Wednesday, December 2, 2015


    We hear a lot of talk today about the advancement and evolution of the human race. But what does it mean to truly be advanced, or to evolve? Do new computers, smart phones and technological gadgets make us more evolved as a species? These things have their place in our lives and certainly can make life much more easy in our fast-paced world, but do they make us better or more advanced as a whole? The mystics and sages of old all told us that love, and caring for our sisters and brothers was the most important thing that any of us could do in this world. Love your neighbor as yourself, is a classic proverb that we probably have all heard; but do we live up to these words and the wisdom of the ancient sages?

    Despite all of our technological advances, there are still people living on the street. There are still people that go to bed hungry and cold every night, and some do not even have a bed to sleep in. People are lost, lonely and alone. Wars are Still fought in the name of God, for land, oil and political gain. Billions and trillions of dollars are spent each year by the nations of the world on such things as war and technology; yet we cannot give our brothers and sisters three hot meals per day. This is not to say that we should not continue to advance in areas of technology, but it certainly shows the priorities of many of our governments and big industries. Sadly, human life appears to be very low on the totem pole.

    If we were to truly exercise and live by the rule of love, as many of our great teachers and mystics have told us to; we would probably revolutionize our world in just a few short years. Certainly, it may sound a bit trite or even redundant; but if mankind truly evolved as spiritual beings and loved our neighbors as we love ourselves, then wars would cease. Greedy gain would be a thing of the past, and no one would look to take what belongs to another or leave someone in need lying in the streets. Love, real love, seeks the welfare of all. If it sees a need, it tries its best to meet it. If it sees somone hurting, it comforts them. It does not judge others or seek to harm another in any way. It is kind, giving and personable to all whom it encounters. It takes care of its fellow man, the earth and all of the creatures on it. It is faithful and loyal to those it holds dear; and there is no malice in it. If there is to be true evolution and advancement in the human race, it must do so in love. All else is just ornaments on a shelf; they may look nice, make our lives easier and give us a bit of entertainment; but they will never add to the growth of our eternal soul.

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