Thursday, October 17, 2013


    "A lot of good people are going to burn in hell."  That's what some religious folks say, and they believe it with all their hearts. But I would ask; isn't that the point of all religion, to be moral, good and live by the law of love? So if a person refrains from such things as stealing, killing, violence greed etc... then wouldn't that person be living naturally by the universal laws that some religious groups propound? If this be so, then why by default, do they get thrown into a fiery prison for all eternity? Wouldn't that be like a law abiding citizen being thrown into jail for life because he was not born and raised in a certain city or country? Wouldn't such an idea make God out to be rather childish? "You played the game by the rules but your disqualified because I didn't like the shirt you wore today!" If you think about it, this concept of roasting people is rather barbaric and unreasonable all the way around.

    If any of us had the power to burn the most heinous and hardened criminal in a furnace of fire for all eternity, would we not lose sleep and feel awful about what we were doing? Would not most of us eventually pull the criminal from the torturous flames because our conscious would bother us in major ways about what we were doing? At the very least, we would put the criminal in a prison where he would not be tortured and screaming every second or every day.... If man be this compassionate and reasonable, would not the Divine be even more so? Think about it...

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