Monday, October 7, 2013


    What does independence mean to you; does it mean that you are capable of taking care of yourself, making your own decisions and able to stand by what you believe? Or, does it mean being overbearing, opinionated, unwilling to compromise, overly stubborn and looking upon others as if their view of the world is somehow less than your own? There is a difference between the two; one is being truly strong and independent, the other is just being a fool. Yet many think that being a fool is actually being independent. But in truth, the fool only seems to be independent because he/she pushes everyone away with their pointed words and crass attitude. Naturally, this kind of person has to stand alone and be their own majority because no else wishes to be around them and be subject to their toxic ways. It is time that many of us find out the true meaning of independence and then live out what the word defines; lest we end up playing the fool in the end.

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