Tuesday, September 8, 2015


    There are many conspiracy theories floating around in the media and Internet these days. You may even know someone who subscribes to one of these ideas. They always tell us that someone is out to get us, the government has been infiltrated by the antichrist, America is about to go under and the end of everything is at hand. There is no end to these darkly hypotheses. It is easy to get caught up in the hype of these doomsday scenarios. After all, the news is just brimming with stories of war, violence, and unrest every day. It appears to me, that it is the way of the world to try to keep us off-center and in an almost constant state of anxiety. But don't let all of the swirling craziness and conspiracy talk of others steal your peace. You may not be able to control the entire world but you can control your own life and your own thoughts. We spend so much time looking at what is going on around us that we often do not pay attention to ourselves. Ask yourself today, what do you need, what will bring you joy and serenity?

    Your inner peace should be your first priority. And one of the ways that you can obtain that peace, is to educate yourself. By doing just a little research you will often find out that many of the scary conspiracies are nothing more than age-old myths resurfacing in the modern day. They have always been around, the media has always been filled with disturbing stories. The government has always been dishonest and greedy, and some religious group has always been prophesying the end of the world. It is like King Solomon said, " there is nothing new under the sun." So do not let these things attach themselves to you and cause you to be disturbed. Instead, take the sting out of the fear by knowing the facts about what is being said. And most of all, concentrate on your own tranquility in life.

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