Thursday, December 17, 2015


   Why is it that we can sometimes pray and use all of the right spiritual formulas, and yet our loved ones will fail to be healed and sometimes even pass away? It is a question that many have asked over the years, and some have abandoned their faith and spirituality completely because of it. In all honesty, there are no easy answers to this question; but there are some things that we should consider about this topic. Firstly, we don't know the condition of a person's soul when they are ill or getting ready to pass into the next dimensions of life. We may be praying earnestly at someone's bedside for healing, but that particular soul may feel that it's work in this world has been accomplished. I have personally spoken with more than a few dying people in my life, who told me directly that they were ready to move on.

    Before my grandmother passed, she was quite delirious and didn't recognize anyone in the family. When I showed up at the hospital one night to visit her, I asked everyone to stay in the waiting room while I went in to try and speak with her and see if she would recognize me. As soon as I entered the room, she opened her eyes and began talking to me. She knew who I was, and said that she knew that there were a lot of people there praying for her and wanting her to stay in this world. But then she told me, that she didn't want to stay. She said that she wanted to move on and that a very nice man was coming for her the next night to take her home. I told her that if she wanted to go, to leave with that man and not worry about what other people thought or wanted. Her smile then lit up the room, and she asked me if I was telling her the truth and if she could really go when he came for her. I told her yes, I was telling her the truth and that she should go and get the heck out of that hospital bed. She told me that she was going to, and the very next night, she passed away peacefully in her sleep. Why did she not tell any of the other family members this? Why did she arouse herself, have clarity of mind, thought and speech at the moment I entered the room? I can only guess as to why, and my sincere feeling on this matter is that she did not want to disappoint her family members or make them sad. Maybe they were not prepared to hear what she had to say. Looking back, I don't think they were. They were huddled in the waiting room nervous, scared and sad because my grandmother's condition was not good. But even in her weakened, semi conscious condition, granny had her own thoughts and desires; and she wanted to go home.

    It was almost the same, when my mother passed away several years ago. She was not doing well, and I spoke with her about life and death. She was weak and in pain, but her mind was intact. She to informed me that at that moment, even if she could, she would not go back to her old life before her illness. She was ready to move on, she kept telling me that she was going somewhere. When I would ask her where, she didn't quite know, but nonetheless she said she was ready to go. Stories like this are not the minority. There are many, from all over the world the echo the same kind of occurrences. And I share them with you in this blog post, because we have to realize that sometimes the soul of the person we are praying for, is ready to go back to its eternal home. This is true for both young and old; and even while our precious loved ones are laying there ill and unresponsive, we should consider that there is more going on behind the scenes than meets our natural eye. Perhaps that soul is aware of our prayers, perhaps that soul is conversing with a being of light from the higher dimensions. Perhaps that soul is just ready to move on and they can't tell us because they do not want to add to our sorrow. We must remember, as I wrote in yesterday's blog, we cannot override another person's free will. If a soul is ready to move on, we should give them our blessings and love and let them be free to do so. It is never easy to let our loved ones go, but the silver lining around that cloud of sadness is that we will see them again one day; for that joyous journey home that they have taken before us, we one day will take ourselves. And they will be there to welcome us home.

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