living creeping into the holiday season.  We have to wish everyone, "Happy Holidays,"  because iwe label the wrong holiday to the wrong person it can inspire anger and defensiveness.  I believe that this phenomenon has come about because of the spiritual decay of many.  I say decay,  because so many people have made their spirituality nothing more than a heightened glorification of self. It seems that many spiritual paths, these days, do not live by the universal law of love. They, instead, promote materialism and a healthy dose of egotism. The mantra of the day is, "if you're not like me, there is something wrong with you."  Therefore, many have become less tolerant of others who are not a clone of themselves. This is a sad state of affairs;  for I can't remember a time when Jewish people wished Christians a happy Hanukkah and vice versa, and no one was offended. Instead, they would smile and returned the greeting. I can remember a time when those who practiced  a more paganistic path would explain the details of their Yule celebration to a group of traditional religious people, and no one criticized or condemned. Naturally, there have always been those individuals who would criticize or point fingers, but they were in the minority, at least where I came from.  I think in the modern world, we have forgotten that we are all brothers and sisters. It doesn't matter what our religion is, it doesn't matter the color of our skin, we are all here for reason and all on the same path towards our ultimate return to the Divine.  It doesn't matter whether we celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule or Ramadan. We should accept one another for who we are, and if someone wishes us a Merry Christmas,  a happy Hanukkah or a festive Yule,  we should be polite and return the greeting. Be who you are, but let others be their authentic selves and express their faith in their lives the way that they desire.  To become offended at such a trivial thing is not spiritual, it is not even logical or reasonable. And it is a trend that needs to be put away in our societies...  By doing that, we would be giving ourselves the greatest gift of all this holiday season;  the gift of peace and acceptance of one another.

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