Wednesday, September 2, 2015


   Many say that Buddhism is an atheistic religion; but there are many who disagree with that assumption. Buddha taught what he called the middle way, meaning we should not be to attached or obsessed with anything. There were many mystical happenings around the Buddha, yet he never preached about a God in heavens, judgement or any of the other concepts that other religions teach. In fact, he sometimes said there was a God, and other times he said there was not. I believe that this was his way to get us to consider both sides of the coin and ponder the possibilities. Perhaps it was just his way of helping us walk in that middle way. In the end however, he left the decision as to what to believe or what not to believe up to the individual. And that is what is most beautiful about Buddhism; it lets you make your own choices, find your own truth and forces no rules, theology or dogma upon anyone.

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