Thursday, September 17, 2015


    Yesterday on the blog, we talk about mind control and mental manipulation through advertising, the media and the government. But what does it all mean? Why is this happening, and why are we being bombarded with so much mental static. The answer to that question is twofold. The first answer is, personal gain and the road to riches. Every body has something they want to sell. Whether it be cell phones, the latest tablet, clothes, religion or even pharmaceuticals. And the best way to move these products is to constantly throw images and catchy phrases in front of the potential customer. It is also a favorite tactic to show famous and popular celebrities using or promoting these particular items. It is the hope of the advertising agencies to hook the mass populace by creating trends so that they can lead society around by the nose. And at the same time, line their pockets with plenty of green. This is called, herd mentality. And it works wonders for those who wish to accomplish their personal plans and agendas.

    In America today, even pharmaceutical companies see their "medicines," as product. And it is their goal to have everyone in the country using that product. There is no healthcare system in our country today, only the pushing of products and ways for the medical community to make more money off of the insurance companies. This is why we see blood pressure numbers and healthy cholesterol readings being lowered. Because the lower those numbers are, the more people we can give the product to. But many scientific studies show, that if these numbers are dropped too low, the medicines can have adverse and deadly side effects. This is just one way that the road to riches is paved with deception and no conscience of what happens to the individuals the company's are feeding off of. Add to that a plethora of television commercials advertising horrible diseases and the drugs that could potentially combat them, and you're well on your way to reaching into the minds of the people and getting them to, " see their doctor today. " It is also no surprise that we see so many billboards in the USA saying things like, " heart disease is on the rise. " Or, " do you have breast cancer? " Of course, the pharmaceutical companies are not the only ones playing this game, there are many players and that is where it becomes a topic of great concern for all of us.

    The second answer to our question is, the Devils utopia. What does that mean? It means that there are many people out there today, with few morals and no ethics who wish to tell everyone else what to think. These people will hand out free condoms and birth control pills to our 12-year-old children if they wish to have a sexual encounter with another child their age. But those same children will be expelled from school if they wear religious jewelry or speak of their spirituality of choice. These are the same people who will say that it is a violation of other people's rights if there is a nativity scene put on display at Christmas time in a public square. But they have no problem sticking up for the rights of terrorists who publicly declare that they will invade the West and destroy our way of life. And anyone who speaks out against the religious intolerance of these people are called ignorant, haters and prejudice. But again, why?

    Remember herd mentality? Well, if we can get enough people believing in the wrong thing and turning their values inside out. Then it is much easier to control the masses without any resistance to the greater plan of those in charge. Have you ever noticed that political correctness was created by politicians? And we all just fell in line with it almost over night? And you don't think there was subtle mind manipulation behind all of that? Because if they can get the people to be apathetic, impartial to morals and values or totally disgusted with the way things are going, then it is much easier to come out with a solution for their ultimate change. And that change is what many call the New World Order. This blog could be 10 times longer today just on that topic. But suffice it to say, the New World Order is the rich politicians utopia. It is where the rich eventually rule and control everything and the poor get poorer and are dispensable. In some philosophies, that are followed by our loving politicians, it is described as thus; the elite class and the slave class. So if anyone thinks that what is being pushed around the world right now is the thing we need most, you will be sadly mistaken if it ever comes to pass in your lifetime. With presidents and popes pushing this agenda, it seems like everyone is on the same page. And they probably are, the page that says, " I want to set myself up as some kind of king or dictator, or perhaps the religious leader of the world and have unquestionable power and great wealth. " Have you ever thought about why the world is sitting back letting bankers control everything, terrorists invade every country, and presidents running countries into the ground with gigantic debt? The answer is simple, sabotage from within. And no, that is not a conspiracy theory. If you do a little digging and research, you can find the documents that were written out by people in the United States government the EU and the United Nations outlining and speaking about ways in which to bankrupt certain countries, render their currency useless or cause some kind of manufactured crisis so that everyone will go willingly and peacefully into the New World. This is just not something that is taking place in America, it is worldwide and affects us all.

    Mind control, mental manipulation, implementation of herd mentality and the undermining of long-held moral beliefs; they are always in which to distract or soften the resolve of the people so the resistance will be little, if any when they decide the time is right to pull the rug out from under our feet. I wish that all of this was just conspiracy theory or delusional nonsense in my own mind. I once thought it was, but then I started doing some digging and research. And what I found completely floored me. Ignorance is not bliss. Educate yourself, stick to your moral code and let no one rob you of your faith. Stand and be counted, stand and take your lives and your countries back. Don't listen to all the noise that is filtering all about you. Take the time to research these topics and make up your own mind. Do not let anyone else make it up for you.


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