Monday, December 7, 2015


    We are all concerned about so many things in our lives: our careers, our relationships, our weight, the way we look, the bills that need to be paid, what's for dinner and a host of other daily things. But what about our spiritual life, do we ever really contemplate that with any kind of importance? Most of us race through our day, going here there and everywhere. We have a million things on our minds and seldom, if ever, do we stop and ask ourselves if there is something more.

     The Buddha suggested that we take time to contemplate and meditate the impermanence of all things in this world, including ourselves. This may seem a bit morbid at first, but once you contemplate it for a little while, some very interesting thoughts and perspectives will begin to enter your mind. You'll also find, that you do not fear impermanence, change or even physical death as much as you once did. Could this be why, in our Western society, we become so distraught and overwhelmed with grief when someone we love passes away? It's almost as if we expect life to last forever, just the way it is now.

    We have been taught, to avoid any thoughts of change or physical death. And most of us run from such thoughts just as fast as we mentally can. But contemplating impermanence is not the end of the matter. What will happen after we leave this particular world? Jesus taught that once the physical body ceases to function, the eternal soul will be escorted into another world by the angels. What will that world be like? Is it actually better than where we are right now? Is this the ultimate reality, or is there something bigger and better over the spiritual horizon? Could contemplating such matters bring greater strength and peace into our lives in the here and now?

     Are we, as human beings, doing ourselves a disservice by being so hyper focused on the material world around us? Are we so bent and determined to meet our own needs, that we give Spirit no room to bless us? Are we bypassing a peace that actually does surpass all human understanding by thinking that the paper currency in our pockets, and all of the things we acquire from it, are making us safe and secure? It can be a bit anxiety inspiring to think about these things at first. But that is just our old programming from the world around us wanting to keep our thoughts running in a certain direction. Once you take control of your own mind and begin to think outside of the box, you will certainly change, and that change will bring greater peace, joy and confidence. So do not fear to glimpse the unknown world outside of the snow gold that you have been living in. It is wondrous beyond anything you can imagine. And you can tap into this world by contemplating your own spirituality.

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