Tuesday, December 8, 2015


   As a metaphysician, I talk to a lot of people about health and healing. The one technique that seems to get the most results is to focus on the perfection of the Divine. I generally tell people, look out of your window, what do you see? Do you see stress and anxiety in the trees? Do you see ill health  cancer and other forms of disease in the air, clouds and blades of grass? Does the cosmos have heart disease, tumors or high blood pressure? No, the universe and nature are perfect. The universe is a material expression of the invisible Divine. That same perfection that permeates the entire universe, is within you. It formed you and upholds you. To contemplate that perfection will have a dramatic effect on your thoughts and health. If you are suffering any kind of illness, I invite you to contemplate that perfection now and then repeat the following affirmation.

    (The Divine Spirit within me, is mighty to heal. It washes away all things unlike itself in my physical being. The Divine Spirit is peace, truth, perfect health and love. I am an expression of that Spirit; all that it is, I am. No illness or disease can fasten itself to me; these things do not exist in spirit, so neither do they exist in me. I am perfect and at total piece, just as the entirety of the cosmos is in perfect balance and at peace. I am upheld by the power of the Divine Spirit, therefore, no plague or illness can draw near to me. I am enfolded in the love of God, and all is well with me. I proclaim that I am healthy and whole and I'm grateful for my perfect state of being.)

Happy healing...


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