Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ANGEL MESSAGE 12/13/2016

    Release harsh judgments about yourself and others. When you see the world through a critical eye, you are viewing events through and individuals through a painful lens of your past; or superimposing upon others, that which you do not like about yourself. Be compassionate with yourself, forgive yourself of your shortcomings. Once you learn to love yourself and to treat yourself with kindness, it will be easier to treat others in the same way.  No one is perfect, and every human being makes mistakes. You can either learn and grow from those mistakes, or you can hang onto them with resentment and pain. But, to hang onto them, is like poisoning your own reality.  The resentment, pain and hatred will first permeate your soul. It will then pollute your mind and bioenergy field. Once this happens, it will taint everything that you come in contact with in your life. This is why you hear some people always saying that nothing ever goes right for them, and that life has always been hard.  To remedy this problem, they must cleanse themselves by releasing the past and all of its pain. They must forgive themselves and others who may have wronged them. They must stop viewing the world as a harsh and darkly place.  It is not always easy to change one's perspective and lifelong habits. But you can always call upon us angels to assist you in doing so.  Heaven is a place of light and love, to reach out and be connected to it will automatically raise your vibration and help you to overcome negative emotions. To change one's world, one must change themselves first. This is the great reality.

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