Monday, September 28, 2015


    Perhaps you have already heard that the end of time was to begin on September 23rd of this year. It was said by some proponents of biblical prophecy, that some major prophetic events would occur on that date. Others have added that because of the super moon, and the total eclipse of the moon, also called a bloodmoon; things were about to get very difficult on planet earth. Some even said that the rapture of the Christian faithful would take place on one of these dates. Others were claiming that they had visions that the pope of the Catholic Church, would be shot in the head during his visit to the United States. They claimed that he would make a miraculous recovery, and be the false prophet of the end times mentioned in the book of Revelation. The claims were many, and one only has to Google biblical prophecy and the four blood moons, to come up with a plethora of websites and books claiming that the end is surely near.

    Of course, these days have come and gone. And everyone is still here, the Pope has left the United States alive and well. Israel was not blown off the map some said that it might be. And the Anti-Christ has not risen to power. I can personally recall many such dates being set since I was a child. As far back as the late 1970s I remember whispers of the coming rapture and the second coming of Jesus on a particular day. I'm sure many of us can recall just in recent history, the Y2K scare in the year 2000; and the very recent failure of the Mayan prophecies. So many individuals become alarmed and concerned when this kind of thing surfaces in our world. But as we have seen time and time again, those horrific events foretold never came to pass. This, of course, is not to minimalize the gift of prophecy or the accuracy of the seers of old. But what all of these inaccurate dates do tell us, is that the modern-day people interpreting those prophecies are generally doing so through a particular religious filter, and with a healthy dose of conspiracy theory. I have honestly known people in my past, who would watch the news each evening and then go through the Bible and try to fit the current events into the prophecies there in. There were even some televangelists who had very popular shows doing just this thing.

    In summation, don't be alarm when you hear the next big end of the world prophecy being shouted from the rooftops. They have been shouted before, and they will be shouted until the actual end of time. Just live your life, be happy and enjoy the time you have on this earth. If God opens up the heavens tomorrow, and he and billions of saints and angels comes spilling down over the earth, then so be it. If the Antichrist rises to power and the pope sprouts horns and a pointy tail... We will surely know that something is up. If aliens invade next week or Atlantis rises out of the sea, we will no boubt be aware of it and be able to react appropriately. But chances are, the end of the world will come for each of us when we take our last breath and release our spirits into the great beyond at the end of our lives. And this will probably be the case for many generations to come. And one day, when the end of life on earth does occur. It is not to worry, because life will be going on somewhere and we will all be a part of it. Always remember, you are an eternal spiritual being. And no matter what happens to the physical earth, you simply will be. And you will be somewhere for all eternity.



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