Thursday, December 15, 2016


    We hear a lot in the media these days about tension between people because of ethnic or cultural differences. The hatred and violence that can grow out of the, "us and them," mentality seems to be spreading across the globe. This holiday season, let us purpose in our hearts to shine the light of heaven upon this problem and eliminate it from our midst.  We must remember, God created people;  not just white people, or black people, or yellow people or red people.  We are all here for the same reason, and we are all human beings. The color of our skin, or our religious preference does not make us any different than anyone else or subhuman.  If we say that we are a spiritual person, yet hold some form of prejudice in our hearts, we defeat our own purpose and our spirituality is but a byword.  If we say that we are reasonable and intelligent,  yet hold any prejudice in our hearts, we show  how lacking we are in both reasonability and intellect. To judge another buy a physical difference,  is a low/base action driven by the insecurity of the ego. The world doesn't need another iPhone or gadget this holiday season,  it needs peace and compassion among all people. It needs acceptance and love. These things are gifts that we give from the depths of our hearts and souls. They cost nothing, but they are the most precious gifts that any of us could ever receive.

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