Friday, September 11, 2015


    Today in America, many will be remembering their friends and loved ones whose lives were lost in a senseless act of terrorism. It was on this day that Muslim extremists flew jet airliners into the Twin Towers in New York City and caused one of the most horrific events on American soil. There are those in this country who now minimize that day, but how can we forget the sound of bodies smashing into the pavement as people trapped in the burning buildings jumped to their death rather than burn in the flames that were all around them. Even those of us who watched the newscast could hear the heavy thuds behind the news reporters as this terrible event transpired. We can still recall the faces of those survivors, policemen and firefighters as they emerged from the heavy smoke with faces covered in ash crying and gasping for breath. It was a scene that was almost unreal.

    14 years later, those who flew those planes into the buildings in New York City are still waging war on the civilized world. I am not a person who likes to spew political or religious beliefs on my blog. But today I will say this, we cannot stand by and make believe that sending these people love and positive thoughts will change their motive. To stand back and do nothing, will only seal our fate. Somewhere in the world, another 9/11 will transpire if we fail to act while these terrorist groups infiltrate every aspect of our society. Many do not realize that it is the code of the terrorist to befriend those who are their enemies, make them believe that they are our friends and then when we do not expect, strike and kill. It is a deception that is deadly, and all of us around the world must wake up to this fact. We must also wake up to the fact that any group that espouses such a hateful, murderous doctrine is in no way from God. If there be such a being as Satan, surely such a thing would come straight from his dark and twisted mind.

    Today in America we will honor all of those who died in the 9/11 attacks. But all of us across the world can honor them, by making sure that something like this never happens again... anywhere.

- Graphic Footage, please be advised -

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