Wednesday, December 21, 2016


    Another great cause of depression during the holiday season is the loss of our loved ones. It is a time of year when we remember fondly, yet sadly those who have departed this world and are now in spirit. This sense of loss can be crippling to many, and they just can't seem to ever enjoy the holidays again without their loved ones near. It is understandable that we will all feel a deep sense of loss and emptiness when someone we care deeply about leaves us alone in this world. But we have to remember, they may not be physically present, but they are still very much in existence. Consciousness, or spirit, does survive the death of the physical body. Modern science and quantum physics are finding more and more evidence of this being the reality rather than just a religious fantasy. When our loved ones make their transition into spirit, we often hear people say such things as, "I'll never see them again." or "they're gone forever." If we really ponder these statements for a moment, we will come to realize that they are not entirely true. Because sooner or later, we all pass into the world beyond this world. And it is at that moment when we will see our loved ones again; for we will be where they are. Hence, they may be gone from this world of physicality, but they are not gone forever.

    We have all heard it said that our departed loved ones watch over us, check in on us and give us signs that they are present. I believe that all of these things are true, for if we are all one in spirit... how can we ever truly be separated? When people are going through a difficult time or a season of despair, they often forget about these higher/universal truths; but these are the times when we should remember them most. Our spirituality can give us some great tools to deal with the problems of this world. For example: Several years ago, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and thinking about some family members who had passed away. It was Christmas time, and I felt as though I would like to celebrate the season with them. Of course, being a bit of a spiritualist, I came up with the perfect idea. I set up the kitchen with drinks, cookies and snacks; turned on the holiday lights and played some of my deeply departed's favorite Christmas albums. I then invited them to join me in spirit, and proceeded to meditate and asked them for messages through some of my favorite tarot decks and Oracle cards. The messages I received that day, through both cards and intuition were inspiring and surprising. I came away from that experience feeling like I had actually celebrated the season with my departed loved ones.

    So instead of feeling depressed and sorrowful this holiday season, why not draw strength from your faith and remember the higher truths of our reality. Be creative with your spirituality, and perhaps have a holiday celebration with your loved ones in spirit? There is no need to let depression rule our lives, there is always a way out of the darkness. And always remember, nothing is ever gone forever; it just changes its location in our mysterious universe.