Wednesday, May 11, 2016


    A lot of people spend a great amount of time thinking about the past. They think about the times when they failed, and they think about the friends and lovers who are no longer around. They replay the betrayals, the arguments and the abandonments over and over again. It becomes like a chain around their mind and soul, constantly weighing them down with grief and regret. It is never easy when these things happen in our lives. But we must think, are the people whom we once put on a pedestal truly the individuals that we thought they were? If they were our soulmates, our best friends or our twin flames they would still be here with us in the present moment. Our souls crave love and acceptance that is pure and unconditional, and some human beings can appear to give us that for a while. But then, over time, we can find out that that love is not pure or unconditional. Minor things can end a relationship, and sometimes people just find something or someone they like better and put us on the shelf like a discarded toy. The truth is, these people were never what we wanted them to be. We desired them to be something special with everything within our being, because that is what we want on the most inner spiritual level. But we cannot be fooled by the illusions of the past. To recapture and relive those moments would also be to relive and recapture the inevitable pain and departure of the person from our lives again. True friends, true soulmates and companions in life who have a legitimate soul connection and love for us will never betray or abandon. This kind of love is rare in our world, and those who actually have it towards us are probably very few. But we should be thankful for that few we were able to obtain it in this world at all. As for the ones that got away, they got away for a reason. The universe new that their motives were not pure, and their professions of love and friendship were nothing more than parroted words that seemed to have a purpose in their lives at that time. Who knows what they really wanted from us or what we meant to them. But the bottom line is, we should not mourn for what once was, especially when what once was, was not real. Live in the here and now, be thankful for the few good souls who are still around you; and move forward in your life because you never know where you may find the next legitimate person who has a true and loyal love in their hearts. The future is wide open, the past is but a shadow. Live and love in the now.

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