Tuesday, December 29, 2015


   Many people have been, or are in a relationship that seems to be constantly chasing its own tail. They get involved with a person whom they feel they have a very strong connection with; and when the relationship is on track, words cannot describe its warmth and greatness. But then, the inevitable happens, just when everything seems to be going perfectly, the wonderful person whom they love runs or retreats. It is a mind-boggling experience, and people can often spend years of their life chasing after that elusive person whom they feel is their soulmate or twin flame. The person may drift in and out of their lives always promising that things will be different this time, and professing their love in ways more intensely than ever before. But sadly, the runners always eventually run. They give excuses that they are afraid, need time to find themselves, feel unworthy of the other persons unconditional love and patience. Very often, these runners and retreaters who profess such great fear of love, will suddenly find themselves a permanent girlfriend or boyfriend out of the blue and sometimes even get married in a very short span of time. Some will even keep in contact with their old partner and still profess that they love them and miss them every day even though they're now married or in a  serious relationship. This all becomes very confusing, and drives some people to the brink of insanity. 

    But here is the honest truth about these types of relationships. Often, these runners are people who get some kind of emotional high from knowing that there is someone out there pining for them. This is why, the runner although perhaps married, keeps in contact with their old flame for a time. They enjoy hearing that the other person, whom they ran away from, is still sad and spending many of their days in sorrowful tears. This is also why, when this cat and mouse game grows a bit tiresome, the wonderful retreating twin flame will often drop off of the face of the earth and you'll never hear from them again. Some of these individuals have even proved to be a bit sociopathic and somewhat incapable of feeling deep emotion. The myth that has been propagated that these people are our twin flames and that twins flame relationships are often difficult and someone is, "always the runner," is a lot of bunk. This myth has even stalled out or bottomed out many peoples lives over the years. Please trust this fact, a true soulmate connection will not be difficult or confusing. It will not cause you to spend your days in confusion and tears. It will not be a relationship that keeps your life in constant turmoil. It will be peaceful, easy-going, honest and with no hidden tricks in the closet. 

    This may be hard for some people to except at first. But I can assure you, that with a little research and honest soul searching you will find that it is the truth. Don't waste your time with the runners and retreaters who are always confused or afraid. There may honestly be some people out there who do deal with these kinds of personal issues. But it has also become an excuse and a tactic for the emotional user and player. An honest and true love that is heaven sent will never profess such great love for you, and then run away and marry someone else. A true heaven sent love will never be with another person and yet reaching back into the past and flirting with someone else and confessing that they still love them deeply. This kind of thing is the earmarks of either an emotional manipulator, or someone who is in serious need of professional counseling. Don't fall for such tricks just because some new age guru put a label on it and wrote a book saying, that this is how certain soul relationships always work. The things that are of the Spirit are always peaceable, loving, honest and pure. There may be some human error to get around, none of us are perfect. But it will not be a situation that is filled with such confusion, grief and heart wrenching tactics. When faced with such a relationship, you should be the first one to retreat and never look back.

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