Wednesday, September 16, 2015


    It would seem that many people in society are being lulled into a state of mental sleep. They seem almost apathetic or oblivious to what is really going on around them. Whatever is said in the news media is taken as gospel truth. They let greedy medical and pharmaceutical companies lord their services over them for more money than even their insurance company can pay. And then there are the insurance companies themselves, who are doing their own part to create a medical catastrophe in the United States. Other individuals seem completely hypnotized by political parties and will support criminal and treasonous politicians, just because they wish to remain loyal to their party. Many others have been put to sleep by political correctness, and have all but given up their freedom of speech and the right to have their own opinion about anything. And all of this says nothing about how we are like sheep being led by the nose to get the latest technology, gadget or trendy thing that the advertising agencies tell us that we must have.

    Most people would be absolutely stunned to know the level of mind control, and mind numbing techniques that are being used on the public in mass quantities. These techniques are being used by TV advertisements, books, churches, televangelists and even some movies and television series. They are used by politicians, certain musicians and even on billboards. When I was studying to be a certified hypnotist eight years ago, the instructor who is a well known hypnotist/hypnotherapist by the name of Wayne Perkins; told me that I would be completely shocked if I knew how many people in positions of power from all walks of life paid big money to learn the subtle mind control techniques of waking hypnosis. He pretty much recited a list that contains everything and everyone that I mentioned previously in this paragraph. And just so you know what waking hypnosis is, it is a form of hypnosis or brainwashing that is done on a person who is wide awake by repeating certain words or phrases; or giving certain suggestions and commands such as, " you need this." "Get yours now." "Call your doctor now." "Don't delay." "Pick up the phone and call." The list is quite extensive, but I'm sure you get the idea.

    These techniques can also be implemented through images or even the printed page. The part about this that is kind of frightening, is that you don't even have to really tune in to be affected by what is being said. Did you know, that if you're doing something while the television plays in the background your subconscious mind can still pick up on the phrases and suggestions in commercials or by someone in the media? An example that Mr. Wayne Perkins gave to me was that; if you're listening to the radio or television and here several times a day, every day, that asthma is on the rise. Even if you're listening was just half an ear, or not really listening at all. Your subconscious mind will hear that phrase over and over again, "asthma is on the rise." And sooner or later, a certain number of the population will be finding it difficult to breathe. And people who've never had asthma before will soon find themselves afflicted with the malady. Now multiply that by about 100, because you're bombarded by this stuff all day from various directions. And then think about why so many people are having so many problems. Or why there are so many people these days who seem to have no common sense or reason whatsoever when it comes to the everyday considerations of life.

    All of this may seem a bit alarming, but there is hope. One of the things you can do to protect yourself against all of the psychic noise is simply to know who you are. Make your own decisions, don't be easily swayed by the opinions of others. Be strong about your own convictions. Tune out the noise and get back to nature once in a while. By exercising your own will and your own opinions you're strengthening your mental muscle and therefore are less susceptible to this kind of nonsense. Some other great ways to combat this barrage of mental pollution are things like meditation, daily affirmations, and even the study of literature that supports your personal world view.

    And also, don't be the kind of person who is afraid of a little persecution. When you have a mind of your own, the drones and clones around you will naturally snicker, laugh and ridicule. They will classify you as a fool, uneducated or just completely clueless. Because anything that goes against the flow of the mental river has got to be wrong, right? It is interesting to me, that everyone is so easily offended these days and are the word and behavior police when it comes to everyone else around them; but yet they're so easy to insult others if they have a different point of view that differs from the body snatcher mentality. So don't be afraid of the jeers and the sneers. Make up your mind to have the courage of your own convictions and hold fast to that which YOU  believe, not what someone else is training you to except.

    Someone of you might ask, why all of this mental manipulation in the first place? Well, we'll talk about that tomorrow.

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