Tuesday, October 8, 2013


    There are many today who boast that they are a b**tch, and proud of it. But let us examine this statement and see if it is something that one should wear like a badge. It seems that many in our society today, both men and women, take pride in being rude, crude, vulgar and even mean. They think it paints a picture of strength and desirability, but in reality no self respecting or honest person will have anything to do with someone who has these traits. After all, aren't these the kinds of relationships that end up being abusive, loveless and even emotionally draining? Who will wish to stand next to any person that is cocky, insulting and mean spirited? Is it any wonder that the b**tches and b**stards of the world always seem to be in conflict with those around them. Like attracts like in the universe, and individuals who act unbecomingly will bring into their lives those who act in kind. Thus they will always polish their tarnished badge and explain why they have to be the way they are. But the metaphysical fact remains... if they would change their ways and treat others with a little more patience, they would attract people and situations that would be more peaceful, well balanced and fulfilling. Let us not boast of being hard nosed or rude in life, this is not something we should boast about. In reality, that sign should read; B**tch, and ashamed of it! And that goes for both sexes!
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