Tuesday, December 6, 2016


    Many people are seeking healing, whether it be physical, emotional or even spiritual.  The quest and amount of money spent trying to find the perfect healer can be quite astronomical.  What most people do not realize, is that it is not the skilled person who does the healing;  but rather it is spirit working through the individual.  You have every right,  and are just as qualified to call upon spirit as anybody else. One simple technique that you can use to heal  with spirit is as follows: fill a glass or small receptacle with water.  Place the water on your nightstand or small table next to your bed. You can also place next to the water any statue or figurine, prayer card,  crystals or whatever else represents to you the person or being you will be calling upon to assist you with your healing.  For instance, if you will be asking the angels to assist you with healing, you can simply place a picture or a small figurine of an angel next to the glass of water. If you do not have any pictures, prayer cards or figurines; that is absolutely fine, the water alone will suffice.  After you have placed the water and other objects next to your bed,  make your request to spirit for healing and cleansing. Ask spirit  to remove any pain or impurities from your body and place them in the water. After you make your request for healing, lay down and either visualize all of the negative energies flowing into the water or simply close your eyes and allow yourself to drift off into a peaceful sleep, having faith and knowing that spirit will do the work even as you slumber. Once the session is complete, or you wake up from your sleep. Thank spirit for their assistance and dump the water somewhere outside. This is important, because the earth will absorb and transmute all of the negative energies that have been trapped in the water.  Whether you are seeking healing for a physical ailment, a spiritual crisis or a broken heart...  this is a technique that can bring wonderful results.


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