Wednesday, December 16, 2015


   There is a popular belief about metaphysics being perpetuated today that is just not true. That belief is, that if we are in a relationship and our partner is treating us badly, we can change their behavior by being more positive ourselves. Many have said that if we just take the time to be grateful, and think about all of the things that we truly love about our partner, a bad relationship will suddenly turn peaceful and loving once again. It is true, that our thoughts do influence our reality. But we cannot come to the place where we think that our thoughts can override someone else's free will. Each of us has a choice to make about how we will act, speak and treat others. The Divine Spirit did not create us to be robots, neither does it impose its will upon our lives. We are not puppets that Spirit controls or manipulates, so what makes us think that we can do it to one another? 

    We can never override another person's will in any situation. So what do we do, when we find our relationships going bad and it seems that nothing is working or making it better? The answer is, making the choice that is right for you. This may not be easy at first, and it may take time to build up the courage to act on what you know you should do. Prayer and meditation are always helpful, because they can help you come to the correct conclusions about your own life and make the right decisions for positive change. Your thoughts, and your prayers affect your life directly. Your life is your sacred garden, and your intentions are the seeds that you so in its soil. And sometimes, when we sow those seeds and make those personal choices, it is not always clear what the outcome will be or what the harvest will bring. But the harvest will always be plentiful, and the outcome will be peace of mind and more happiness in your own life. The universe always provides, there is a force that loves us and sustains us and it is constantly working for the good in our lives. Our job is to take that one tiny step at a time, have faith and know that we are doing the right thing when we are compelled to act. It's natural to feel a little nervous or even afraid when we step out into the unknown, but trust the words of someone who has done it time and time again, you will come to safer shores in your life. 

    Do not ever feel like a failure for other people's actions. You are not responsible for their actions and you're not responsible for what they ultimately will do. Your job is to deal with disruptive relationships with as much reason, logic and love as possible. Give the individual time and chance to change their own behaviors. If they do not do so in a reasonable amount of time, do not feel guilty about moving on and changing your own life for the better. You can use the power of prayer, and the laws of metaphysics to improve your own life. But you can never use them to manipulate someone else. In the end, we are all responsible for ourselves; and you are never a failure if a relationship does not work out in the end.

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