Monday, September 14, 2015


    The nations of the world are in upheaval over the current Syrian refugee situation. Everywhere you look, there is someone voicing an opinion over this whole dilemma; some say that everyone should ignore the refugees because they are all Muslims and all Muslims are bad. Others believe that many of the refugees need, and deserve the world's help. But they are concerned because of the extremist militant group Isis who has said that they have implanted thousands of there terrorist soldiers among the refugees. Hence, they are about to begin a world wide invasion and wipe out those they call the Crusaders. We must understand, that this is a very real threat. But many people are not even speaking about it. Of course, those who think that all Muslims are bad are sadly mistaken and speaking out of ignorance and prejudice. Not all Muslims are bad. There are those who are very peaceful and take a very mystical approach to the Koran. Sadly, these individuals are killed by the extremists just as anyone else outside of their circle.

    We are also seeing a lot of people accusing the nation of Israel of being hypocrites and hateful, because they have refused to take in any refugees at all. But we must step back and get a balanced view of the situation. The world wishes for Israel to take in refugees from countries that have stated that they will wipe Israel from the face of the earth. If in fact, there are thousands of militant extremists among the refugees, Israel would be committing suicide to let them through their borders. We have to realize, that Israel is very concerned and doing the best they can to protect themselves. And this is something we all need to do at this time. If we do not weed out the terrorists among the legitimate refugees we can all be in a very big lot of trouble.

    This particular situation is one that needs much prayer and positive energy. There are literally hundreds of thousands of men women and children who need the world's help right now. But the situation is being made very difficult by those who harbor hatred and espouse a very violent and murderous form of religion. It is only by using wisdom and logic, and also trusting in the Divine agencies of the universe that we will be able to vanquish such hatred in our world, and give everyone a fair chance at peace and prosperity. This is not the time for war games. This is not the time for greedy and opportunistic politicians to use this threat as a means to further their own agendas. This is not a time to be divided by political parties. It is not the time for political correctness and burying our heads in the sand while we ignore the bigger picture. This is a time to clean house, no matter what nation we live in. It is time to demand that our leaders do the right thing for all people. And if they will not, we need to take a stand and vote for the men and women who will do the right thing. The future is in our hands, and in our hearts. At that future can only be built with truth, love, tolerance and great wisdom. And we must also all face the fact, that the road to the future may not always be a peaceful one. Sometimes in order for the good to win, there must be a fight. Sometimes, evil does not respond to education, logic and peaceful talks. We are fooling ourselves if we think that all enemies will go away if we turn our backs on them and show them that we are not a threat.

     The road is long, and the night is dark. But with faith in our hearts and the light of spirit to illuminate our way, we can make this world a better place for all.

Isis has stated, "we will use the refugee crisis to infiltrate the west."

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