Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today I have preformed my self initiation rite into the Pagan path. I have embraced my true nature; that nature that was me since I was a child. I have pledged my dedication to the God and the Goddess in their many forms. I have pledged to see the Divine in all belief systems and to see yet another aspect of the God and the Goddess in each of them. I have rejected all that is of fear and the dogmas penned by man... All that remains now is truth and light.

At the end of my ceremony, I channeled all that no longer serves me; and all things from my past that have ever weighed me down into a piece of parchment. The parchment was then burned and returned to the cauldron from which all things come and all things will return; and the ashes were scattered to the four winds and released.

As the God dies at summer's end, so my old self died on this sacred day. Newness of life and rebirth are mine... I know wear a pendant with a scarab and an ankh to symbolize the spiritual rebirth that has taken place on this sacred day of Samhain.

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