Monday, December 28, 2015


   Have you ever done something for another person that was completely spontaneous, unselfish and heartfelt and all you got in return was deafening silence? Not that you do acts of kindness to get something in return, but there is something so very rewarding when you see the joy on the other person's face and actually feel the energy of their gratitude. There is just something so satisfying on the soul level when you know you have truly done something wonderful that has blessed or helped another human being. But in stark contrast to these wonderful feelings of bliss and soul satisfaction when we have given unselfishly to another; there can also be those unsettling feelings of hurt, feeling unappreciated, or just feeling like it's not worth it to do good onto others because they just don't appreciate our efforts. For some people, it just seems impossible to even utter the words, "thank you." When this happens, we can also feel like perhaps we did something wrong; or maybe like we stuck our nose where it didn't belong or even offended the person in someway. It is moments like these, that can make us feel like doing good is a thankless job. We wonder if our efforts were good enough, did we make a mistake or did the person expect something else that we did not fulfill.

    There is an old saying that tells us, "when the world seems all wrong and no one seems to care, do good anyway. When ingratitude rules the day and your efforts are not acknowledged, do good anyway." There is nothing wrong with wanting those warm fuzzy feelings when we do something wonderful for another. It feels good to be appreciated, and the biggest payoff in the world can be just knowing that you did something that really matters. But when it comes to doing good and paying it forward we should do it mostly for the sake of just doing the kind and loving thing. Do it because you want to, do it because no one else will. Do it because that's what loving our fellow human beings is all about. If there is no thank you in return, and your good deeds get no acknowledgment, just know that somehow... someway, somewhere your good intentions will be rewarded. If no one else sees what you've done, the higher powers of the universe see and they are always grateful when you do something for someone solely in the name of love and kindness. Yes, doing good can sometimes seem like a thankless job, but do good anyway!

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